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Prince - LoveSexy Dortmund '88
the purple one at his peak... I have worn out the vhs of this show
music  soul  funk  rock  live  concert  virtuosity  prince 
may 2015 by amaah
Prince - When You Were Mine / If I had a Harem - LoveSexy Tour Dortmund
priceless for the guitar in If had a harem and the lyrics of course
humour  guitar  rock  blues  soul  virtuosity  prince  concert  live  music 
october 2012 by amaah
Meshell's Moods
I'll get to the whys, wherefores and textures of their sound but should get the hyperbole off my chest upfront. Simply put, Meshell NdegeOcello's band is the coldest band since The Revolution circa 1985.
music  soul  rock  funk  review  concert  live  appreciation  mood  virtuosity  MeShellNdegeOcello  meshell  toli 
november 2009 by amaah
Meshell Ndegeocello & friends perform in Seattle
The coldest band since The Revolution perform in Seattle - this is more laidback than the Oakland show which was fierce and emotional.
music  soul  rock  funk  meshell  concert  live  MeShellNdegeOcello 
november 2009 by amaah
Portishead in Portishead
Live in the studio. They are their own thing
music  live  performance  voice  mood  rock  hip-hop  virtuosity  electric 
april 2008 by amaah
Long live Prince's purple reign
the priapic purple enigma. He's in a trademark salacious mood, prancing around the stage and flirting with his microphone stand, his dancers, his band and his fans. He is coaxing extraordinary sounds out of his guitar (also purple). He is in complete cont
review  appreciation  music  Prince  soul  funk  rock  live  concert  virtuosity 
august 2007 by amaah
The History Behind The Circus
"Besides Dangelo's Voodoo, i'll say that my second favorite project from the 1996-2003 Electric Lady Studio period was the Electric Circus album." Questlove provides outtakes from Common's Electric Circus which should prove his neglected opus
music  review  appreciation  soul  hip-hop  rock  Soulquarians  Common  TheRoots  Questlove  vibe 
august 2007 by amaah
The Roots + Floetry = Virtuosity
Illadelph Halflife Meets Ill London Flow. I Shall... Proceed... And Continue... To Rock The Mic. Everybody Is A Star. Adrenaline Boom! It's The Next Movement Duck Down Don't Say Nuthin' Broken Windows and Pimps in Chinatown
music  virtuosity  elation  exuberance  soul  hip-hop  jazz  funk  poetry  rock  Philly  TheRoots  Floetry  culture  appreciation  vibe  lyricism  dexterity  musicians  LivingColour  MilesDavis  Prince  CurtisMayfield  ChubbRock  VernonReid  Boston  urban  life  development  black  history  observation  sociology  BrokenWindows  concert  review  roots  Ghana  Chile  Uzbekistan  cambridge  toli 
may 2005 by amaah

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