Cjwdev | AD Tidy
Clean up your Active Directory domain by identifying unused user and computer accounts
activedirectory  AD  admin  windows  accounts  computer  find 
12 days ago
How to Install Docker on Linux Mint – Linux Hint
Docker is a special tool that’s designed especially for easier creation, deployment, and running Linux apps using “containers”. Docker is a tool that’s meant to benefit the full set of modern IT and software development professionals including the newish field of DevOps. How to install and use Docker on Linux Mint is shown in this guide.
docker  ubuntu  linux 
7 weeks ago
Shapeoko & Nomad - Feeds & Speeds Charts - How To - Carbide 3D Community Site
We Real World Tested 30+ materials, Plastics, Woods and Metals. This is really exciting and should open up the options for all of us in exploring new materials for our Projects. From Acrylic to Wax and Cork to Limestone …
shapeoko  reference  charts  feeds  speeds 
9 weeks ago
What Materials can I Cut with Shapeoko? - Carbide 3D
Because the Shapeoko 3 is designed with a Trim Router (such as the Dewalt DWP611 or Makita RT0701) in mind, it’s safe to assume that it’ll cut whatever the trim router can cut. 
shapeoko  feeds  speeds  cut  rate  chart 
9 weeks ago
Beeftext is an open-source text snippet management tool for Windows.
text  expander  opensource  useful  tool  utility 
september 2019
ChiTuBox Home
3d  printer  sla  dlp 
august 2019
balenaEtcher - Home
A cross-platform tool for flashing images to SD cards & USB drives.
burn  card  drive  flash  image  iso  linux  macos  operating  pi  raspberry  sd  software  system  tools  usb  windows 
august 2019
How to disable NetworkManager on CentOS / RHEL 7 – The Geek Diary
The following steps will disable NetworkManager service and allows the interface to be managed only by network service. Make sure all the interfaces that are managed by NetworkManager does not contain "NM_CONTROLLED=yes" in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-ethX
centos  disable  linux  networkmanager  networking  rhel  7 
august 2019
Easy Science Experiments You Can Do at Home or at School
Find lots of easy Science Experiments perfect for trying out home or at school!
science  kids  experiments  fun 
june 2019
dokan-dev/dokan-sshfs: Dokan SSHFS
Dokan SSHFS. Contribute to dokan-dev/dokan-sshfs development by creating an account on GitHub.
linux  windows  ssh  filesystem  mount  drive  disk 
april 2019
SFTP Net Drive
An easy-to-use utility that mounts remote file systems as Windows drives via SFTP. Once connected, you can browse and work with files as if they were stored on your local machine.
windows  ssh  sshfs  mount  folder  remote  linux 
april 2019
How to Install Django on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
Django is a web application framework written in python that follows the MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture, it is available for free and releas...
python  django  ubuntu  virtualenv 
april 2019
The Best Software For Video Production Collaboration
The best software for collaborating during video production, commenting, editing, group sharing and more. Reviews, side-by-side comparisons and more.
video  collaboration  editing  ingestion 
april 2019
RFID Hacking Tools & Downloads – Bishop Fox
Bishop Fox is pioneering RFID hacking research. Download the Tastic RFID Thief materials from our site and bring your pentests to the next level.
rfid  arduino  security  hacking  Hacks  security_analysis 
april 2019
Dark Sky - 1110 Fidler Lane, Silver Spring, MD
Dark Sky is the most accurate source of hyperlocal weather information: with down-to-the-minute forecasts for your exact location, you'll never get caught in the rain again. (It's like magic!)
weather  diy  programming  api  data  arduino 
january 2019
K&J Magnetics - Strong Neodymium Magnets, Rare Earth Magnets
K&J Magnetics - Incredibly strong neodymium magnets at affordable prices. Large variety of stock rare earth magnets available.
magnets  shop 
january 2019
USB Audio Streaming : UMA-8 USB mic array - V2.0
The UMA-8 is a high-performance yet low cost multichannel USB microphone array built around XMOS multicore technology. Seven high-performance MEMS microphones are configured in a circular arrangement to provide high-quality voice capture for a wide range of applications.
microphone  far  field  electronics  assistant  sound  google  home  alexa  array  beam  beamforming 
january 2019
Radio Receivers RX for Mini Quad and Racing Drones - Oscar Liang
There are a whole range of Frsky receivers on the market and we have rounded up the ones suitable for mini quads and micro quads in this article. We will explain the differences in spec and hopefully it can help you choose the one for your next build.
receiver  telemetry  rc  radio  flying  useful  information 
january 2019
Shinobi Systems / Shinobi · GitLab
Shinobi Pro - The Next Generation in Open-Source Video Management Software with support for over 6000 IP and USB Cameras http://shinobi.video/pro
security  cameras  opensource  software  nvr 
january 2019
Tutorial: Django REST with React (Django 2.0 and a sprinkle of testing)
How to create a simple Django REST API? How to structure a Django project with React? Here's a practical introduction to using Django REST with React. Featuring Django 2.0!
react  python  rest  django  tutorial 
january 2019
Know only 10 things to be dangerous in OpenSCAD | Cubehero Blog
OpenSCAD is a program used to make 3D models. But unlike most 3D modeling programs, there are only 10 things you need to know in order to be dangerous in OpenSCAD. Unlike most other 3D modeling programs like Blender, Sketchup, AutoCAD, or Solidworks, it's really easy to get started in OpenSCAD. Another difference is that…
cad  scad  openscad  tutorial  useful  math  sin  cos 
january 2019
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