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Malfunctioning Sex Robot
Patricia Lockwood reviews ‘Novels, 1959-65’ by John Updike
review  appreciation  hatchetjob  humour  Literature  usa  culture  writing  observation  perception  gender 
6 weeks ago by amaah
This Hell Not Mine
On Moving from Nigeria to America by Kenechi Uzor
Nigeria  Africa  USA  immigration  Writing  Literature  Culture  observation  perception  race 
july 2017 by amaah
Finding Marlowe
Did this man inspire two of noir's iconic fictional detectives?
literature  noir  crime  culture  race  observation  writing  history  LosAngeles 
december 2016 by amaah
The Mother Load
I am a master of fiction. I am also the greatest crime writer who ever lived. I am to the crime novel in specific what Tolstoy is to the Russian novel and what Beethoven is to music.
quotes  zingers  hyperbole  literature  crime  writing  publicity  advertising  JamesEllroy 
march 2016 by amaah
Striking Similes
The awful simile is a mainstay of literary prose.
lists  language  literature  culture  humour  metaphor  english  observation  writing 
february 2016 by amaah
Noir Fiction Is About Losers, Not Private Eyes
trying to draw lines between the hard-boiled and the noir... a futile quest in my opinion
literature  noir  hardboiled  fiction  writing  culture  observation  perception 
april 2015 by amaah
The Sam Weller Bump
How “The Pickwick Papers” Launched Charles Dickens’s Career
literature  history  culture  writing  marketing 
april 2015 by amaah
Teju Cole Interview
Yemi expounding on the writer's life... the first interview acknowledging that everday is for the thief started out as a blog experiment
literature  culture  observation  TejuCole  Africa  nigeria  usa  writing  creativeprocess 
march 2014 by amaah
When did you get hooked?
John Lanchester reviews ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ by George R.R. Martin and ‘Game of Thrones’
fantasy  politics  storytelling  appreciation  literature  writing  culture  review 
october 2013 by amaah
TechnoFile: Writing Well on the Web
what people thought circa 2004. I disagreed passionately then and still do
writing  web  internet 
october 2013 by amaah
When Elmore Leonard Was an Advertising Copywriter
Advertising is a morally squalid racket that demands one make a Faustian bargain by manipulating truth for money. But I’ll say this much for the murky intersection of morality and commerce and guess-who-wins that is the ad biz: it has perennially provided a safe haven and a decent income for writers while they were working out their higher destinies. (Few of them include the fact on their résumés; it isn’t exactly the same as a degree from the Sorbonne.) That none of these writers became advertising stars is no surprise; they weren’t there to make great advertising, whatever that is. Advertising didn’t engage them. A typewriter and paper and a warm place to sit did.
creativeprocess  advertising  literature  writing  culture 
august 2013 by amaah
World Lite
a pox on World-lit say the editors of n+1 ... a lengthy hatchet job on the literary festival, university sanctuaries of world writers
observation  perception  hatchetjob  literature  writing  criticism  review  observersareworried 
august 2013 by amaah
The Metropolitan Trilogy
on the parallels between James Ellroy's LA Quartet and Martin Amis's London trilogy... insightful
urban  JamesEllroy  appreciation  creativeprocess  MartinAmis  literature  writing  review  memoir  city 
june 2013 by amaah
Alain Mabanckou: Le monde entier va dialoguer avec les Congolais
Je les avais déjà longuement abordées dans Les Petits-fils nègres de Vercingétorix, mais comme le livre avait été publié au Serpent à Plumes, il n’avait, à l’époque, pas eu la même diffusion que mes livres publiés au Seuil, chez Gallimard ou chez Fayard. Dans Les Petits-fils nègres de Vercingétorix, il y a une analyse des deux guerres civiles congolaises, et il est possible d’accoler les noms d’hommes politiques congolais sur des éléments du récit. Mais il est vrai que je ne fais pas de la littérature pour pouvoir absolument parler de politique. Quand je veux parler de questions de société, je le fais dans un essai. Je ne suis pas obligé de passer par la fiction pour parler d’injustice.
literature  writing  Africa  Congo 
february 2013 by amaah
First Lines to Richard Stark's Parker Books
When the guy with the asthma finally came in from the fire escape, Parker rabbit-punched him and took his gun away.
craft  storytelling  creativeprocess  literature  fiction  writing 
january 2013 by amaah
Staring at the Shard
Will Self has a way with words. Consider the phrase: gleaming nacelle
urban  observation  development  writing  policy  architecture  language  design  London  culture  city 
january 2013 by amaah
But Why, Father? (pdf)
looking back on the legacy of the African Writers Series, fifty years on
by David Kaiza
Good piece although he makes the startling claim that "After Half of a Yellow Sun,an African book that fudges with tribalism cannot be considered sincere". Really? I guess he hadn't read Alain Mabanckou's Les Petit-fils negres de Vercingetorix
literature  review  Africa  culture  perception  observation  history  writing 
january 2013 by amaah
The Facts of the Matter
on the boundaries between fiction and non-fiction with rape as the connective tissue... flirting with taboo, obscenity, memory, morality and queasiness...
modernity  perception  observation  crime  identity  storytelling  literature  morality  culture  memory  fiction  rape  writing 
november 2012 by amaah
Belgrade: Gritty City
the best travel writing makes you care about a place - even if the impression is negative
nationalism  perception  observation  writing  travel  culture  history  belgrade  serbia 
october 2012 by amaah
The Mother Load
"I am a master of fiction. I am also the greatest crime writer who ever lived. I am to the crime novel in specific what Tolstoy is to the Russian novel and what Beethoven is to music. "

James Ellroy at his most modest
quotes  JamesEllroy  writing  crime  literature  promotion  hyperbole  hubris 
june 2012 by amaah
A History of the Past: 'Life Reeked With Joy'
During the Middle Ages, everybody was middle aged. Church and state were co-operatic. Middle Evil society was made up of monks, lords, and surfs. It is unfortunate that we do not have a medivel European laid out on a table before us, ready for dissection.
culture  writing  youth  education  funny  language  history  humour 
june 2012 by amaah
The Art of Omission
On Teju Cole's Open City, omissions and the quest for normalcy
toli  reading  writing  Nigeria  Africa  USA  TejuCole  race  review  normalcy  appreciation  perception  observation  culture  literature 
march 2012 by amaah
In deepest darkest Congo, a mazungu canoes
I was alone in the middle of deepest, darkest Congo. Worse still, I was being chased by eight angry tribesmen in two dugout canoes – and they were gaining on me.
heartofdarkness  perception  stereotypes  writing  congo  culture  Africa  humour 
february 2012 by amaah
The Body Acoustic
JoAnn Wypijewski observes the physicality of occupation
literature  culture  writing  observation  occupywallstreet 
december 2011 by amaah
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