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Functional Defenestration
on editorial genuflections in the internet age and the importance of satire
SmallThings  web  attention  capitalism  values  commerce  satire  commons  communities  culture  observation  groups  hustle  marketing  media  rant  whimsy  perception  DarkMatter  toli 
september 2017 by amaah
An African Leader Bestiary
"When you are surrounded by vultures, try not to die" - Ivorian proverb.
hatchet  job  Africa  dictator  rogues  culture  politics  power  strategy  Nigeria  Ghana  Cameroon  observation  perception  history  toli  hatchetjob 
march 2017 by amaah
Broken Record
when the rains come to Accra... Sisyphus must be the patron saint of urban planners in Ghana
accra  ghana  africa  flood  disaster  development  infrastructure  history  waste  policy  politics  urban  strategy  environment  city  planning  culture  observation  design  toli 
march 2016 by amaah
Trouble Ticket
For indeed, would you really rather Prefer Freud to an errant spell-checker?
life  modernity  glitches  culture  poetry  observation  race  perception  technology  software  error  sensitivity  USA  dilemma  Small  Things  humour  toli 
november 2015 by amaah
To Make The Road Fearful
Prosecutor: Mr Witness, what did Reflection tell you about who shot Superman? Reading cautionary tales and other dark matters at the Special Court on Sierra Leone
absurd  toli  murder  SierraLeone  Liberia  Africa  war  civil  war  language  law  trial  culture  observation  perception  reading  drama  tragedy  literature  review  memory  politics  history  rogues  blood  violence  TheRoughBeast  ThingsFallApart 
april 2015 by amaah
...But The Melody Lingers On... by Elizabeth Ohene
Discussing the judges's murder and the PNDC junta's responsibility, The salient quote: "When is an action of a member of the PNDC an individual matter and when is it a matter for the Council?"
Rawlings  Tsikata  murder  violence  Amartey  Kwei  Kojo  Tsikata  blood  Talking  Drums  West  Africa  Ghana  news  history  culture  politics  journalism  media  dissent  toli  mum  talkingdrums 
january 2015 by amaah
Render / Rendition
"Color-coded threat"
"Stress position"
satire  humour  language  bureaucracy  torture  policy  USA  security  culture  erustication  CIA  rogues  politics  ExtraordinaryRendition  poetry  TheRoughBeast  ThingsFallApart  toli 
december 2014 by amaah
Trend-surfing Alacrity
"He was impregnably armoured by his good intentions and his ignorance"
observersareworried  rogues  opportunists  Liberia  Sierra  Leone  huhudious  culture  observation  USA  celebrity  hatchet  job  useful  idiots  toli 
october 2014 by amaah
Twentysomething thoughts on opportunism
Consider a taxonomy of useful idiots: the ignorant, those who should know better, the reflexively-tribal, and the professional opportunists
rogues  opportunists  Liberia  SierraLeone  huhudious  culture  observation  toli  usa  celebrity  hatchetjob  observersareworried  usefulidiots 
october 2014 by amaah
A Resource Action
You've been surplussed. That was the word used. This is a resource action. That was the phrase used. some real-time poetry from the archives
Things  Fall  Apart  work  waste  observation  loss  The  Rough  Beast  perception  job  poetry  toli  USA  personal  life  IBM  irony  language  culture 
june 2013 by amaah
Lagos 1975
The city of Lagos, Nigeria, as seen through the lens of a 1975 guidebook.
