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Roy Fielding's protocol that influenced HTTP2 and now 3
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12 weeks ago by amaah
RFC 7230 - Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP/1.1)
finally revised.. kudos to Roy Fielding, Mark Nottingham and others... the basis of the web
http  web  design  protocol  architecture  rest  technology  software  networks  internet  bestpractices 
june 2014 by amaah
REST wins, noone goes home
hard to believe that this was written in 2006 but I think Bill was the epitome of prescience
rest  web  architecture  http  design  software  BestPractices  technology  systems 
january 2011 by amaah
Resources are Angels; URLs are Pins
I prefer to think of it as the mystery of the Holy Trinity... the catechist dodge is to simply say that representations are exchanged and to knowingly nod and refuse to answer when asked 'representations of what'... Fielding and Berners-Lee were wise to never define what a resource is exactly because the pragmatic response to that essentially existential philosophy question is 'who cares'
language  technology  web  philosophy  history  semantics  design  architecture  ArtfulDodge  REST 
march 2010 by amaah
SPDY Protocol (Chromium Developer Documentation)
First thought: for some reason they don't like middlemen.... Pity the caches... By using SSL they are reducing visibility to intermediaries... The compressed headers and connection multiplexing are good however there is more lost in the move to this binary rendering in the protocol. The downside of relaxing the layered constraint in REST is that you lose the entire ecosystem of caches in the architecture. The question is whether the gains outweigh the losses.
web  architecture  design  http  rest  constraints  internet  technology  protocol  development  middlemen  caching  intermediaries  tradeoffs 
november 2009 by amaah
Lessons of the Web
Ben Carlyle expounds on the paradoxes of the web... oldie but goodie
technology  web  BestPractices  software  evolution  adaptation  adaptability  extensibility  data  rest  html  architecture  http  design 
april 2009 by amaah
REST is UnAmerican
It's long been our belief that REST and Roy Fielding has been palling around with Hypermedia. He barely denies it. But, my friends, let me tell you that no washed up PhD dissertation will dictate our request/response. He says it, in his own words - he talks about 'constraints', he toys with the idea of a transfer of 'state'.
rest  humour  web  technology  design  Architecture  software  systems 
october 2008 by amaah
A basic Atom store ala GData - well without the full bore infrastructure but ostensibly good enough to first order... feeds, feeds everywhere
Atom  atompub  feeds  technology  REST  data  web  http  Design 
july 2008 by amaah
RESTful partial updates: PATCH+Ranges
John Panzer thinks it is worth it to introduce a new HTTP verb, PATCH, to deal with partial updates and synchronization. Not a bad approach modulo deployment concerns and recalcitrant intermediaries...
REST  http  web  technology  Atom  development  synchronization  semantics 
august 2007 by amaah
An Atom Publishing Protocol (APP) server and clien.The client is a Firefox plugin. The server provides a uniform way to store multiple feeds and manipulate them. interesting Atom store implementation with thoughts on data synchronization too. Hi Five!
atom  atompub  web  rest  software  data  restlet  synchronization  firefox  programming  feeds  glue 
july 2007 by amaah
Applications vs. W3C DOM
July 2003: The DOM is "Good Enough". The tools are now mature enough (especially Mozilla's tooling). They could be improved however. What matters most is the ecosystem around the DOM as a platform, the tutorials, the canonical applications etc. BUDS!
architecture  dhtml  dom  javascript  programming  technology  toli  web  BUDS  interaction  http  latency  design  strategy  software  BestPractices  rest  internet  interface  performance  uri  resourcemodeling  comprehension 
july 2007 by amaah
On resource modeling, intermediaries and deployment
thinking aloud about REST, resource modeling, caches, intermediaries, extensibility, deployment, http, how the linguistics of put are affecting the semantics of PUT, how the Atompub folk are the first Protestants of REST and more. Mailing list toli
rest  web  http  design  resource  resourcemodeling  caching  intermediaries  firewall  extensibility  deployment  modeling  linguistics  language  metaphysics  semantics  architecture  toli 
june 2007 by amaah
Innovating beyond the enterprise
Stuart Charlton says embrace the web style: Businesses are changing the way they arrange processes & resources. The "service network" is evolving into a web of resources and capabilities. Information assurance will be a major limiting factor
Technology  web  Software  information  data  security  control  participation  governance  uri  link  resource  modeling  rest 
june 2007 by amaah
The State of Proxy Caching
The good news is that the basics of URIs, HTTP connection handling and caching were not a problem; every implementation passed them with pretty much flying colours. The bad news is that more complex functionality is spottily supported, at best. I suspect
web  http  caching  rest  survey  research  internet  uri  technology  development  programming  BestPractices  standards  performance  Architecture 
june 2007 by amaah
RESTify DayTrader
View Sourcerer in Charge delivers another episode of Resource Modeling 101. I might just have to give him a new tag: Resource Modeler Emeritus?
