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Kwame Antony Appiah - Social Identities and the Good Life
Kwame Antony Appiah came to Austin to give a lecture on Social Identities and the Good Life at the University of Texas Austin
Ghana  Africa  philosophy  ethics  culture  identity  observation  perception  politics  thinking 
november 2018 by amaah
On Irony by Hilaire Belloc
No man possessed of irony and using it has lived happily; nor has any man possessing it and using it died without having done great good to his fellows and secured a singular advantage to his own soul.
irony  humour  culture  observation  perception  HilaireBelloc  observersareworried  thinking 
january 2016 by amaah
A Meditation upon Things
A Meditation upon Things in which I will briefly speak of the Icelandic Parliament, “creature features” of the 1960’s, Cicero, Duke Ellington, Shakespeare and excessive pedantry.
language  rant  hatchetjob  culture  observation  perception  english  smallthings  thinking  wit 
december 2015 by amaah
First and Last by Hilaire Belloc
The wise complain of the jingo in every country; and properly, for he upsets the plans of statesmen, miscalculates the value of national forces, and may, if he is powerful enough, destroy the true spirit of armies. But the wise would be wiser still if, while they blamed the extravagance of this sort of man, they would recognize that it came from that half-knowledge of mere names and lists which excludes reality. It is maps and newspapers that turn an honest fool into a jingo. Sooner or later Time brings the empty phrase and the false conclusion up against what is; the empty imaginary looks reality in the face and the truth at once conquers. In the long processes of human lives, in the succession of generations, the real necessities and nature of a human society destroy any false formula upon which it was attempted to conduct it. Time must always ultimately teach.
culture  literature  observation  perception  essay  thinking  HilaireBelloc 
april 2015 by amaah
Algebra in Wonderland
a reading of Lewis Caroll's opus as a satire on mathematical nostrums
literature  review  appreciation  history  satire  mathematics  thinking 
march 2010 by amaah
A History of the Past:'Life Reeked With Joy'
bloopers on European history... Possibly as an act of vengeance, a history professor--compiling, verbatim, several decades' worth of freshman papers--offers some of his students’ more striking insights into European history from the Middle Ages to the present.
hatchetjob  humour  language  history  Europe  education  thinking  writing  funny  knowledge  ignorance  bloopers  culture  observation  perception 
september 2009 by amaah
Clinical and Actuarial Judgment Compared
The rather surprising, and completely consistent, result of these studies is that there are no known cases where clinicians reliably out-perform actuarial methods, even when the statistical models are just linear classification rules, i.e., about as simple a model as you can come up with. In many areas, statistical classifiers significantly out-perform human experts. They even out-perform experts who have access to the statistical results, apparently because the experts place too much weight on their own judgment, and not enough on the statistics. Whether you think this is depressing news or not to some degree depends on your feelings about "clinical" experts.
science  statistics  medicine  judgement  health  humanfactors  decisions  modeling  mathematics  operations  operationsresearch  research  thinking  policy  strategy 
august 2009 by amaah
In India, superstition haunts a village
"Critical thinking is lacking," said Edamaruku president of the New Delhi-based Indian Rationalist Assn, who has tried for the last 25 years to bust myths, slay ghosts and quell mass hysteria, but acknowledges that it's a daunting task.
superstition  tradition  thinking  India  modernity  science  belief  culture  perception  observation  strategy  health  disease 
august 2009 by amaah
"Man hath no part in all this glorious work" American Romantic Landscapes
Barbera L. Packer's essay on American poetry... She approvingly quots Max Beerbohm's Duke of Dorset's insight on the American attitudes towards the past and the future in Zuleika Dobson. Contrasting with the English affinity for nostalgia
literature  criticism  thinking  nostalgia  memory  culture  poetry  review  USA  America 
may 2009 by amaah
On Everything By Hilaire Belloc
Thank God for Google Books... compare this collection of essays to the earlier "On Nothing and Kindred Subjects". Belloc was the original blogger (if you ignore Pepys, for quantity is no virtue in and of itself, and panache in digressive discursions is worth everything).
literature  observation  culture  language  writing  essay  style  thinking 
april 2009 by amaah
The Claremont Report on Database Research (pdf)
outline various research avenues. Most interesting however is the section entitled The Interplay of Structured and Unstructured Data... fodder for glue layer people everywhere
technology  data  database  research  architecture  design  thinking  software  glue  computing  filetype:pdf  media:document 
february 2009 by amaah
Lewd and Prude
"There exists a pornographic book that might be read by one or other, or neither (but not both), of Prude and Lewd."... Ah philosophy...
