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A brief history of the toothpick
From Henry Petroski's new book, a look at the marketing that transformed a traditional medical practice, the chewing stick become a big business.
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october 2007 by amaah
Anatomy Lessons
Was someone somewhere considering reuniting Napoleon's tooth with Napoleon's toothbrush? Inquiring minds want to know. / I think to that incongruous image of a heavy bible dropping with vicious, but medical, intent onto my supine wrist.
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july 2007 by amaah
the scrunge era
Confirmation that I'm not the only one worried about the loss of smooth mint gel. We are indeed a tribe agitating against "the new formula." All we need is a manifesto, the scrunge era might do
rant  economics  business  marketing  whimsy  technology  snakeoil  HardSell  sales  TheNewFormula  backlash  pricing  strategy  loss  annoying  teeth  toothpaste  crest  brand  frivolous  fun  capitalism  commerce  Seinfeld  newformula  ObserversAreWorried 
march 2006 by amaah

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