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On The Limitations Of Notes On The Web
The question is, why did these web interfaces (of Lotus Notes) not get widely adopted?
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june 2005 by amaah
Calling Things By Their Names
The identity of a community is to be found in the most unlikely of things. The things that draw people together to form a cohesive whole are not the explicit things that one thinks, it's not warlike territoriality or dedication to some mission "statement"
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june 2005 by amaah
Beyond the scaling problem
Ed Brill reports questions from the trenches about how one handles the scaling problem. In my 2 cents, I try to change the frame and think of what lies beyond the scaling problem
technology  scaling  performance  database  web  software  lotus  ibm  notes  domino  architecture  design  insight  toli 
april 2005 by amaah
On XForms, XPath, CSS, Brevity, Syntax And More
I'm suggesting then that the language acquisition cost and what I'm terming the cognitive impedance in the average human being of of having to type true(), and forward slashes for selectors will determine the adoption rates of XForms
technology  web  xforms  forms  xpath  css  language  design  architecture  comprehension  lotus  ibm  notes  standards  adoption  html  xml  toli  xform  syntax  programming 
april 2005 by amaah

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