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A Sign
Julio Duran's short story
literature  storytelling  peru 
september 2015 by amaah
Escape from New York
Zadie Smith imagines Michael Jackson, Marlon Brando and Elizabeth Taylor in the aftermath of 9/11. A road trip in a Toyata Camry.
literature  storytelling  fiction  culture  terrorism  MichaelJackson  pop  celebrity 
july 2015 by amaah
Skyscrapers and Everything
On Stevie Wonder’s “Living for the City” and the NYC Skyline
music  review  culture  city  newyork  StevieWonder  appreciation  virtuosity  storytelling  soul 
june 2015 by amaah
I Killed Pol Pot: How The Free Press Brought Pol Pot to Justice
I took that for a no, and put Pol Pot’s teeth back into the mouth of his dead corpse. I regret to this day I didn’t insist on just taking Pol Pot’s teeth.
journalism  cambodia  culture  observation  perception  storytelling  history  youth  media 
april 2015 by amaah
When did you get hooked?
John Lanchester reviews ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ by George R.R. Martin and ‘Game of Thrones’
fantasy  politics  storytelling  appreciation  literature  writing  culture  review 
october 2013 by amaah
First Lines to Richard Stark's Parker Books
When the guy with the asthma finally came in from the fire escape, Parker rabbit-punched him and took his gun away.
craft  storytelling  creativeprocess  literature  fiction  writing 
january 2013 by amaah
Alain Mabanckou : Lumières de Pointe-Noire
generous review of Mabanckou's latest work - a kind of memoir and return of the prodigal son
literature  Africa  memory  culture  Congo  France  observation  storytelling 
january 2013 by amaah
The Facts of the Matter
on the boundaries between fiction and non-fiction with rape as the connective tissue... flirting with taboo, obscenity, memory, morality and queasiness...
modernity  perception  observation  crime  identity  storytelling  literature  morality  culture  memory  fiction  rape  writing 
november 2012 by amaah
Dodan Barracks
coup literature Nigerian style... my own Ghanaian contribution is still brewing
observation  storytelling  story  memory  africa  culture  military  literature  coup 
june 2012 by amaah
Hitting Budapest (pdf)
Noviolet Bulawayo's story shortlisted for the Caine prize
literature  fiction  storytelling  youth  culture  observation  violence  filetype:pdf  media:document 
june 2011 by amaah
The Algerian and the Moroccan
lovely short story about young love ... melancholy itself or rather wist
storytelling  literature  love  memory  algeria  Morocco  youth  wist  melancholy 
june 2011 by amaah
The miraculous discovery of Psammetichus I by Daniel Mason
Daniel is in fine form, erudition on display and tongue firmly in cheek
literature  storytelling  story  humour  egypt  philosophy 
may 2011 by amaah
Everything you wanted to know about "Memento"
revisiting the tangled web of Christopher Nolan's Memento
film  analysis  cinema  storytelling  puzzle  memory  movie 
july 2010 by amaah
Proverb Speaking As A Creative Process: The Akan Of Ghana
essentially a chapter of Kwesi Yankah's famous dissertation: The Proverb in the Context of Akan Rhetoric
language  proverbs  Akan  culture  knowledge  creativeprocess  linguistics  storytelling  Ghana  Africa  research 
march 2010 by amaah
The City Will Love You
Nii Ayikwei Parkes shares memory of Ghana must go... My memories of my father began in 1983, when he was expulsed from Nigeria with 1.1 million other Ghanaians.
literature  storytelling  writing  memory  Ghana  Africa  GhanaMustGo 
august 2009 by amaah
African Cities Reader
essays on the city in Africa and beyond... There's a little license as Teju adds a piece on Rome... Jeremy Weate's Lagos map is thoroughly thought-provoking
Africa  literature  city  culture  observation  travel  storytelling  perception  architecture  via:tejucole 
july 2009 by amaah
Nineteen Days
The costs of Tiananmen Square... Writing an epic poem entitled Massacre won't endear you to the Chinese authorities, indeed prison seems a foregone conclusion.
