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dfotw - The lines, here are written
I loved Steve's and Loki's pov's, the character voices, and I really felt for the guys.
recs-Marvel  recs-Avengers  f4  Length:10k-20k  Pairing:Loki/SteveRogers  Trope:SoulMate 
june 2015 by amalthia
jeremieyz - Easy Come, Easy Go
INSTANT REC!!! I had a blast reading this story, I loved how Loki ended up on Earth again and seeing his friendship with Steve grow into something more.
recs-Marvel  recs-Avengers  f4  recs-instant!rec  Length:50k-100k  Pairing:Loki/SteveRogers 
may 2015 by amalthia
hotchoco195 - The Brooklyn Boy & The Space Princess
I really enjoyed Steve's and Loki's interactions and seeing how Loki adapted to being on earth.
recs-Marvel  recs-Avengers  f4  Length:20k-50k  Trope:Genderbending  Pairing:Loki/SteveRogers 
april 2015 by amalthia
Lise - Remember This Cold
I really enjoyed seeing how Loki and Steve fell in love, and how they figured out how to be together. Some parts of the series are short sex stories (which were hot!) and others had more plot and character development.
recs-Marvel  recs-Avengers  f4  Length:200k-300k  Pairing:Loki/SteveRogers  Warning:Torture  Trope:BDSM 
december 2014 by amalthia
nixajane - The Many Doors of Níu Heimar
INSTANT REC!!! I loved the character voices, the plot, and I could not stop reading once I started. I liked the idea of Thor's banishment happening another way and seeing how Loki found out about his adoption sooner than what had happened in the movie.
recs-Marvel  recs-Thor  recs-instant!rec  f4  Length:50k-100k  Pairing:Loki/SteveRogers 
april 2014 by amalthia
Croik - Every Judas Loved His Jesus
INSTANT REC!!! I have a hard time describing this story because part of it is frustrating but at the same time I could not stop reading to see how it would end. This story is heartbreaking and captivating.
recs-Marvel  recs-Avengers  f4  recs-instant!rec  Pairing:Loki/SteveRogers  Length:100k-200k  Warning:Non-Con  Trope:Genderbending  Trope:MPREG 
may 2012 by amalthia

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