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By Way of Ionesco
On words intended to obscure and phrases that mangle reality... Ionesco as the aspirin of modern day life, the playwright of the fringe
Ionesco  subway  conversation  observation  culture  theatre  literature  language  french  France  absurd  art  life  toli 
october 2007 by amaah
Briefly Noted
revisiting the France IBM Connection in light of rumours of layoffs, Delta airlines cattle-herding travelers to Ghana, Linux infrastructure and a love for glitches, a dark brown illustration of cultural sensitivity in technology and a brown playlist
IBM  France  Ghana  USA  airport  luggage  culture  observation  life  globalization  language  software  technology  glitches  race  brown  ObserversAreWorried  toli 
may 2007 by amaah
To The Shout Of "Ghana", You Respond "Respect" (Ghana World Cup Diary Part Three)
I saw grown Ghanaian men who are normally very shy and reticent, dancing and dragging out long forgotten yells and chants and songs from their innermost beings. I was hugged and kissed by interminable multitudes. Every Ghanaian or friend of Ghana was show
ghana  worldcup  football  soccer  travel  observation  fan  sports  Africa  writing  insight  journalism  communities  tribes  Germany  France  toli 
june 2006 by amaah
The France IBM Connection
An allegorical foray wherein I suggest that one of the better analogies for IBM, and particularly its Software Group, is to consider it akin to France. Sacré bleu: a touch of whimsy on Bastille Day. As they say: Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité
France  IBM  whimsy  technology  history  culture  Lotus  software  satire  parable  patents  BestPractices  development  movies  literature  observation  toli 
july 2005 by amaah
Supremely Supine
Brand America is being flushed down the toilet along with those copies of the Koran and the journalists won't take up plungers
politics  usa  america  spineless  journalism  newsweek  media  neocons  rogues  Bush  iraq  war  economics  bagmen  Greenspan  France  UK  history  Chirac  JohnSmith  Blair  strategy  leadership  language  Europe  toli  b-movie 
june 2005 by amaah
The Last Philosophers
Heated Debates That Even The Hookers, Those Honourable Dames Of Place Pigalle, Couldn’t Ignore; Quintessential Abstractions Flung Across The Table.
poetry  literature  philosophy  existentialism  angst  toli  Sartre  France  writing  art 
april 2005 by amaah
A Neighbour's House On Fire
"It is only a fool who does not worry when his neighbour's house is on fire"
Africa  Ghana  IvoryCoast  Coted'Ivoire  politics  war  refugees  crisis  France  rogues  diplomacy  waste  toli 
november 2004 by amaah

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