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CandyassGoth - Battle for the Bride
INSTANT REC!!! I put off reading this story for a long time because I didn't recognize the character from Hellboy, but I started reading this on vacation and got sucked in rather quickly. I ended up loving the plot, the characters, and this hit me in all the right places. It was just the right level of angst, hurt/comfort, and torment/romance. I loved seeing Thor as a not quite bad guy but still not a good guy. This was an amazing arranged marriage fic that went off the rails into new territory, for me anyways.
recs-Marvel  recs-Thor  recs-Hellboy  recs-instant!rec  f5  Length:200k-300k  Warning:Rape  Trope:amtdi  Pairing:Thor/Loki  Pairing:Loki/Nuada 
may 2015 by amalthia
hotchoco195 - My Brother's Keeper
I loved the concept, the character voices worked for me, and I loved seeing how Thor and Loki dealt with their forced marriage to each other.
recs-Thor  recs-Marvel  f4  Length:50k-100k  Warning:Non-Con  Trope:amtdi  Pairing:Thor/Loki 
may 2015 by amalthia
dreamlittleyo - Such a Life, a Heart, a Mind as Thine
INSTANT REC!!! I loved the concept, character voices, and I could not stop reading once I started. I especially liked how Merlin came out to Arthur about his magic.
recs-Merlin  recs-instant!rec  f4  Pairing:Merlin/Arthur  Warning:Non-Con  Trope:amtdi  Trope:Bonding 
october 2013 by amalthia
mysecretashes - When the Dust Settles (I'll Still Love You)
INSTANT REC!!!! This was incredibly hot, I loved the sex pollen aspect, and I could not stop reading once I started.
recs-TeenWolf  recs-instant!rec  f4  Length:20k-50k  Pairing:Derek/Stiles  Trope:amtdi 
may 2013 by amalthia
silverlining99 - Making Love Out Of Nothing At All
INSTANT REC!!! I loved every part in this series. It was hot, I loved how clueless the guys were, and I could not stop reading once I started.
recs-TeenWolf  f4  Length:20k-50k  Trope:amtdi  Pairing:Derek/Stiles  recs-instant!rec 
march 2013 by amalthia
trilliath - Ultimatum
I could not stop reading this story and I'm not sure if werewolf in wolf form sex with a human counts as bestiality but I'm going with the option that it does. In any case I found this story hot and I loved the concept. It's a rare story that goes all the way and is this well written.
recs-TeenWolf  f4  Length:20k-50k  Pairing:Derek/Stiles  Trope:amtdi  Trope:Bestiality 
march 2013 by amalthia
starbeast - Alpha Spikes
The sex was hot, I liked the world building, and I'm glad it had a happy ending. :)
recs-TeenWolf  f4  Length:50k-100k  Pairing:Derek/Stiles  Trope:amtdi 
february 2013 by amalthia
Kedreeva - Helpless
INSTANT REC!!! I was on the edge of my seat while reading this story. The author also does not shy away from tough consent issues of what happened between Stiles and Derek. I loved the character voices and the plot.
recs-TeenWolf  recs-instant!rec  Warning:Non-Con  Trope:amtdi  Pairing:Derek/Stiles  f4  Length:50k-100k 
january 2013 by amalthia
VioletHyena - Dangerous Desires
I could not stop reading this story once I started. It hit most of my buttons and I loved the angst and the sex was hot.
recs-TeenWolf  f4  Length:20k-50k  Pairing:Derek/Stiles  Pairing:Stiles/OMC  Warning:Rape  Trope:amtdi 
january 2013 by amalthia
JenNova - Famous Last Words
INSTANT REC!!! I had so much fun reading this story. The sex was incredibly hot, I loved the way we see Stile's and the pack grow up, and the ending really worked for me.
recs-TeenWolf  f4  recs-instant!rec  Pairing:Derek/Stiles  Trope:amtdi 
december 2012 by amalthia
Te: Things You Get Used To
This was hot and I loved that there was fallout from the sex pollen Tim going crazy thing.
