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The Art of Omission
On Teju Cole's Open City, omissions and the quest for normalcy
toli  reading  writing  Nigeria  Africa  USA  TejuCole  race  review  normalcy  appreciation  perception  observation  culture  literature 
march 2012 by amaah
66 Ways to Franco
Being an inquiry into the travails of metadata... Counting the ways to Franco was an excursion into the realm of metadata, matters of syntax, and a contemplation of the hive mind of the web... Who knew there were so many ways to spell Franco & Le Tout Puissant OK Jazz. These glitches appeal to me, truth be told. People label things to remember them and the patterns they use are worthy artifacts even in their imperfect glory.
whimsy  metadata  data  music  Franco  naming  syntax  structure  standards  software  technology  observation  Africa  language  writing  minutiae  toli  ObserversAreWorried  smallthings 
december 2009 by amaah
A Publication
I got a letter from the university the other day / I opened it up and read it / It said: "We wanna publish."
Cultural Sensitivity in Technoloy makes it to Gutenberg's press
books  technology  writing  publishing  fame  toli 
october 2006 by amaah
'Ghana' In Spanish Means Win (World Cup diary part 5)
I have seen Captain Stephen Appiah literally run into the lift to escape into his room at the approach of two determined looking ladies. Most people I have met in the past three days on realizing I am Ghanaian, give a knowing smile when you tell them we s
ghana  worldcup  football  soccer  travel  observation  fan  sports  Africa  writing  insight  journalism  communities  tribes  toli 
july 2006 by amaah
Music Lessons In Nuremberg (Ghana World Cup diary Part 5)
I told them before the start of the match we shall beat them, and like the Italians and the Czechs before them, they took it as a joke. But now there was a clear difference, nobody was asking where on earth Ghana was and it only took about fifteen minutes
ghana  worldcup  football  soccer  travel  observation  fan  sports  Africa  writing  insight  journalism  communities  tribes  Germany  USA  toli 
june 2006 by amaah
To The Shout Of "Ghana", You Respond "Respect" (Ghana World Cup Diary Part Three)
I saw grown Ghanaian men who are normally very shy and reticent, dancing and dragging out long forgotten yells and chants and songs from their innermost beings. I was hugged and kissed by interminable multitudes. Every Ghanaian or friend of Ghana was show
ghana  worldcup  football  soccer  travel  observation  fan  sports  Africa  writing  insight  journalism  communities  tribes  Germany  France  toli 
june 2006 by amaah
Firmly On The Map (Ghana World Cup Diary Part Four)
Mum: "Strange what winning one football match does. We have gone from part of the exotic brigade to one that needs to be taken seriously. It is the Czechs who are asking the most questions. Losing to Ghana had not been on their agenda, but now that they h
ghana  worldcup  football  soccer  travel  observation  fan  sports  Africa  writing  insight  journalism  communities  tribes  toli 
june 2006 by amaah
My World Cup (Ghana World Cup diary Part 1)
Mum returns to her journalistic roots and writes up her experiences as a Ghanaian fan attending the World Cup. The first of her four dispatches to be posted online. The ones about the Czech game should be up shortly. This is the original toli.
ghana  worldcup  football  soccer  travel  observation  fan  sports  Africa  writing  insight  journalism  toli 
june 2006 by amaah
A Nine Dollar Vibe
On my boycott of Vibe magazine, Part 1 of the Boycott Day Trinity
vibe  music  culture  magazine  commercialization  hustle  decline  writing  rant  black  america  hip-hop  soul  lifestyle  DarkMatter  SmallThings  boycott  media  ThingsFallApart  toli 
june 2006 by amaah
"Oh they had themselves a field day of collateral damage... Angola is a state of mind"... and a B-movie starring Jonas Savimbi and Ronald Reagan.