history  urban  Nigeria  Lagos  observation  perception  Africa  toli  photography  culture  city 
may 2013 by amaah
New and Improved
diaper wipes given the new and improved treatment. muckraking toli
observation  New  Formula  marketing  snake  oil  perception  backlash  strategy  rant  commodities  toli  whimsy  pricing  deception  USA  capitalism  irritation  packaging  Hard  Sell  sales  economics  design 
march 2013 by amaah
The Art of Omission
On Teju Cole's Open City, omissions and the quest for normalcy
toli  reading  writing  Nigeria  Africa  USA  TejuCole  race  review  normalcy  appreciation  perception  observation  culture  literature 
march 2012 by amaah
Road Trip
Such are the conflicted musings of a backseat driver. Some impressionistic travel toli
travel  Ghana  Volta  Accra  memory  observation  family  life  culture  Africa  rural  development  toli 
december 2011 by amaah
Gaddafi: He of The Little Green Book
A bloodthirsty murderer that we indulged like no other
Willing to shoot children before their own grandmothers

light verse on Muammar Gaddafi
sin  Rawlings  africa  rogues  Gaddafi  poetry  verse  humour  politics  culture  observation  blood  satire  hatchetjob  Libya  violence  Liberia  SierraLeone  Ghana  history  ThingsFallApart  FallenAngels  toli 
february 2011 by amaah
All Available Indignities
He who tests the depth of a stream with both feet must be prepared to swim. - Ewe proverb, Ghana
tyrants  rogues  literature  quotes  history  dissent  anger  revolution  groups  organization  crowds  culture  observation  perception  zingers  tyranny  toli 
january 2011 by amaah
Best of 2010
The Toli Awards 2010, including an inquiry into the safari quotient, namely the propensity for the book covers that adorn writings by Africans to spontaneously sprout giraffes and trees in the savanna.
review  literature  appreciation  culture  observation  stereotypes  music  soul  movies  film  theatre  Africa  toli  2010 
january 2011 by amaah
Witness: Ghana coup
How a New Year coup in Ghana in 1981 put one journalist in danger. Amongst other things, this is the story of how Mum and I fled Ghana in 1982.
ghana  coup  history  personal  politics  life  exile  Africa  journalism  media  violence  courage  toli  me  family  mum 
january 2011 by amaah
Electoral Fictions
notes on the Gbagbo Imbroglio and a lament for Ivory Coast... electoral toli
rogues  IvoryCoast  CoteD'Ivoire  strategy  politics  elections  fraud  culture  observation  Africa  toli 
december 2010 by amaah
The Codes of Martial Music
Wherein we ask: what's a good playlist for a coup d'etat? a musical theory of coups, modeling the gracenotes of African coups
coup  memory  music  military  culture  observation  humour  rogues  blood  Ghana  Guinea-Bissau  Africa  toli 
april 2010 by amaah
A Kenkey Bounty
Happiness is finding kenkey in Oakland
Ghana  immigration  food  kenkey  wist  culture  taste  nostalgia  life  Africa  toli 
march 2010 by amaah
Black Sheep
Try this on your iPod Touch or iPhone... take your i-something, open the Contacts App, create a new contact and add a new address. Alternatively just try to edit an existing address. Now try to change the country field to Ghana. Note, if you will, the result: Ghana is not in the list of countries... Why are even these fleeting elements of identity, that pleasing sight of Ghana nestled in between Germany and Gibraltar, being denied me and my countrymen.
technology  software  web  glitches  Apple  iPhone  internet  creditcard  payment  systems  localization  Ghana  Africa  bug  identity  humour  observation  toli 
february 2010 by amaah
Witness: Ghana coup
How a New Year coup in Ghana in 1981 put one journalist in danger.
Amongst other things, this is the story of how Mum and I fled Ghana in 1982.
ghana  coup  history  personal  politics  life  exile  Africa  journalism  media  violence  courage  toli  me  mum  filetype:mp3  media:audio 
january 2010 by amaah
Africa 1989
Oh the memories... The Reign of Locusts, Structural Adjustments, The Great Awakening, A South African Detour, Decentralization... Quote of the year: "The Angolan people, to their infinite sorrow, accept that the war has restarted."
history  review  1989  politics  culture  Africa  democracy  change  Mali  Ghana  SouthAfrica  Angola  Liberia  CharlesTaylor  war  rogues  music  toli 
december 2009 by amaah
66 Ways to Franco
Being an inquiry into the travails of metadata... Counting the ways to Franco was an excursion into the realm of metadata, matters of syntax, and a contemplation of the hive mind of the web... Who knew there were so many ways to spell Franco & Le Tout Puissant OK Jazz. These glitches appeal to me, truth be told. People label things to remember them and the patterns they use are worthy artifacts even in their imperfect glory.