recs-DCU  Warning:Non-Con  Trope:Threesomes  Trope:amtdi  f4  pairing:Tim/Kon/Bart  author-Te 
may 2011 by amalthia
merelymine: The Electric Pull of Spring
This story was a lot of fun. And I loved the ending.
recs-DCU  Pairing:Tim/Kon  f3  Trope:amtdi 
april 2011 by amalthia
Derryderrydown: Age of Innocence
I loved the character voices and the sex was hot and as the author warns very wrong.
recs-DCU  Pairing:Bart/Wally  f4  Trope:amtdi  Warning:Non-Con  Warning:Underage 
april 2011 by amalthia
mithen: Autonomous Control
I love stories where Bruce and Clark find out each others secret identities and while this one was short it was still rather hot. r
recs-DCU  Pairing:Bruce/Clark  f3  Trope:amtdi 
april 2011 by amalthia
shrift: Dodge-town
I loved Tim's voice in this story and the sex was hot.
Pairing:Dick/Tim  f4  Trope:amtdi  recs-DCU 
april 2011 by amalthia
littlebirdtold: Once Upon A Time
I loved the premise, the character voices, and I could not stop reading once I started.
Length:20k-50k  Warning:Non-Con  Trope:First-Time  Trope:amtdi  f4  Pairing:Kirk/Spock  recs-StarTrekAOS 
december 2010 by amalthia
busaikko: Hell Is Empty
This story pretty much hit one of my major kinks and the sequel was heartbreaking in a way.
sheppard/mitchell  recs-StargateAtlantis  Warning:Rape  Trope:amtdi  f4 
november 2010 by amalthia
dragonspell: Camdon Inn
This story hit my kinks in all the right ways. I loved the case, the atmosphere, and the sex was very hot.
recs-Supernatural  Warning:Non-Con  Trope:amtdi  f4  Trope:First-Time  Challenges:SPN-BigBang-2010  Length:20k-50k  Pairing:Sam/Dean 
september 2010 by amalthia
ladyblahblah: Through Blind Men's Eyes
INSTANT REC!!! I loved the writing style, the plot, and the sex was incredibly hot. The story built up the tension in a very believable way and the ending was very good. :)
recs-instant!rec  f5  Trope:Bodyswap  Trope:amtdi  Pairing:Kirk/Spock  recs-StarTrekAOS 
june 2010 by amalthia
blue_soaring; ponderosa: The Seldom Seen Kid
I liked the character voices and the curse was pretty interesting.
recs-Supernatural  Trope:Curses  f3  Trope:First-Time  Trope:amtdi 
december 2009 by amalthia
rivkat: The Glamorous Life
INSTANT REC!!! I had a blast reading this story. I loved the character voices, the plot, and this hit so many of my kinks! The sex was incredibly and for such dark things happening it was strangely happy! :)
recs-Supernatural  Warning:Non-Con  Trope:amtdi  f4  recs-instant!rec  Warning:Rape  Trope:Prostitution  Length:50k-100k  Pairing:Sam/Dean 
august 2009 by amalthia
leonidaslion: Top This
This was incredibly hot! and funny and wow very very hot. :)
recs-Supernatural  Trope:PWP  Trope:amtdi  Trope:First-Time  f4  Pairing:Sam/Dean 
august 2009 by amalthia
nightanddaze: Doubled Over With the Hunger of Lions
INSTANT REC!!!! This blew me away. I loved the build up, the sex was incredibly hot, and the tension in the story really worked for me. I also loved the character voices.
recs-Merlin  f5  recs-instant!rec  Pairing:Merlin/Arthur  Trope:amtdi  Genre:Drama  Trope:First-Time  Length:20k-50k 
june 2009 by amalthia
keelywolfe: For I Am Exposed
This was hot and yeah I think sex pollen is my bulletproof kink. :)
Trope:First-Time  Trope:amtdi  Warning:Non-Con  f4  Pairing:Kirk/Spock  recs-StarTrekAOS 
june 2009 by amalthia
casspeach: By Strength and by Virtue
I loved the imagery, character voices, and this was hot. I also liked the plot.
