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Is pinching-and-dragging less elegant than circling-and-lightly-caressing?
Humour  programming  software  Technology  observation  satire 
8 days ago by amaah
Cybersecurity is not very important
Furthermore, in both the cyber and the physical realms, the main vulnerabilities reside in people. Those creatures are not amenable to reengineering, and are only slightly amenable to reasoning and education.
Technology  security  BestPractices  social  standards  risk  web  internet  networks  humanfactors 
10 weeks ago by amaah
Roy Fielding's protocol that influenced HTTP2 and now 3
Design  http  web  Networks  Technology  Architecture  adoption  BestPractices  REST 
11 weeks ago by amaah
Markets Are Eating The World
Stretching to make blockchain a crucial technology
economics  Technology  History  adoption  coordination 
april 2019 by amaah
SQL Is No Excuse to Avoid DevOps
The Five Phases of a Live Schema Change

The running code reads and writes the old schema, selecting just the fields that it needs from the table or view. This is the original state.
Expand: The schema is modified by adding any new fields but not removing any old ones. No code changes are made. If a rollback is needed, it's painless because the new fields are not being used.
Code is modified to use the new schema fields and pushed into production. If a rollback is needed, it just reverts to phase 2. At this time any data conversion can be done while the system is live.
Contract: Code that references the old, now unused, fields is removed and pushed into production. If a rollback is needed, it just reverts to phase 3.
Old, now unused, fields are removed from the schema. In the unlikely event that a rollback is needed at this point, the database would simply revert to phase 4.
data  Technology  database  BestPractices  Development  Software  evolution  Design  Architecture 
january 2019 by amaah
HCL Technologies to Acquire Select IBM Software Products for $1.8B
A fall from grace, I had once posited that Connections would save IBM Software Group but the executives never believed in social software. It turns out that collaboration is a hard sell.
Lotus  IBM  Software  collaboration  Technology  decline  strategy 
december 2018 by amaah
Can satellite make science popular in Ghana?
He says the satellite will be used to monitor illegal mining, or galamsey as we call it. Galamsey guarantees the front page.
Ghana  Science  education  Technology  Africa  Culture  space  mum 
july 2017 by amaah
Can satellite make science popular in Ghana?
He says the satellite will be used to monitor illegal mining, or galamsey as we call it. Galamsey guarantees the front page.
Ghana  Science  education  Technology  Africa  Culture  space  mum 
july 2017 by amaah
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