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Trouble Ticket
For indeed, would you really rather Prefer Freud to an errant spell-checker?
life  modernity  glitches  culture  poetry  observation  race  perception  technology  software  error  sensitivity  USA  dilemma  Small  Things  humour  toli 
november 2015 by amaah
Render / Rendition
"Color-coded threat"
"Stress position"
satire  humour  language  bureaucracy  torture  policy  USA  security  culture  erustication  CIA  rogues  politics  ExtraordinaryRendition  poetry  TheRoughBeast  ThingsFallApart  toli 
december 2014 by amaah
A Resource Action
You've been surplussed. That was the word used. This is a resource action. That was the phrase used. some real-time poetry from the archives
Things  Fall  Apart  work  waste  observation  loss  The  Rough  Beast  perception  job  poetry  toli  USA  personal  life  IBM  irony  language  culture 
june 2013 by amaah
Gaddafi: He of The Little Green Book
A bloodthirsty murderer that we indulged like no other
Willing to shoot children before their own grandmothers

light verse on Muammar Gaddafi
sin  Rawlings  africa  rogues  Gaddafi  poetry  verse  humour  politics  culture  observation  blood  satire  hatchetjob  Libya  violence  Liberia  SierraLeone  Ghana  history  ThingsFallApart  FallenAngels  toli 
february 2011 by amaah
Poetry as Cultural Memory
reading Kwesi Brew's take on Ghana's Philosophy of Survival... social living is the best..
We are the punch bag of fate
on whom the hands of destiny wearies
and the show of blows gradually lose
their viciousness on our patience
poetry  literature  criticism  review  appreciation  culture  observation  memory  griots  griot  Ghana  Africa  KwesiBrew  myth  storytelling  history  SocialLiving  toli 
march 2009 by amaah
Of No Fixed Abode
It is the mask of a man of no name, of indeterminate age, of unclear nationality and of no fixed abode. "Devious schemers. Lost nerves - Enemy combatants. Collateral damage - Modern travellers Prison shelters"
London  Ghana  bombing  21/7  7/7  2007  terrorism  loss  waste  crime  anomie  identity  theft  reflection  globalization  Africa  culture  observation  perception  poetry  FallenAngels  immigration  diaspora  ThingsFallApart  toli 
july 2007 by amaah
Observers are Worried
Only posterity is unkind to the man of conventional wisdom, and all posterity does is bury him in a blanket of neglect... Polemics of convenience / Shrink-wrapped profundity / Trailblazers of the trade winds
observation  reflection  USA  ephemera  opportunism  culture  hatchetjob  poetry  ObserversAreWorried  toli 
april 2007 by amaah
The Game of the Rough Beast
The beach at Beit Lahiya. / The soul of a reporter. / The policies of The Editors.
Musing on the strange architecture of misdirection and words hidden in plain sight
journalism  misdirection  framing  NewYorkTimes  editorial  decisions  poetry  literature  Yeats  war  crime  conflict  politics  media  language  deception  observation  loss  waste  grief  spin  outrage  reflection  bias  tone  NYT  Israel  Palestine  ThingsFallApart  TheRoughBeast  toli  Blake  mendacity 
october 2006 by amaah
The Books of Nima
The full Ghanaian experience straight from the slums of Nima. "How else could they laugh / Like they do when they should weep; Remembering the voiceless days of the past." "Some call it globalization; I know it as the Mosquito Principle".
Ghana  Nima  Accra  life  experience  urban  slums  web  serendipity  literature  poetry  conversation  observation  culture  interpretation  development  infrastructure  glue  perception  history  KwesiBrew  globalization  essay  SmallThings  SocialLiving  ThingsFallApart  toli  personal  wist  reading  Africa 
may 2006 by amaah
The Roots + Floetry = Virtuosity
Illadelph Halflife Meets Ill London Flow. I Shall... Proceed... And Continue... To Rock The Mic. Everybody Is A Star. Adrenaline Boom! It's The Next Movement Duck Down Don't Say Nuthin' Broken Windows and Pimps in Chinatown
music  virtuosity  elation  exuberance  soul  hip-hop  jazz  funk  poetry  rock  Philly  TheRoots  Floetry  culture  appreciation  vibe  lyricism  dexterity  musicians  LivingColour  MilesDavis  Prince  CurtisMayfield  ChubbRock  VernonReid  Boston  urban  life  development  black  history  observation  sociology  BrokenWindows  concert  review  roots  Ghana  Chile  Uzbekistan  cambridge  toli 
may 2005 by amaah
The Long Thief in the Night
Estate Tax writ large as Death Tax. Social Security painted as The Coming Crash. No need for Health Care or Medicare. War sans Galloway will prevent The Great Crash. It's Our Time! Spend! Attack! All hail them: The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover
whimsy  economics  politics  poetry  literature  satire  music  usa  culture  zeitgeist  rogues  neocons  prince  toli  b-movie 
may 2005 by amaah
The Last Philosophers
Heated Debates That Even The Hookers, Those Honourable Dames Of Place Pigalle, Couldn’t Ignore; Quintessential Abstractions Flung Across The Table.
poetry  literature  philosophy  existentialism  angst  toli  Sartre  France  writing  art 
april 2005 by amaah
Wistful Zingers
Nuggets for the Toli Scrapbook... wistful zingers on the theme of war and a sense of ineffable waste.. ala Flaubert's Dictionnaire des Idées Reçus
literature  poetry  humour  war  zingers  satire  wistful  Africa  Nigeria  Ghana  toli 
march 2005 by amaah
A portrait of Miles Davis
poetry  literature  music  jazz  portrait  MilesDavis  toli 
march 2005 by amaah
A war in nine stanzas
Calvin Trillin writes a wonderful brand of satirical poetry. Like Anthony Burgess when he's on he's untouchable
Iraq  literature  poetry  politics  war  trillin  satire  burgess  toli 
october 2004 by amaah

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