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66 Ways to Franco
Being an inquiry into the travails of metadata... Counting the ways to Franco was an excursion into the realm of metadata, matters of syntax, and a contemplation of the hive mind of the web... Who knew there were so many ways to spell Franco & Le Tout Puissant OK Jazz. These glitches appeal to me, truth be told. People label things to remember them and the patterns they use are worthy artifacts even in their imperfect glory.
whimsy  metadata  data  music  Franco  naming  syntax  structure  standards  software  technology  observation  Africa  language  writing  minutiae  toli  ObserversAreWorried  smallthings 
december 2009 by amaah
On Coordination Costs and Human Factors
in which I present 3 postulates on coordination costs and the human factor as it relates to the adoption of technology and systems in distributed computing - There's also a nascent theology of REST, parables again
rest  design  architecture  technology  coordination  economics  web  humanfactors  adoption  comprehension  costs  theory  systems  software  leverage  language  data  jcr  jsr170  parable  analysis  networks  toli 
april 2006 by amaah
On The Long Tail of Music, Metrics and Recommendations
Responding to Chris Anderson's Bring tha Noise post with some commentary, some metrics from my music collection and a few pointers to artists who inhabit this Long Tail of music...
Technology  design  Architecture  Software  web  systems  social-software  socialsoftware  complexity  services  music  soul  funk  jazz  hip-hop  glue  recommendations  algorithms  heuristics  machine-learning  LongTail  long-tail  FullForce  AdrianaEvans  LisaLisa  CherylPepsiiRiley  JamesBrown  toli  social  data  machinelearning 
june 2005 by amaah
On Bleach, Entertainments, Forms, Atom, Kiss and Sexy MFs
Some ruminations on pragmatism, Bleached Unobtrusive Dom Scripting (BUDS), Forms, Atom, XForms, Glue, Infopath, "Entertainments", Kisses and the Sexy Mom Factor in Software...
technology  whimsy  bleach  entertainment  Forms  Atom  glue  language  kiss  dom  scripting  javascript  xforms  infopath  writing  music  fela  prince  black  mom  pragmatism  sex  bosworth  nigeria  ghana  congo  olomide  literature  GrahamGreene  software  ajax  toli  data  database  rest  BUDS  interaction 
june 2005 by amaah
On Recommendation Systems
From Amazon, through Audioscrobbler, Netflix and Ultra Gleeper, how do these glue layer, machine-learning heuristic and algorithm-eating Artificial Intelligent folks do recommendation systems and what should one make of them.
Technology  design  Architecture  Software  web  systems  social-software  socialsoftware  complexity  AI  services  recommendation  music  soul  funk  jazz  ibm  life  corporation  glue  recommendations  algorithms  heuristics  machine-learning  toli  machinelearning  data  database  collaboration  navigation  aggregation  search  network  social  long-tail  thinking  LongTail  networks 
may 2005 by amaah
Get On The Bus (aka Glue Layer People)
An open note to my some of my favourite loosely-coupled people. You may not all know each other but in my folksonomy I've tagged you as "Those who live in the Glue Layer", fellow travelers for whom composition is second nature.
technology  adoption  standards  systems  web  programming  design  architecture  glue  ESB  REST  SOA  bus  WS-*  glue-layer  services  whimsy  toli  Cambridge  life  Chinatown  music  movies  data  software 
may 2005 by amaah
The Long Tail of Software
commentary on Joe Kraus' (of Jotspot) take on business processes and positioning to leverage the Long Tail
software  economics  long-tail  jotspot  process  people  technology  wiki  customization  toli  LongTail  data 
march 2005 by amaah

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