language  philosophy  morality  sex  values  ethics  politics  humour  observation  culture  thinking 
february 2009 by amaah
Africa’s urban revolution
Keith Hart's essay on Africa’s traditional societies and agrarian civilization... like others he sees the 'informal sector' as the key to development, that women will at last be the principal drivers of growth, that cultural production and the energies of the cities will be the means and that communication and the technologies enabling it are the vital glue... we'll see I suppose
Africa  history  economics  politics  anthropology  development  strategy  thinking  analysis  urban  informal  migration  cities  city 
november 2008 by amaah
Theses on Netflix
on the evolution of recommendation systems... ignore the bait of the title
recommendations  systems  algorithms  technology  thinking  software  culture 
november 2008 by amaah
Becoming an Internet Native
Bob Frankston expounds on the end-to-end principle and the implications of the internet, its roots as an overlay network of networks and its group forming future. Typically lucid musings.
networks  technology  systems  end-to-end  design  architecture  groups  overlay  adoption  collaboration  communities  strategy  thinking  mobile  telecom 
november 2008 by amaah
On IBM and Africa
Thinking aloud about IBM's initiative on innovation and economic development in Africa, some personal history, a case study and some analysis, your basic Saturday morning briefing notes...
IBM  Africa  technology  business  development  economics  strategy  history  culture  infrastructure  innovation  observation  analysis  computing  networks  pricing  ideas  modeling  thinking  internet  web  Ghana  GreatGame  LowEndTheory  toli 
may 2007 by amaah
ThinkPlace - Innovation and economic development in Africa
IBM's initiative on Africa, Big Blue brainstorms in the open presumably to prepare a return to the continent 20 years after bailing out... Like everyone we're in search of growth. "Why do you rob banks? 'Cos that's were the money is at"
Africa  IBM  business  collaboration  development  economics  technology  strategy  wiki  communities  innovation  thinking 
may 2007 by amaah
The Enigmatic Art of Knowledge Representation
there you have it... Is it worth my writing my series on data any longer?
data  technology  representation  comprehension  design  thinking  insight  database  metadata 
april 2007 by amaah
Cheap Electronics Dissection Project
is it possible to build a useful computer with a development toolchain, for a price most of the world can afford (under US$20, ideally under US$10), small enough to carry around, that can run off cheap batteries, powerful enough not only for a self-hosted
electronics  technology  economics  china  gadgets  engineering  adoption  marketing  tradeoffs  hardware  thinking  olpc 
august 2006 by amaah
A Tale of Two Formats
Rob Weir, no longer the dark matter of technology at IBM, channels Dickens and ruminates on data, code, Office and prisons of the mind. "If we merely recreate our cell walls in XML, then we are still prisoners."
data  technology  thinking  odf  standards  innovation  office 
august 2006 by amaah
All XML roads leads to RDF
"The World is a Graph". The world can just be described wholistically as consisting of objects and relations between those objects. Take any object in the world, you will be able to reach any other object by following relations stemming from it. Make that
data  thinking  modeling  graph  design  xml  rdf  tree  technology  architecture  document  language  web 
august 2006 by amaah
Phantom limbs and chronic pain - A hall of mirrors
phantom-limb pain is best understood as a form of unconscious learning, similar to motor reflexes and perception skills. According to this interpretation, mirror therapy works by replacing noxious memories with innocuous ones.

With this hypothesis in m
medicine  health  brain  learning  memory  pain  research  science  thinking 
july 2006 by amaah
Avatars of the Tortoise or Circular Reasoning
Jorge Luis Borges liked old metaphors. The older the better. One of the characteristic forms of his essays was the following of a metaphor through history. I was struck by "Avatars of the Tortoise," well actually appalled. Borges considers many versions o
philosophy  ideas  Borges  argument  reasoning  thinking  unviverse  life  physics  science 
june 2006 by amaah
Evolution = Revolution
Thirty years ago, we were just beginning to bring the first networks on-line and we were just beginning to apply computers to every-day tasks We had the luxury and fun of being first to have a whole set of big ideas... Those of us who were working then co
insight  evolution  technology  observation  perception  thinking  software  ideas  innovation  end-to-end  adoption  strategy  education  learning 
june 2006 by amaah
Mindful of Symbols
On the way to learning that one thing can represent another, young children often conflate the real item and its symbol. These errors show how difficult it is to start thinking symbolically
science  development  children  thinking  education  cognition 
august 2005 by amaah
On Recommendation Systems
From Amazon, through Audioscrobbler, Netflix and Ultra Gleeper, how do these glue layer, machine-learning heuristic and algorithm-eating Artificial Intelligent folks do recommendation systems and what should one make of them.
Technology  design  Architecture  Software  web  systems  social-software  socialsoftware  complexity  AI  services  recommendation  music  soul  funk  jazz  ibm  life  corporation  glue  recommendations  algorithms  heuristics  machine-learning  toli  machinelearning  data  database  collaboration  navigation  aggregation  search  network  social  long-tail  thinking  LongTail  networks 
may 2005 by amaah
a blog in inimitable pidgin english. "Before I start I go pose you question? You dey object say I dey write in pidgin?" Me constant say I dey aa, I dey have this nagging feeling say despite all wanna chaw talk, we no dey go anywhere. We no dey make any or
ghana  insight  language  thinking  Africa  wit  whimsy 
may 2005 by amaah

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