whimsy  metadata  data  music  Franco  naming  syntax  structure  standards  software  technology  observation  Africa  language  writing  minutiae  toli  ObserversAreWorried  smallthings 
december 2009 by amaah
Meshell's Moods
I'll get to the whys, wherefores and textures of their sound but should get the hyperbole off my chest upfront. Simply put, Meshell NdegeOcello's band is the coldest band since The Revolution circa 1985.
music  soul  rock  funk  review  concert  live  appreciation  mood  virtuosity  MeShellNdegeOcello  meshell  toli 
november 2009 by amaah
African view: Big men do not die
Mum is in fine form providing some toli about Omar Bongo and the culture that never acknowledges that leaders can ever be frail.
Kufuor  Africa  culture  death  Gabon  Bongo  Ghana  president  chief  reticence  secrecy  health  information  observation  mum  toli 
june 2009 by amaah
Poetry as Cultural Memory
reading Kwesi Brew's take on Ghana's Philosophy of Survival... social living is the best..
We are the punch bag of fate
on whom the hands of destiny wearies
and the show of blows gradually lose
their viciousness on our patience
poetry  literature  criticism  review  appreciation  culture  observation  memory  griots  griot  Ghana  Africa  KwesiBrew  myth  storytelling  history  SocialLiving  toli 
march 2009 by amaah
The Wound Part I (Ghana Elections 2008)
Let's start with this: they almost killed my uncle.
life  violence  emotion  Ghana  election  politics  strategy  Africa  blood  memory  family  toli 
january 2009 by amaah
Lunchtime Heist
Something didn't look right. There he was on his hands and knees in the corner next to the ATM ten feet inside the burger joint.
life  crime  heist  theft  brazen  apathy  SanFrancisco  toli 
december 2008 by amaah
A Debt Foretold
We believe this may indicate that the account no longer meets your financial needs. With this in mind, the account has been closed.
credit  debt  bubble  USA  economics  risk  banking  finance  observation  culture  life  creditcard  ShellGame  toli 
december 2008 by amaah
Drum Magazine Ghana 1969
Some notes on the year 1969 in Ghana, as viewed through the lens of Drum magazine. Nostalgia toli.
Ghana  Africa  Drum  magazine  media  culture  politics  history  observation  photography  fashion  1969  memory  toli 
november 2008 by amaah
Maxwell's Suite
For the record, the best $3.13 I've ever spent was for a copy of Maxwell's Urban Hang Suite in May 1996 dug out of a remainder bin in a dusty record store (now defunct) in Davis Square in Somerville, Massachusetts... On memory and comfort suites
music  soul  concert  review  Maxwell  memory  life  observation  toli 
october 2008 by amaah
Mindless Speculation
"The fellow with the fufu usually moves over to the man with the soup, never the other way around." Geopolitics and Estate Planning toli
observation  economics  culture  decline  fall  USA  bubble  power  politics  toli 
october 2008 by amaah
Mood Markers
Three songs and a stanza... "usury age-old and age-thick
and liars in public places."
music  quotes  culture  observation  decline  fall  anger  economics  USA  toli 
october 2008 by amaah
A Seminal Lunacy
By affirming solemnly that prosperity will continue, it is believed that one can help insure that prosperity will in fact continue. Especially among businessmen the faith in the efficiency of such incantation is very great.
economics  zingers  quotes  observation  culture  bubble  panic  depression  crash  credit  debt  finance  Galbraith  USA  literature  toli 
september 2008 by amaah
Honesty hath no fence against superior cunning.
zingers  quotes  observation  culture  literature  honesty  strategy  toli 
august 2008 by amaah
The dictator and the watch; remembrance of rogues past
Nigeria  rogues  Africa  Abacha  corruption  politics  history  memory  culture  cynicism  literature  toli 
december 2007 by amaah
By Way of Ionesco
On words intended to obscure and phrases that mangle reality... Ionesco as the aspirin of modern day life, the playwright of the fringe
Ionesco  subway  conversation  observation  culture  theatre  literature  language  french  France  absurd  art  life  toli 
october 2007 by amaah
Conundrum 65: Taxi Driver Braking Style
In which we consider the large issues of our time starting from the eternal mystery: the peculiar relationship of taxi drivers with their car's braking system. Why do taxi drivers brake the way they do? Inquiring minds want to know.
