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On IBM and Africa
Thinking aloud about IBM's initiative on innovation and economic development in Africa, some personal history, a case study and some analysis, your basic Saturday morning briefing notes...
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may 2007 by amaah
Strange Days
These are strange days: Air Conditioner Season, Billion Dollar Salary, ¿Se Habla Español? Room 419, Voodoo outside Bedroom, Overheard, Aburi Masks, Toy Story & Frosted Flake, Strange Fruit, Strange Books & A Strange Playlist
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june 2005 by amaah
On Blogging At IBM
There are already far too many emails emanating from corporate accounts with noxious disclaimers, clogging up mailing lists everywhere and causing comprehension problems. They are a public nuisance and there is no reason to add further disclaimers to the
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may 2005 by amaah

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