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Bags and Stamps: a plagriarism in plaid
Perhaps these articles were separated at birth, comparing Liz Hunt's article in the Daily Telegraph to my original article... Judge for yourself. The Reporter and her ambition / Plaid bags and plagiarism
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june 2007 by amaah
A Plagiarism in Plaid
To the Editors (Daily Telegraph) I noted with interest that Liz Hunt's recent opinion piece — Immigrants have bags of ambition (June 2, 2007) — was a nice reworking of my April 13, 2007 essay, Bags and Stamps, published on my blog, Koranteng's Toli.
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june 2007 by amaah
Head Nods - Toli Turns One
"The 15 people for whom I'm famous are a very diverse lot and pull me in lots of directions." "Koranteng is also a little bit nuts, which is appealing." "We need an emoticon that represents 'nod in agreement'."
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july 2005 by amaah
Koranteng's Toli On The Radio
A foray into radio punditry... pontificating about Africa, politics, development, and luggage
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july 2005 by amaah
On an Ambiguous Adventure
A short note to Kenya Hudson who unilaterally declared an end to her blog experiment the aptly-named Ambiguous Adventure...
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june 2005 by amaah
On Blogging At IBM
There are already far too many emails emanating from corporate accounts with noxious disclaimers, clogging up mailing lists everywhere and causing comprehension problems. They are a public nuisance and there is no reason to add further disclaimers to the
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may 2005 by amaah
Technical Arteriosclerosis, Trackback and Comments
Tom Coates gripes... Cory Doctorow says All Complex Ecosystems Have Parasites. I consider this as a simple matter of dealing with the Technical Arteriosclerosis that develops in any complex and useful system. we've diagnosed the patient, now for real work
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april 2005 by amaah

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