memory  China  death  massacre  blood  history  politics  humanrights  justice  values  writing  storytelling  courage  resistance 
july 2009 by amaah
The Man in the Travel Trailer by Andre Kaminski
delightful short story about memory, sanity, guilt and the war, world war II
literature  storytelling  story  memory  Poland  Germany  war  guilt  culture  history  observation 
july 2009 by amaah
Some Thoughts on the Lost Art of Reading Aloud
But listening aloud, valuable as it is, isn’t the same as reading aloud. Both require a great deal of attention. Both are good ways to learn something important about the rhythms of language. But one of the most basic tests of comprehension is to ask someone to read aloud from a book. It reveals far more than whether the reader understands the words. It reveals how far into the words — and the pattern of the words — the reader really sees.
reading  sharing  writing  words  storytelling  comprehension  literature  culture  perception  observation 
may 2009 by amaah
West African Journeys
A portrait of a fishing village near Freetown, Sierra Leone. From Mami Wata and belief systems, to complaints about fish stocks depleted by foreign trawlers (the Chinese trawlers that scoop up fish at night) to simply the delight of bringing in the catch. The lives of fishermen.
culture  fishing  observation  tradition  Africa  SierraLeone  economics  storytelling  belief  modernity  filetype:mp3  media:audio 
may 2009 by amaah
That's Mine by Elizabeth Noftle
A book about people's prized possessions as evidenced by their photos on Flickr. I contributed my Abacha watch. It's interesting to see the owners contrasted with the possessions. A free download.
photography  memory  culture  pop  identity  flickr  art  history  storytelling  books 
may 2009 by amaah
'Mami Wata' - At National Museum of African Art, a Diva of the Deep
exhibition on Mami Wata as intepreted through the ages... I wonder if they also have a soundtrack for the paintings. if not I suggest Sir Victor Uwaifo's Guitar Boy - ostensibly written after he thought he saw Mami Wata "Guitar Boy, If you see Mami Wata oh, Never, never run away'
myth  superstition  Africa  culture  storytelling  art  review  mythology  folklore  history  tradition  iconography 
april 2009 by amaah
Poetry as Cultural Memory
reading Kwesi Brew's take on Ghana's Philosophy of Survival... social living is the best..
We are the punch bag of fate
on whom the hands of destiny wearies
and the show of blows gradually lose
their viciousness on our patience
poetry  literature  criticism  review  appreciation  culture  observation  memory  griots  griot  Ghana  Africa  KwesiBrew  myth  storytelling  history  SocialLiving  toli 
march 2009 by amaah
Voyagers and voyeurs: Supporting asynchronous collaborative visualization
mechanisms for asynchronous collaboration in the context of information visualization, recasting visualizations as not just analytic tools, but social spaces. Martin Wattenberg's research on the stories we tell about data and how we visualize it. Man, I miss the Cambridge office
collaboration  visualization  technology  software  storytelling  annotation  social  web  internet  communication  communities  interaction  design  narration  data  exploration  analysis  research  observation  culture  usability  humanfactors 
january 2009 by amaah
Mind, hands, and heart: John Leeke on Internet video for sharing knowledge about historic home preservation
fascinating interview about collaboration and the irrepressible compulsion to share, annotate and document. Tacit and implicit knowledge becoming practical. Udell and Leeke riff on opacity and transparency, comprehension and learning, participation and control - what's not to like. "This is the heart side of the work that the industrial revolution leaves out. It boils everything down to mind and hand, and leaves out the heart. That is the heart side, when you drive by those buildings you helped restore, last month or last year or 20 years ago."
lowendtheory  collaboration  technology  software  video  social  media  knowledge  interview  process  annotation  learning  education  craft  carpentry  web  internet  memory  tacit  preservation  history  transparency  opacity  communities  participation  control  culture  publishing  storytelling  production  practice 
december 2008 by amaah
The Fiction of Development: Literary Representation as a Source of a Source of Authoritative Knowledge (pdf)
storytelling as a better marker of knowledge... But what about metaphor, I ask? Are Conrad's metaphors on Congo and darkest Africa objectively better than the prosaic reality? The paper's argument is weakened by the deft choice of examples - and fairly easily refuted by counter-example.
knowledge  authority  literature  research  representation  storytelling  narrative  metaphor  observation  culture  perception  filetype:pdf  media:document 
november 2008 by amaah
Interview with David Simon
We don’t belong there and we don’t need the kind of money or the level of zeitgeist required to belong there. We hang out in the Baltimores of the world, writing what we want to write about and never keeping one eye on whether or not it could sell as much as a drama that had, say, more white faces, more women with big tits, and more stuff that blows up or squirts blood real good.