resourcemodeling  rest  design  Architecture  software  web  internet  http  uri  technology  BestPractices  resource  modeling 
june 2007 by amaah
The challenge of resource modeling
The hardest thing about REST isn't the architectural style, it isn't the URI-space: it is the decomposition of the domain resource-space. resource-space decomposition is fundamentally hard. we don't have good notation and toolsets to assist the process.
rest  design  architecture  comprehension  uri  resource  modeling  hardproblems  complexity  insight  web  development  technology  naming  humanfactors  classification  resourcemodeling 
may 2007 by amaah
A New Way to look at Networking
video of Van Jacobsen's talk on networks. Great introduction on the history. Interesting insight on future trends also: architectural implications of the move to dissemination based networking from our current conversational model.
technology  networks  Architecture  Design  history  telecom  data  web  rest  mobility  internet  packet  caching  overlay  performance  research  insight  distributed  systems  communication  dissemination  mobile 
may 2007 by amaah
Crawl Before You Walk
It is striking that it is only in its fifth year of existence that a framework for building web applications is considering allowing bookmarking and might even use the HTTP GET method where applicable.
rest  technology  adoption  jsf  frameworks  design  architecture  web  http  forms  java  j2ee  platforms  rejection  pragmatism  resource  modeling  resourcemodeling  toli 
april 2007 by amaah
Java Server Faces (JSF) 2.0 proposal
5 years later and we finally see the following in the spec: "Allow for bookmarkable JSF pages. More broadly, if HTTP GET can be used, it should be used." I wrote that memo in 2002. Internalizing what it means to be on the web. Bookmarking, caching etc.
rest  design  jsf  frameworks  programming  web  java  sun  advocacy  standards  technology  uri  html  scripting  resource  modeling  resourcemodeling 
march 2007 by amaah
Atom Reference Implementation (ARI) proposal
What we've been working on... full credit to James Snell because it's fast. I'm glad I don't need to write the "Feeds are our destiny" manifesto, the code speaks for itself - a reference implementation of the Atom syndication format & publishing protocol
atom  web  rest  technology  software  java  feeds  ibm  apache  OpenSource  atompub  http 
may 2006 by amaah
REST vs. WS-*: A Parable
After a gospel and an elevator pitch Elliot Rusty Harold gives us a parable and an elevator repairman... I wonder if he's read the intuitionist
REST  http  humour  web  WS-*  technology  software  systems 
may 2006 by amaah
Tonic: A RESTful Web App Development Framework
"Tonic is a RESTful Web application development and Web site management PHP script designed to do things "the right way", where resources are king and the framework gets out of the way and leaves the developer to get on with it."
technology  software  framework  programming  http  development  web  php  rest 
april 2006 by amaah
The Gospel of REST
A nascent theology of REST: "There's a Reverend: HTTP... There are Four Horsemen: GET, POST, PUT, DELETE... There's Mary Magdalene and the disciples: HTML and Forms.. There's immaculate conception: the virtuous XML" etc
rest  parable  technology  humour  observation  toli 
april 2006 by amaah
On Coordination Costs and Human Factors
in which I present 3 postulates on coordination costs and the human factor as it relates to the adoption of technology and systems in distributed computing - There's also a nascent theology of REST, parables again
rest  design  architecture  technology  coordination  economics  web  humanfactors  adoption  comprehension  costs  theory  systems  software  leverage  language  data  jcr  jsr170  parable  analysis  networks  toli 
april 2006 by amaah
Standardizing the Content Repository JSR 170 White Paper, by Roy Fielding
Roy Fielding applies principled design to content repositories expounding on the philosophy behind the Java Content Repository
data  jcr  design  architecture  jsr170  web  REST  programming  development  filetype:pdf  media:document 
april 2006 by amaah
How To Design a Good API and Why it Matters (pdf)
Joshua Block's presentation on API design is a great resource. Someone needs to write a presentation as concise as this on resource modeling for REST to flesh out the elevator pitch. I sense a project.
