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SteeleHoltingOn - Ice and Fire
I had fun reading this story, the sex was hot and I liked seeing how the three characters figured out how they fit together.
recs-Marvel  recs-Avengers  recs-CaptainAmerica  f4  Length:300k-400k  Pairing:DarcyLewis/SteveRogers  Pairing:DarcyLewis/BuckyBarnes  Pairing:BuckyBarnes/SteveRogers  Trope:Threesomes 
july 2015 by amalthia
Rainne - How Steve Rogers Got His Groove Back
This was a fun Steve/Darcy story that had good character voices, an interesting plot, and I really enjoyed seeing how Darcy fit in.
recs-Marvel  recs-Avengers  f4  Length:100k-200k  Pairing:DarcyLewis/SteveRogers 
october 2014 by amalthia
blithers - Turn Off Trouble Like You Turn Off A Light
This was a fun story. I loved Darcy's and Steve's interactions and character voices.
recs-Marvel  recs-Avengers  f4  Length:20k-50k  Pairing:DarcyLewis/SteveRogers 
november 2013 by amalthia
snack_size - Life After You've Been Disappeared
I loved Darcy's pov, character voice, and seeing how she adjusts to being a SHIELD agent.
recs-Marvel  recs-Avengers  f4  Length:20k-50k  Pairing:DarcyLewis/SteveRogers 
july 2013 by amalthia

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