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The Low End Theory of Networks
Rumsfeld Taxonomy of Networks & Technology Adoption and System Design 101: Ruthlessly leverage disruptions in the system, Lower coordination costs through layer stripping, Favour participation over control, Temper the human factor to encourage adoption
networks  end-to-end  systems  GreatGame  technology  architecture  design  economics  control  participation  coordination  strategy  policy  innovation  distribution  aggregation  incentives  arbitrage  politics  observation  analysis  whimsy  LowEndTheory  web  internet  resilience  adaptability  evolution  essay  toli 
june 2006 by amaah
Resilience and Adaptability
The lessons of Reed and Bosworth lead us to Mark Baker's Principled Sloppiness: "the principled application of must-ignore style extensibility". "resilience" and "adaptability" on the one and a case of "sloppily extensible" and "forgiving" on the other.
technology  adoption  resilience  adaptability  sloppiness  strategy  design  patterns  web  change  extensibility  toli  evolution  rest 
february 2006 by amaah

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