software  java  architecture  design  development  programming  google  patterns  rest  todo  evolution  extensibility  modeling  resourcemodeling  filetype:pdf  media:document 
march 2006 by amaah
The REST Elevator Pitch
I consider HTTP a deliberately minimalist compromise, laissez-faire distributed computing if you will.
technology  rest  systems  software  design  architecture  advocacy  leverage  adoption  composition  tradeoffs  http  uri  xml  html  atom  web  toli  resource  modeling  resourcemodeling 
march 2006 by amaah
Resilience and Adaptability
The lessons of Reed and Bosworth lead us to Mark Baker's Principled Sloppiness: "the principled application of must-ignore style extensibility". "resilience" and "adaptability" on the one and a case of "sloppily extensible" and "forgiving" on the other.
technology  adoption  resilience  adaptability  sloppiness  strategy  design  patterns  web  change  extensibility  toli  evolution  rest 
february 2006 by amaah
Who Killed Gopher?
An extensible mystery - Rohit investigates the ascendancy of the web and http and theorizes on why it killed gopher. hint: extensibility, uniform interfaces, rest
web  history  HTTP  internet  design  architecture  adoption  technology  systems  REST 
november 2005 by amaah
Learning from the web
Adam Bosworth expounds on the patterns and lessons learned from the adooption of web technologies.
web  technology  comprehension  adoption  software  scalability  standards  REST  BestPractices  design  distributed  development  patterns 
november 2005 by amaah
RESTful web services
yet another presentation on REST - covers all the bases
REST  web  HTTP  technology  architecture  design  filetype:pdf  media:document 
october 2005 by amaah
REST versus Object-Orientation (and a little python)
Benjamin Carlyle starts off theoretical but comes to the conclusion that REST is just Good Design (tm) and Plain Old Distributed Computing... I suspect he's also a PITT.
rest  Design  Architecture  programming  web  verbs  nouns  object-oriented  BestPractices  technology  software  systems  addressability  uri  http 
july 2005 by amaah
REST - The Web Style
Slides to a talk I gave on Friday to the Lotus Workplace Architecture Board about REST (Representational State Transfer) and the web. An argument about an outlook on technology, on complexity, layering and leverage.
technology  rest  web  design  architecture  software  lotus  ibm  glue  strategy  patterns  adoption  systems  leverage  layering  comprehension  abstractions  simplicity  complexity  humour  neologisms  buzzwords  toli 
june 2005 by amaah
On The Limitations Of Notes On The Web
The question is, why did these web interfaces (of Lotus Notes) not get widely adopted?
technology  software  web  lotus  notes  ibm  history  strategy  organizations  adoption  decisions  iNotes  K-station  websphere  portal  rest  toli 
june 2005 by amaah
REST - The Web Style
Slides to a talk I gave on Friday to the Lotus Workplace Architecture Board about REST (Representational State Transfer) and the web style. An argument about an outlook on technology, on complexity, layering and leverage.
technology  rest  web  design  architecture  software  lotus  ibm  glue  strategy  patterns  adoption  systems  leverage  layering  comprehension  abstractions  simplicity  complexity  humour  neologisms  buzzwords  toli 
june 2005 by amaah
On Bleach, Entertainments, Forms, Atom, Kiss and Sexy MFs
Some ruminations on pragmatism, Bleached Unobtrusive Dom Scripting (BUDS), Forms, Atom, XForms, Glue, Infopath, "Entertainments", Kisses and the Sexy Mom Factor in Software...
technology  whimsy  bleach  entertainment  Forms  Atom  glue  language  kiss  dom  scripting  javascript  xforms  infopath  writing  music  fela  prince  black  mom  pragmatism  sex  bosworth  nigeria  ghana  congo  olomide  literature  GrahamGreene  software  ajax  toli  data  database  rest  BUDS  interaction 
june 2005 by amaah
PITTs: Naming An Aesthetic
A tongue-twisting tale of linguistic gymnastics On The Plain Old Distributed Computing Aesthetic, PITTs, Good Enoughers, View Sourcerers and TBDs, The Dark Matter of Technology, Polos, A Lotus Diversion, Radical Simplifiers and Anti-Monopulaters, TATs
technology  language  linguistics  systems  design  engineering  architecture  web  rest  british  history  WilliamPitt  politics  humour  neologisms  coinages  pitts  software  buzzwords  anthropology  zingers  lotus  ibm  music  soul  jazz  tennis  tv  toli 
june 2005 by amaah
Deadwood and the Web Application Leap
A spaghetti western in the technology world set in the town of Deadwood, Wild West, USA. 6 million ways to die: choose one.