TheWire  writing  tv  Baltimore  USA  observation  culture  crime  organization  storytelling  DavidSimon  journalism  media  drugs  interview  wire  television  society  entertainment  politics 
august 2008 by amaah
Why Didn't We Listen to Their War Stories?
bemoaning the US' selective amnesia about world war I and how it is ignored presumably because the narrative isn't heroic, no triumph over adversity, the bad guys weren't Nazi or the south. fodder for a piece on cultural blindspots and historical memory.
war  history  amnesia  USA  memory  culture  storytelling  trauma  marketing  zeitgeist 
may 2008 by amaah
The guilty vicarage: Notes on the detective story, by an addict, By W.H. Auden
The interest in the thriller is the ethical and eristic conflict between good and evil, between Us and Them. The interest in the study of a murderer is the observation, by the innocent many, of the sufferings of the guilty one. the dialectic of innocence
literature  crime  detective  writing  storytelling  review 
may 2008 by amaah
Mallam Sile
One of the short stories from Mohammed Naseehu Ali's Prophet of Zongo Street... A side of Ghanaian literature one doesn't see often, one vaguely influenced by Islam, but it's our usual framework: tradition meets modernity in urban slums.
literature  fiction  storytelling  Ghana  Africa  culture  observation 
may 2008 by amaah
Rigorous honesty
a country with a spiritual sickness based on self-interest. A country that is constitutionally incapable of being honest with itself, infected with a destructive muscular form of capitalism as cultural self-will run riot.
USA  culture  observation  tv  TheWire  alcohol  storytelling  DavidSimon  Baltimore  urban  policy  media  journalism 
may 2008 by amaah
Socks Ball
a cloud of moving chaos. They were loudmouthed too, the boys. Insults catapulted from their mouths like spat phlegm. All in the basest Ga, the language they dreamed in but were forbidden to speak at school. "Your head like calabash."
literature  fiction  writing  storytelling  Ghana  Ga  Accra  Africa  youth  memory 
october 2007 by amaah
Dashiell Hammett: Let's Talk About the Black Bird
An appreciation of the creator of The Continental Op and Sam Spade and the spare, hardboiled noir genre.
review  appreciation  hammett  noir  hardboiled  crime  USA  mystery  writing  storytelling  observation 
october 2007 by amaah
The Glenmutchkin Railway
The following tale appeared in "Blackwood's Magazine" for October, 1845. It was intended by the writer as a sketch of some of the more striking features of the railway mania (then in full progress throughout Great Britain), as exhibited in Glasgow and Edi
bubble  technology  adoption  mania  transportation  observation  humour  satire  networks  investment  history  rail  economics  strategy  systems  storytelling 
september 2007 by amaah
"Secondhand" doc film by Shell & Bertozzi - a slideshow
Slideshow from Hanna Rose Shell and Vanessa Bertozzi's wonderful documentary Secondhand (Pepe). The intertwined stories of Jewish immigrant rag pickers with the present-day story of "pepe" secondhand used clothing in Haiti and the USA.
textiles  commerce  clothing  globalization  economics  Haiti  documentary  film  development  recycling  observation  storytelling  visualization  urban  city  modernity  USA  Europe  Caribbean  photography  travel  video  movies  virtuosity  collage  markets  ModernTravellers 
july 2007 by amaah
The Streets of Haiti (Video)
brilliant visual montage from Hanna Rose Shell and Vanessa Bertozzi's wonderful documentary Secondhand (Pepe). The intertwined stories of Jewish immigrant rag pickers with the present-day story of "pepe" secondhand used clothing in Haiti and the USA.
