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Black America's musical links to Scotland
Those gaelic highlander folk got soul or is it the other way round?
music  musicology  black  us  america  scotland  gospel  singing  prayer  religion  roots  anthropology  culture  tradition 
june 2005 by amaah
The Beautiful Aburi Botanic Garden of Ghana
Recognizing a great haven which happens to be where my roots are seated
Aburi  Ghana  beauty  travel  tourism  roots  garden 
june 2005 by amaah
The Five-Bedroom, Six-Figure Rootless Life
Today's relos are the successors of itinerant white-collar pioneers of the 1960's, like the computer salesmen for whom I.B.M. meant I've Been Moved. They are employees of multinational industry: pharmaceutical salespeople, electronic engineers, informatio
usa  america  culture  economics  class  anomie  roots  suburbia  life  segregation  observation  perception 
june 2005 by amaah
The Roots + Floetry = Virtuosity
Illadelph Halflife Meets Ill London Flow. I Shall... Proceed... And Continue... To Rock The Mic. Everybody Is A Star. Adrenaline Boom! It's The Next Movement Duck Down Don't Say Nuthin' Broken Windows and Pimps in Chinatown
music  virtuosity  elation  exuberance  soul  hip-hop  jazz  funk  poetry  rock  Philly  TheRoots  Floetry  culture  appreciation  vibe  lyricism  dexterity  musicians  LivingColour  MilesDavis  Prince  CurtisMayfield  ChubbRock  VernonReid  Boston  urban  life  development  black  history  observation  sociology  BrokenWindows  concert  review  roots  Ghana  Chile  Uzbekistan  cambridge  toli 
may 2005 by amaah
On Blogging At IBM
There are already far too many emails emanating from corporate accounts with noxious disclaimers, clogging up mailing lists everywhere and causing comprehension problems. They are a public nuisance and there is no reason to add further disclaimers to the
blogging  ibm  policy  corporate  culture  lotus  law  freedom  history  communities  life  rules  risk  politics  economics  business  corporations  ghana  roots  tradition  technology  toli 
may 2005 by amaah
Koforidua Fever (or Naki does Ghana)
A visual introduction to Ghana - Strange Bedfellows - the photo essay aka "This Be Ghana - This Be Koranteng" and The Naki Portfolio aka Naki Does Ghana
Architecture  Africa  Culture  Humour  Journalism  History  Design  Art  Wit  World  Ghana  Memoir  Whimsy  youth  poverty  Zeitgeist  Modernity  fun  Development  Housing  toli  observation  roots  classic  wonder  city  travel  life  perspective  colonialism  Accra  photo  essay  photography 
april 2005 by amaah
The Roots - The Tipping Point
Black Thought transforms his voice and spits out a verse from the Wrath of Kane, done as the Big Daddy. I actually believed it was a sample until he threw in a few tweaks to the lyrics and then I realized that this madman had just done the impossible.
music  hip-hop  review  virtuosity  roots  toli 
april 2005 by amaah
The Toli Music Awards 2004
reviewing the music class of 2004 - winners:The Roots, Prince, Amel Larrieux, Jill Scott, Van Hunt and Fried
music  soul  funk  hip-hop  pop  afrobeat  toli  jillscott  theroots  roots  prince  bjork  AmelLarrieux  VanHunt  fried  AnitaBaker  antibalas  kanyewest  jay-z  AmpFiddler  ZapMama  AngieStone  lesNubians  Dwele  RoyHargrove  OrchestraBaobab  Donnie  jill-scott  virtuosity 
september 2004 by amaah

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