taxi  economics  observation  markets  billing  transaction  costs  pricing  regulation  culture  conversation  technology  automation  adoption  humanfactors  toli 
september 2007 by amaah
"We the people, having survived for so long on so little, and done so much for so long, are now qualified to do anything... for nothing." A meditation on indigo moods
wist  mood  colour  language  emotion  indigo  observation  culture  music  jazz  soul  life  Ghana  Africa  art  SocialLiving  ThingsFallApart  toli 
august 2007 by amaah
Home Economics
The New Mathematics, Voodoo Economics, Jumbo Jitters and a Subprime Playlist. Some housing toli... Maximum prudent ™ house price = $521,250 = $417,000 (maximum federally-insured mortgage) + 20% downpayment
economics  housing  mortgage  BayArea  California  Berkeley  observation  home  money  finance  debt  ShellGame  toli 
august 2007 by amaah
Africa, 1999
These posters serve as a kind of palliative: "Get to know your local strongman", wear their political cloths and so forth.
Africa  politics  poster  leaders  observation  history  culture  rogues  FallenAngels  ThingsFallApart  toli 
august 2007 by amaah
Anatomy Lessons
Was someone somewhere considering reuniting Napoleon's tooth with Napoleon's toothbrush? Inquiring minds want to know. / I think to that incongruous image of a heavy bible dropping with vicious, but medical, intent onto my supine wrist.
body  soul  language  anatomy  teeth  Napoleon  medicine  science  bible  humour  funny  ganglion  polyp  Bush  life  literature  WillSelf  perception  observation  ephemera  culture  apophenia  serendipity  toli  ObserversAreWorried 
july 2007 by amaah
Things Fall Apart: The Playlists
Some music and playlists to accompany the Things Fall Apart series Comfort Food and Rare Groove, Friends, Bad, The Corruption Tango, Bags and Stamps, Heart of Darkness, Awoof, Identity Theft, Afro Blue, Better Things, Everybody loves the sunshine, erustication
music  playlist  soul  jazz  lastfm  socialsoftware  communities  technology  web  funk  ThingsFallApart  comfort  toli 
july 2007 by amaah
Of No Fixed Abode
It is the mask of a man of no name, of indeterminate age, of unclear nationality and of no fixed abode. "Devious schemers. Lost nerves - Enemy combatants. Collateral damage - Modern travellers Prison shelters"
London  Ghana  bombing  21/7  7/7  2007  terrorism  loss  waste  crime  anomie  identity  theft  reflection  globalization  Africa  culture  observation  perception  poetry  FallenAngels  immigration  diaspora  ThingsFallApart  toli 
july 2007 by amaah
Applications vs. W3C DOM
July 2003: The DOM is "Good Enough". The tools are now mature enough (especially Mozilla's tooling). They could be improved however. What matters most is the ecosystem around the DOM as a platform, the tutorials, the canonical applications etc. BUDS!
architecture  dhtml  dom  javascript  programming  technology  toli  web  BUDS  interaction  http  latency  design  strategy  software  BestPractices  rest  internet  interface  performance  uri  resourcemodeling  comprehension 
july 2007 by amaah
On resource modeling, intermediaries and deployment
thinking aloud about REST, resource modeling, caches, intermediaries, extensibility, deployment, http, how the linguistics of put are affecting the semantics of PUT, how the Atompub folk are the first Protestants of REST and more. Mailing list toli
rest  web  http  design  resource  resourcemodeling  caching  intermediaries  firewall  extensibility  deployment  modeling  linguistics  language  metaphysics  semantics  architecture  toli 
june 2007 by amaah
Analysis or stenography?