textiles  commerce  clothing  globalization  economics  Haiti  documentary  film  development  recycling  observation  storytelling  visualization  urban  city  modernity  USA  Europe  Caribbean  photography  travel  video  movies  virtuosity  collage  markets  ModernTravellers  filetype:mov  media:video 
june 2007 by amaah
Textiles: Social Fabric & Secondhand Media
Secondhand (Pepe) is a 30-minute experimental documentary about used clothing. The historical memoir of a Jewish immigrant rag picker intertwines with the present-day story of "pepe" — secondhand clothing that flows from North America to Haiti. the mate
textiles  commerce  clothing  globalization  economics  haiti  documentary  film  development  recycling  observation  storytelling  visualization  urban  city  modernity  USA  Europe  travel  markets  Caribbean  ModernTravellers  photography  video  movies  virtuosity  collage 
february 2007 by amaah
On Napoleon's Tooth (A cab ride from heaven)
"Funniest trip I ever had to make," said the taxi driver. "So I gets a call on me wireless, an' 'e says; 'Ere, I've got one for you. Yeah, you're gonna like this one, I want you to go to this address, in Kensington, pick up Napoleon's tooth and take it to
life  humour  street  London  taxi  Napoleon  SmallThings  storytelling  story  culture  cockney  fun  funny  zingers  dentist  ebay  England  language 
june 2006 by amaah
"Oh they had themselves a field day of collateral damage... Angola is a state of mind"... and a B-movie starring Jonas Savimbi and Ronald Reagan.
Angola  Africa  Marburg  Ebola  Congo  Savimbi  Reagan  politics  war  history  rogues  neocons  waste  loss  Mobutu  USA  JamesEllroy  literature  perception  image  hardboiled  paranoia  documentary  storytelling  Abramoff  b-movie  HeartOfDarkness  ThingsFallApart  toli  writing  GreatGame  observation  America  RonaldReagan  JonasSavimbi  noir 
april 2006 by amaah
Keeping a Moroccan Tradition Alive, One Tale at a Time
The oral tradition lives on... On contemporary storytellers in Morocco
storytelling  language  voice  Morocco  Africa  culture  tradition  history 
february 2006 by amaah
Catford Bridge
Part 1 of the London's Got Soul trilogy... Some action-packed travel journalism
London  Catford  travel  journalism  life  photo  essay  storytelling  fun  whimsy  soul  fight  observation  perception  SouthLondon  CatfordBridge  mishaps  culture  England  toli 
july 2005 by amaah
The Joy Of Small Things
"Someone started calling the furniture Weapons of Mass Destruction."
life  happiness  children  babies  cousins  aunts  family  scramble  conversation  airlines  buses  plans  SmallThings  NewYork  NewJersey  whimsy  funny  travel  journalism  storytelling  shopping  joy  food  jollof  Ghana  toli  airline 
july 2005 by amaah
Deadwood and the Web Application Leap
A spaghetti western in the technology world set in the town of Deadwood, Wild West, USA. 6 million ways to die: choose one.
whimsy  web  technology  adoption  standards  browser  software  satire  history  BestPractices  wit  parable  deadwood  story  storytelling  programming  programmability  design  patterns  movies  spaghetti  westerns  rest  microsoft  netscape  mozilla  lotus  ibm  strategy  ClintEastwood  toli 
may 2005 by amaah
Not tonight honey, I'm having idempotency issues...
They found a solution that worked, that made the client say "Hey neat, that does what I want and it looks cool". The client doesn't care if it's a button or a link. The client really doesn't care if it's a RESTful interface or a SOAP RPC interface. They m
technology  adoption  standards  html  forms  software  button  xforms  web  BestPractices  story  storytelling  programming  design  patterns  rest  google  strategy 
may 2005 by amaah
The Unloved HTML Button and Other Folktales
A long, long time ago in a far, far-away land, there lived an HTML Button. It lived happily with its parents, Mr HTML and Mrs Form, and its siblings: the older brother Text Entry Box and younger sisters, Drop-down List and Radio Button...
transportation  rail  whimsy  technology  adoption  standards  html  forms  software  button  xforms  web  satire  history  BestPractices  wit  parable  story  storytelling  programming  design  patterns  hyphens  delimiters  railroads  trains  rest  google  strategy  zingers  hillary  hilarity  serendipity  ghana  toli  resource  modeling  resourcemodeling 
may 2005 by amaah

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