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Black Sheep
Try this on your iPod Touch or iPhone... take your i-something, open the Contacts App, create a new contact and add a new address. Alternatively just try to edit an existing address. Now try to change the country field to Ghana. Note, if you will, the result: Ghana is not in the list of countries... Why are even these fleeting elements of identity, that pleasing sight of Ghana nestled in between Germany and Gibraltar, being denied me and my countrymen.
technology  software  web  glitches  Apple  iPhone  internet  creditcard  payment  systems  localization  Ghana  Africa  bug  identity  humour  observation  toli 
february 2010 by amaah
Of No Fixed Abode
It is the mask of a man of no name, of indeterminate age, of unclear nationality and of no fixed abode. "Devious schemers. Lost nerves - Enemy combatants. Collateral damage - Modern travellers Prison shelters"
London  Ghana  bombing  21/7  7/7  2007  terrorism  loss  waste  crime  anomie  identity  theft  reflection  globalization  Africa  culture  observation  perception  poetry  FallenAngels  immigration  diaspora  ThingsFallApart  toli 
july 2007 by amaah
Types and Faces
The Neuland font and typeface prompts a journey down the river Congo passing through Equatorial Guinea to visit rogues, Malian guitarists, and South African rooibos farmers marketed by Americans. Stereotypography and blackface. Breasts, nudity etc
typeface  design  culture  aesthetic  stereotypes  Africa  black  typography  graphic  history  publishing  USA  African-American  Congo  literature  race  identity  perception  observation  Gide  toli 
march 2007 by amaah
Ghana vrs USA
some artistic commentary on the issue of the day: Ghana vrs USA at Nuremburg, The African Nation and The American Dream, The Color of Memory, Allegiance and Identity and Hearts of Oak
Ghana  USA  Africa  America  worldcup  collage  art  serendipity  humour  sculpture  juxtaposition  competition  StrangeBedfellows  ThingsFallApart  football  soccer  sports  fever  obsession  ingenuity  fun  funny  tradition  modernity  innovation  joy  celebration  allegiance  loyalty  tribes  history  toli  immigrant  diaspora  life  Holland  Cambridge  identity 
june 2006 by amaah
Identity Theft
"Sleep. Finally. Sleep / Medicine, Try To Get Better / Wake Up One Day / They Say You're A Bomber"
Part 2 of the Things Fall Apart series
Ghana  London  bombing  identity  reflection  drama  globalization  Africa  culture  terrorism  immigrant  life  Schadenfreude  journalism  branding  perception  anomie  story  ThingsFallApart  toli 
march 2006 by amaah

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