I noticed that In the 957 words that made up Helene Cooper's June 21 2007 article "U.S. Is Urging Blair to Be Lead Mideast Envoy", there was no mention of the phrase "Gordon Brown" nor indeed "next Prime Minister of Britain". Analysis or hubristic blather
hubris  USA  journalism  huhudious  Bush  Dubya  Blair  England  policy  politics  strategy  hype  rant  NewYorkTimes  ego  neocons  rogues  inbreeding  bottomfeeding  groupthink  aristocracy  decline  fall  FallenAngels  hatchetjob  toli 
june 2007 by amaah
Bags and Stamps: a plagriarism in plaid
Perhaps these articles were separated at birth, comparing Liz Hunt's article in the Daily Telegraph to my original article... Judge for yourself. The Reporter and her ambition / Plaid bags and plagiarism
influence  ideas  fame  plagiarism  DailyTelegraph  Telegraph  journalism  blogging  theft  hubris  culture  attribution  observation  appropriation  rogues  toli 
june 2007 by amaah
A Plagiarism in Plaid
To the Editors (Daily Telegraph) I noted with interest that Liz Hunt's recent opinion piece — Immigrants have bags of ambition (June 2, 2007) — was a nice reworking of my April 13, 2007 essay, Bags and Stamps, published on my blog, Koranteng's Toli.
influence  ideas  fame  plagiarism  DailyTelegraph  Telegraph  journalism  blogging  theft  hubris  culture  attribution  appropriation  observation  rogues  FallenAngels  ThingsFallApart  bags  plaid  GhanaMustGo  Guyana  Trinidad  Mozambique  toli 
june 2007 by amaah
On IBM and Africa
Thinking aloud about IBM's initiative on innovation and economic development in Africa, some personal history, a case study and some analysis, your basic Saturday morning briefing notes...
IBM  Africa  technology  business  development  economics  strategy  history  culture  infrastructure  innovation  observation  analysis  computing  networks  pricing  ideas  modeling  thinking  internet  web  Ghana  GreatGame  LowEndTheory  toli 
may 2007 by amaah
On George W. Bush
"His had been an intellectual decision founded on his conviction that if a little knowledge was a dangerous thing, a lot was lethal." A meditation on knowledge, ignorance and the Scrambled Egg Theory of Mesopotamia
observation  profile  knowledge  ignorance  Bush  USA  America  neocons  dubya  literature  psychology  culture  TomSharpe  HilaireBelloc  hatchetjob  essay  zingers  blood  rogues  FallenAngels  ThingsFallApart  toli 
may 2007 by amaah
Public Nuisances 63 and 64
Is there a more diseagreeable verb in the English language than deplane?
nuisance  rant  life  language  annoyance  irritation  boycott  indignation  bureaucracy  security  air  travel  theatre  SmallThings  ObserversAreWorried  toli 
may 2007 by amaah
Briefly Noted
revisiting the France IBM Connection in light of rumours of layoffs, Delta airlines cattle-herding travelers to Ghana, Linux infrastructure and a love for glitches, a dark brown illustration of cultural sensitivity in technology and a brown playlist
IBM  France  Ghana  USA  airport  luggage  culture  observation  life  globalization  language  software  technology  glitches  race  brown  ObserversAreWorried  toli 
may 2007 by amaah
A Taste of Africa
It is a truth universally acknowledged, that the sight of a grandmother running a kitchen in a restaurant brings a sense of warmth to the stomach of any man. The anticipation is further heightened in the sub-species known as the seasoned bachelor.
food  review  Africa  Cameroon  Berkeley  USA  appreciation  taste  restaurant  life  pleasure  happiness  escape  observation  diaspora  cuisine  joy  SmallThings  ObserversAreWorried  toli 
may 2007 by amaah
Excellent Discussions
Mr Negroponte meets Colonel Gaddafi. The minutiae of collateral damage. Carnage of champions. Ionesco lives!
