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Crawl Before You Walk
It is striking that it is only in its fifth year of existence that a framework for building web applications is considering allowing bookmarking and might even use the HTTP GET method where applicable.
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april 2007 by amaah
On Bleach, Entertainments, Forms, Atom, Kiss and Sexy MFs
Some ruminations on pragmatism, Bleached Unobtrusive Dom Scripting (BUDS), Forms, Atom, XForms, Glue, Infopath, "Entertainments", Kisses and the Sexy Mom Factor in Software...
technology  whimsy  bleach  entertainment  Forms  Atom  glue  language  kiss  dom  scripting  javascript  xforms  infopath  writing  music  fela  prince  black  mom  pragmatism  sex  bosworth  nigeria  ghana  congo  olomide  literature  GrahamGreene  software  ajax  toli  data  database  rest  BUDS  interaction 
june 2005 by amaah
The Unloved HTML Button and Other Folktales
A long, long time ago in a far, far-away land, there lived an HTML Button. It lived happily with its parents, Mr HTML and Mrs Form, and its siblings: the older brother Text Entry Box and younger sisters, Drop-down List and Radio Button...
transportation  rail  whimsy  technology  adoption  standards  html  forms  software  button  xforms  web  satire  history  BestPractices  wit  parable  story  storytelling  programming  design  patterns  hyphens  delimiters  railroads  trains  rest  google  strategy  zingers  hillary  hilarity  serendipity  ghana  toli  resource  modeling  resourcemodeling 
may 2005 by amaah
On XForms, XPath, CSS, Brevity, Syntax And More
I'm suggesting then that the language acquisition cost and what I'm terming the cognitive impedance in the average human being of of having to type true(), and forward slashes for selectors will determine the adoption rates of XForms
technology  web  xforms  forms  xpath  css  language  design  architecture  comprehension  lotus  ibm  notes  standards  adoption  html  xml  toli  xform  syntax  programming 
april 2005 by amaah

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