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aldora89 - The Lotus Eaters
INSTANT REC!!! This was an excellent story to read while trapped on a plane because it completely sucked me into the story and kept me entertained for hours. I loved the concept, the imagery was vivid and interesting. I also loved the relationship buildup. This was a truly awesome story.
recs-instant!rec  f4  Challenges:StarTrek-BigBang  Length:50k-100k  Pairing:Kirk/Spock  recs-StarTrekAOS 
december 2011 by amalthia
triskellion: Feathered Frenzy
INSTANT REC!!! I had a blast reading this story. I loved the premise, the character voices, and I loved the resolution.
f4  Trope:Wing!Fic  Trope:First-Time  Challenges:StarTrek-BigBang  Length:50k-100k  recs-instant!rec  Pairing:Kirk/Spock  recs-StarTrekAOS 
november 2010 by amalthia
waketosleep: Bang a Gong
I had a blast reading this story. I loved the character voices, the dialog, the sex was funny and hot and it was lighthearted fun.
Length:20k-50k  Challenges:StarTrek-BigBang  Pairing:Kirk/Spock  recs-StarTrekAOS 
october 2010 by amalthia
Zauzat : A Mighty Fine Man
I loved this pairing and how the story unfolds with the guys becoming friends and then so much more. I would not mind reading more Pike/McCoy fics.
Pairing:McCoy/Pike  f4  Length:20k-50k  Trope:First-Time  Challenges:StarTrek-BigBang  recs-StarTrekAOS 
october 2010 by amalthia
waldorph: strive seek find yield (spoctoria)
This was a fun story to read. :) I loved the cast of characters and had a hard time putting this story down.
Length:50k-100k  Genre:AlternateUniverse  f4  Challenges:StarTrek-BigBang  Pairing:Kirk/Spock  recs-StarTrekAOS 
october 2010 by amalthia
lazulisong: Graduate Vulcan for Fun and Profit
INSTANT REC!!! I loved the imagery, the details, the alternating povs and how the story developed Jim's friendship with his Vulcan teacher. Also the OC was really awesome!
PairingType:General  Challenges:StarTrek-BigBang  recs-instant!rec  f4  recs-StarTrekAOS 
january 2010 by amalthia
bigmamag: Refractions
This was fun to read. I loved seeing glimpses into other realities. Some where a bit heartbreaking.
f3  Challenges:StarTrek-BigBang  Pairing:Kirk/Spock  recs-StarTrekAOS 
november 2009 by amalthia
brighteyed_jill: Master Post - We Have Loved the Stars Too Fondly to be Fearful of the Night
ore than anyone else on the Enterprise, Leonard McCoy knows that space is disease and danger wrapped in darkness and silence. As much as he’s seen in the two years since the Narada incident, he’s not prepared when a simple mission ends in the disappearance of a crewmember. The crew must adjust to the idea that one of their own may never come home.
toread  Fandom:StarTrek  Warning:Non-Con  Warning:Slavery  Challenges:StarTrek-BigBang 
november 2009 by amalthia

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