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To Make The Road Fearful
Prosecutor: Mr Witness, what did Reflection tell you about who shot Superman? Reading cautionary tales and other dark matters at the Special Court on Sierra Leone
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april 2015 by amaah
Guns, dirty money and French elite on trial
Angola is the key... Mitterand's son and a cast of rogues... laundered money, blood diamonds, kalashnikovs and a free-for-all of a civil war. "Oh they had themselves a field day of collateral damage"
rogues  StrangeBedfellows  weapons  arms  crime  war  civilwar  France  mitterrand  politics  Angola  Africa  corruption  history  trial  GreatGame 
october 2008 by amaah
The Special Court for Sierra Leone - Transcripts of Charles Taylor trial
harrowing in its own way, the transcripts of the ongoing case against Charles Taylor. There's a certain poetry to be found in court transcripts. Very bad men doing very bad things for so long. And the small boy units a decade later. Revisit
Liberia  SierraLeone  war  civilwar  waste  law  language  trial  history  rogues  blood  Africa  HeartOfDarkness 
july 2008 by amaah

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