f4  Pairing:Merlin/Arthur  recs-Merlin  Warning:Non-Con  Trope:amtdi 
april 2009 by amalthia
lyra_wing: How Many Miles to Babylon
This story was really hot and romantic and funny. I had a great time reading.
recs-Merlin  f4  Pairing:Merlin/Arthur  Genre:Humor  Trope:amtdi 
february 2009 by amalthia
sperrywink: Don’t Ask
This was an incredibly hot Bates/Sheppard story. I also loved the writing style and Bate's pov.
recs-StargateAtlantis  Trope:amtdi  Warning:Non-Con 
august 2008 by amalthia
rivkat: Filthy Mind
INSTANT REC!!! Man today was really great day for stories. This story blew me away on so many levels. I loved the character voices, the sex was very hot, and it was creepy and wrong on many levels so it doesn't hide away from the issues. Very compelling storytelling.
Warning:Non-Con  Length:10k-20k  recs-Supernatural  Trope:amtdi  Warning:Rape  Warning:Incest  recs-instant!rec  f5  Pairing:Sam/Dean 
july 2008 by amalthia
poisontaster: Crossing Lines
This was REALLY HOT!!!! I also loved how this story resolves some of the issues brought up in previous parts.
Sam/OFC  recs-Supernatural  Trope:PWP  Trope:amtdi  Warning:Non-Con 
june 2008 by amalthia
astolat: Objectives
This is one of the stories that got me into SG-1 fandom. I loved the character voices, dialogue, the sex was hot and it was a lot of fun to read.
recs-StargateSG-1  Jack/Daniel  Trope:First-Time  Trope:amtdi  Genre:Humor 
april 2008 by amalthia
cathalin: Decreasing Radii
INSTANT REC!!! this story blew me away. I loved the concept, character voices, and it doesn't take the easy way out. I got tears in my eyes over John and how he has to come to terms with who he is.
Length:20k-50k  recs-instant!rec  recs-StargateAtlantis  Pairing:Sheppard/McKay  Trope:amtdi  Warning:Non-Con  f5 
march 2008 by amalthia
musesfool: fic: Hot Child in the City (Supernatural; Dean/girl!Sam; adult)
"We should find someone for you to--" he says.

"I want you."

"Sam, you've been whammied by an incubus. You don't even know what you're saying."
Trope:amtdi  Pairing:Sam/Dean 
january 2008 by amalthia
sardonicsmiley: the one where aliens make rodney do it with everyone but john p1
He sets the comic book he’d been reading aside, says, “Rodney, I--”

But Rodney’s having none of it, waves a finger down into his face and continues, “Don’t make me bring Ronon in on this.” And then he’s spinning on his heel, marching ou
Pairing:Sheppard/McKay  Ronon/Rodney  Teyla/Rodney  recs-StargateAtlantis  Trope:amtdi 
december 2007 by amalthia
phantisma: Shattered, Part One; Supernatural, NC-17 (very)
of blame is Sam…who is happy…who smiles more now than you remember…And it’s so wrong…the way he gives himself to you, the way you can’t help but take what he’s giving…and it’s fucked up…seriously fucked up…but you can’t bring yours
recs-Supernatural  Genre:Pre-Series  John/Dean  Warning:Non-Con  Trope:amtdi  Pairing:Sam/Dean 
november 2007 by amalthia
joyfulgirl41: Supernatural FIC: The Rules Remain a Mystery
"I think it was some kind of venom, used to paralyze her victims. Can you move your hand?"

Sam sucked in a breath as he wiggled his fingers and needles of agony flared up and down his arm before dying back down to a dull throbbing. He cracked his eyes
Trope:amtdi  Trope:First-Time  Warning:Incest  recs-Supernatural  recs-instant!rec  f4  Pairing:Sam/Dean 
august 2007 by amalthia
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