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Providing free customized Windows Mobile themes and skins for you. Just upload an image and we’ll make you a theme. Themes on this site are tested for Windows Mobile 5 and 6 however should also work on earlier versions.

You can access all currently available themes from the categories on the right. There isn’t much there are the moment so please submit a picture for conversion.
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june 2009 by amallik
Mashatan Sofware
RoYa is an instant messaging robot server. This software provides automatic response to IM questions in an interactive fashion as a human would respond would interact with IM users. In effect, RoYa behaves as an instance of a IM client to the IM services such as Yahoo IM.

RoYa is a multitasking component that is designed to create and handle simultanious IM sessions for different Robot-IDs. This component enables programmming and configuration through plug-in DLL and Python script. RoYa is also integrated to web services such as Global Weather.

RoYa is designed to obfuscate the complexities of IM connectivity. With its simple authoring functionality creating new and specialized IM robot services are made fast and easy.
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may 2009 by amallik
JMatrix - Cisco VPN group password decryption
In order to use vpnc, you need to decode or decrypt the enc_GroupPwd from the cisco VPN .pcf file.

I found the decoding code here:

It is attached in source, and compiled form.

To compile it, you need libgcrypt-devel installed. Compile with the exact gcc command line from the header comment.
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may 2009 by amallik
XF.Server - High Performance .NET Server Component
XF.Server is a component for creating high performance TCP/IP application servers using .NET platform. It provides a scalable, ready for multicore processors solution.
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february 2009 by amallik
News - LuCI Project
LuCI is a collection of free Lua software for embedded devices. It includes several useful tools and libraries for developers as well as an MVC-Webframework and web user interface which is part of OpenWrt Kamikaze starting from release 8.09. The goal of the LuCI Project is to create and maintain user friendly, stable and reliable user interfaces and development frameworks.
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january 2009 by amallik
DIY Home Improvement Help
DIY Help and How-Tos From A Retired Builder

Here you'll find some snippets of experience in the building game gained over the last half a century or so.
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december 2008 by amallik
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