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The Xiph.Org Foundation is a non-profit corporation dedicated to protecting the foundations of Internet multimedia from control by private interests. Our purpose is to support and develop free, open protocols and software to serve the public, developer and business markets.
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june 2009 by amallik
Open Source - Server - Streaming Server
Welcome to Darwin Streaming Server, the open source version of Apple's QuickTime Streaming Server technology that allows you to send streaming media to clients across the Internet using the industry standard RTP and RTSP protocols. Based on the same code base as QuickTime Streaming Server, Darwin Streaming Server provides a high level of customizability and runs on a variety of platforms allowing you to manipulate the code to fit your needs.
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may 2009 by amallik
Free Video MP3 Extractor -extract DVD,avi,wmv,mpeg,vob,mov,rm to MP3.
Free Video MP3 Extractor can extract audio from DVD and all popular formats of video into MP3 files which can be played in MP3 Players. Free Video MP3 Extractor can also work as a simple but effective converter that helps you convert avi, divx, wmv, asf, mpeg, vob, dvd, mov, mp4, rm to mp3.
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may 2009 by amallik

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