rogues  USA  Africa  war  blood  arms  politics  language  play  satire  absurd  theatre  literature  Ionesco  imperialism  Gaddafi  Negroponte  policy  strategy  crime  neocons  waste  money  CIA  Libya  coldwar  hatchetjob  GreatGame  StrangeBedfellows  FallenAngels  toli 
april 2007 by amaah
Observers are Worried
Only posterity is unkind to the man of conventional wisdom, and all posterity does is bury him in a blanket of neglect... Polemics of convenience / Shrink-wrapped profundity / Trailblazers of the trade winds
observation  reflection  USA  ephemera  opportunism  culture  hatchetjob  poetry  ObserversAreWorried  toli 
april 2007 by amaah
Crawl Before You Walk
It is striking that it is only in its fifth year of existence that a framework for building web applications is considering allowing bookmarking and might even use the HTTP GET method where applicable.
rest  technology  adoption  jsf  frameworks  design  architecture  web  http  forms  java  j2ee  platforms  rejection  pragmatism  resource  modeling  resourcemodeling  toli 
april 2007 by amaah
Articles of Faith
"Let's start, if you will, with the downfall of Satan" - a look at some Nigerian pop art deployed in the service of the good lord.
art  pop  religion  faith  tradition  modernity  superstition  christianity  culture  whimsy  humour  wit  Nigeria  Africa  angels  demons  analysis  theology  toli  juju  poster  reflection 
april 2007 by amaah
The Busia Papers
Ghanaians seem to like grappling with cultural sensitivities. It's not very sexy but it befits the outlook of a small country. Still, I suppose there are worse brands than cultural interpreters. Reflecting on Busia, former Prime Minister of Ghana
Busia  Ghana  Africa  history  politics  culture  ideas  insight  democracy  independence  humanrights  SocialLiving  ThingsFallApart  toli 
march 2007 by amaah
Types and Faces
The Neuland font and typeface prompts a journey down the river Congo passing through Equatorial Guinea to visit rogues, Malian guitarists, and South African rooibos farmers marketed by Americans. Stereotypography and blackface. Breasts, nudity etc
typeface  design  culture  aesthetic  stereotypes  Africa  black  typography  graphic  history  publishing  USA  African-American  Congo  literature  race  identity  perception  observation  Gide  toli 
march 2007 by amaah
lamppost: verb. To lamppost someone is to sneak up in the middle of the night to the foot of their bed (typically along with willing co-conspirators), grip its frame and lift the bed up in a swift motion until it is fully vertical.
language  memory  neologism  tradition  behaviour  ritual  England  absurd  communities  lamppost  ObserversAreWorried  toli 
march 2007 by amaah
The Game of the Rough Beast
The beach at Beit Lahiya. / The soul of a reporter. / The policies of The Editors.
Musing on the strange architecture of misdirection and words hidden in plain sight
journalism  misdirection  framing  NewYorkTimes  editorial  decisions  poetry  literature  Yeats  war  crime  conflict  politics  media  language  deception  observation  loss  waste  grief  spin  outrage  reflection  bias  tone  NYT  Israel  Palestine  ThingsFallApart  TheRoughBeast  toli  Blake  mendacity 
october 2006 by amaah
A Publication
I got a letter from the university the other day / I opened it up and read it / It said: "We wanna publish."
Cultural Sensitivity in Technoloy makes it to Gutenberg's press
books  technology  writing  publishing  fame  toli 
october 2006 by amaah
Recent Non-Specific General Threats
In which we consider homelands and security, and specifics and generality... At this time, we want to emphasize that this is not a specific threat against any particular apartment building, nor is there a particular time frame or location identified.
language  fear  usa  homeland  security  threat  manipulation  community  history  politics  cynicism  bureaucracy  earnest  terror  policy  Iraq  communities  theatre  absurd  TheRoughBeast  ThingsFallApart  toli 
september 2006 by amaah
World Cup Radio Toli
It was not a good 4th of July... No McEnroe, no Connors, no Agassi, no Sampras or Roddick, no Venus, no Serena, no Lindsay Davenport winning at Wimbledon. Instead a Swiss guy and a Spaniard are providing the excitement. And what about that tall Chinese wo
sports  football  WorldCup  soccer  Ghana  USA  media  radio  OpenSource  globalization  commerce  tribes  empire  decline  SmallThings  punditry  toli 
july 2006 by amaah
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