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A cross-platform tool for flashing images to SD cards & USB drives.
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22 days ago by amallik
Phidgets - Physical widgets for prototyping physical user interfaces
Phidgets™, or physical widgets, are building blocks that help a developer construct physical user interfaces. The philosophy behind phidgets is:

… just as widgets make GUIs easy to develop, so could phidgets make the new generation of physical user interfaces easy to develop.

Phidgets arose out of a research project directed by Saul Greenberg at the Department of Computer Science, University of Calgary. Phidgets were built and programmed mostly by Chester Fitchett, although other GroupLab members lent a hand. An academic paper describes our thinking.
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february 2009 by amallik
FUSBi - Free USB Installer
FUSBi, the Free USB Installer, downloads free GNU/Linux Distributions for you and creates bootable USB images.

FUSBi supports automated installation of of all the FSF-endorsed Free Software GNU/Linux Distributions, such as gNewSense, UTUTO, Dynebolic, Musix GNU+Linux, BLAG and GNUstep. You can also use it with your local image files.
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january 2009 by amallik
UNetbootin - Homepage and Downloads usb boot

UNetbootin allows for the installation of various Linux/BSD distributions to a partition or USB drive, so it's no different from a standard install, only it doesn't need a CD. It can create a dual-boot install, or replace the existing OS entirely.
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december 2008 by amallik

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