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the ultimate team organization software
TUTOS is a tool to manage the organizational needs of small groups, teams, departments ...
To do this it provides some web-based tools:

* a calendar for users and groups (incl. screenshot)
* Groups / Teams
* address manager for people, companies and departments (incl. screenshot)
* bug tracking system (incl. screenshot)
* product/project repository (incl. screenshot)
o with task management (incl. screenshot)
o with document management (incl. screenshot)
o with installation management (incl. screenshot)
o support of different roles (manager,developer,customer etc.)
o support of relations to other projects (base product, subproject etc.)
* timetracking on projects, installations and bugs
* Watchlists. Stay informed on changes on projects/bugs etc via email.
* support for teams that are distributed over different timezones
* fine grained permission handling
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february 2009 by amallik

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