Angola  Africa  Marburg  Ebola  Congo  Savimbi  Reagan  politics  war  history  rogues  neocons  waste  loss  Mobutu  USA  JamesEllroy  literature  perception  image  hardboiled  paranoia  documentary  storytelling  Abramoff  b-movie  HeartOfDarkness  ThingsFallApart  toli  writing  GreatGame  observation  America  RonaldReagan  JonasSavimbi  noir 
april 2006 by amaah
Head Nods - Toli Turns One
"The 15 people for whom I'm famous are a very diverse lot and pull me in lots of directions." "Koranteng is also a little bit nuts, which is appealing." "We need an emoticon that represents 'nod in agreement'."
blogging  appreciation  HeadNods  life  friends  family  writing  toli 
july 2005 by amaah
Manhole Explosions in Central Square
Some blog journalism on an action-packed afternoon in Cambridge... and a photo essay to boot
Cambridge  CentralSquare  city  urban  life  news  electricity  explosion  streetlife  writing  travel  journalism  observation  photo  essay  fun  Boston  toli 
june 2005 by amaah
Harvard Graduations and Okyeame
The utter mediocrity of the jokers who are ruling us boggles the mind. Their idiosyncracies, pettiness, moral failings, violence or personal corruption aside, they are a truly incompetent bunch.
harvard  graduation  cambridge  reflection  ghana  politics  rogues  life  observation  memoir  history  economics  1995  perception  writing  koranteng  Okyeame  toli  Africa 
june 2005 by amaah
On Bleach, Entertainments, Forms, Atom, Kiss and Sexy MFs
Some ruminations on pragmatism, Bleached Unobtrusive Dom Scripting (BUDS), Forms, Atom, XForms, Glue, Infopath, "Entertainments", Kisses and the Sexy Mom Factor in Software...
technology  whimsy  bleach  entertainment  Forms  Atom  glue  language  kiss  dom  scripting  javascript  xforms  infopath  writing  music  fela  prince  black  mom  pragmatism  sex  bosworth  nigeria  ghana  congo  olomide  literature  GrahamGreene  software  ajax  toli  data  database  rest  BUDS  interaction 
june 2005 by amaah
On The Importance of Biting Satire
I like my satire savage. It should be vicious, biting and deeply heartfelt. The targets should feel a sharp wound... In certain Ghanaian traditions, one day of the year is reserved for the entire village to berate chiefs, village elders or anything else
satire  Entertainment  Politics  Music  US  Africa  Literature  Culture  Humour  Television  Journalism  History  Movies  Language  Art  Theatre  Writing  Wit  whimsy  toli  b-movie 
april 2005 by amaah
Lights Out
So last night, right around 11:30pm, a big power surge rippled through your mid-Cambridge neighbourhood. Your first thought as the lights went out and computer sessions abruptly ended was that Acts of God, the tsunamis of this world are reminders about th
Cambridge  toli  life  writing  whimsy  Lotus  IBM  aging  electricity  development  Ghana  Africa  fun  drama  Frances  SmallThings 
april 2005 by amaah
Strange Bedfellows And The Journalistic Impulse
A rant on the journalistic impulse: I'm willing to expound on every topic imaginable, chasing delightful juxtapositions and seeking out the strange bedfellows of this world.
Africa  toli  journalism  history  culture  politics  writing  obsession  memory  Ghana  Congo  Rwanda  Angola  Nigeria  Iraq  military  mother  family  dad  memoir 
april 2005 by amaah
The Last Philosophers
Heated Debates That Even The Hookers, Those Honourable Dames Of Place Pigalle, Couldn’t Ignore; Quintessential Abstractions Flung Across The Table.
poetry  literature  philosophy  existentialism  angst  toli  Sartre  France  writing  art 
april 2005 by amaah
Frank and Frances (or 500 Steps)
You turn and then you see her: it's that old lady from your building, leaning back on a parked car, walking stick in hand. She'd probably been trying to call out to you when you passed her but her wizened voice was barely a whisper and, truth be told, you
Cambridge  aging  writing  life  observation  Frances  SmallThings  toli 
december 2004 by amaah
On The Wire
A blogospheric parable of sorts... "If you come at the King, you'd best not miss" "For a cold-ass crew of gangsters, y'all carried it like Republicans an' shit." "Conscience do cost"
crime  culture  literature  technology  toli  tv  classic  police  drama  writing  novelistic  conversation  thewire  Baltimore  web  architecture  serendipity  blog 
november 2004 by amaah
Inman Square Still Life
Inman Square is a little patch of urban anomie within walking distance of where I live in Cambridge. Unlike that other nearby paragon of urban blight, Central Square, it isn't much to talk about. Not quite. Inman Square is the stuff of blog entries; no po
Boston  Cambridge  city  travel  whimsy  wit  portrait  observation  fun  life  InmanSquare  Inman  toli  writing 
september 2004 by amaah

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