whimsy  web  technology  adoption  standards  browser  software  satire  history  BestPractices  wit  parable  deadwood  story  storytelling  programming  programmability  design  patterns  movies  spaghetti  westerns  rest  microsoft  netscape  mozilla  lotus  ibm  strategy  ClintEastwood  toli 
may 2005 by amaah
Grease Monkey is to Web Services as REST is to SOAP
That said, I'm just a programmer: I don't understand your "initiatives," "business consultants," "vendor sports," or "enterprise systems." I was thawed out of a high school by your Business Men to code up some crazy web application. Your world frightens a
web  rest  design  greasemonkey  services  architecture  glue  rant  soap 
may 2005 by amaah
Designing a new protocol for the Web (pdf)
Roy Fielding's presentation on REST and waka a new protocol addressing some of the current limitations of HTTP. More useful for his lucid description of how the web was built.
web  technology  rest  architecture  design  pragmatism  resource  modeling  resourcemodeling 
may 2005 by amaah
Toli: Talk About Joining The Loyal Opposition, with Flow
James Governor gives a shoutout to the Toli and fellow travellers (James Snell and Uche Ogbuji) with whom coincidentally I've also recently (read just days earlier) connected...
technology  insight  appreciation  rest  music  web  redmonk  jamesgovernor  jamessnell  uche  koranteng  software 
may 2005 by amaah
Not tonight honey, I'm having idempotency issues...
They found a solution that worked, that made the client say "Hey neat, that does what I want and it looks cool". The client doesn't care if it's a button or a link. The client really doesn't care if it's a RESTful interface or a SOAP RPC interface. They m
technology  adoption  standards  html  forms  software  button  xforms  web  BestPractices  story  storytelling  programming  design  patterns  rest  google  strategy 
may 2005 by amaah
The Unloved HTML Button and Other Folktales
A long, long time ago in a far, far-away land, there lived an HTML Button. It lived happily with its parents, Mr HTML and Mrs Form, and its siblings: the older brother Text Entry Box and younger sisters, Drop-down List and Radio Button...
transportation  rail  whimsy  technology  adoption  standards  html  forms  software  button  xforms  web  satire  history  BestPractices  wit  parable  story  storytelling  programming  design  patterns  hyphens  delimiters  railroads  trains  rest  google  strategy  zingers  hillary  hilarity  serendipity  ghana  toli  resource  modeling  resourcemodeling 
may 2005 by amaah
Knocking heads on Google Web Accelerator
There is an architecture to the World Wide Web. Truly. Really. I kid you not, there is an architecture to this messy thing that we live on. This architecture was worked out in blood, sweat and tears in countless mailing lists over the past 15 years.
web  architecture  technology  rest  advocacy  standards  BestPractices  lessons  learning  adoption  html  foms  xforms  google  gwa  systems  toli 
may 2005 by amaah
I'm sorry, I can't kiss it and make it better.
Joe Gregario tells a parable about his son (and all those who don't believe the web has an architecture). Parenting lessons in microcosm.
technology  web  design  architecture  REST  google  GWA  BestPractices  patterns  lessons  resource  modeling  resourcemodeling 
may 2005 by amaah
Get On The Bus (aka Glue Layer People)
An open note to my some of my favourite loosely-coupled people. You may not all know each other but in my folksonomy I've tagged you as "Those who live in the Glue Layer", fellow travelers for whom composition is second nature.
technology  adoption  standards  systems  web  programming  design  architecture  glue  ESB  REST  SOA  bus  WS-*  glue-layer  services  whimsy  toli  Cambridge  life  Chinatown  music  movies  data  software 
may 2005 by amaah
Adam Bosworth's Web of Data (Powerpoint Slides)
Slides from Adam Bosworth's Web of Data talk. The web happened because it was simple, sloppy, had standards and could scale. Great articulation of the REST proposition but he wants that for data now.
web  technology  history  adoption  programming  complexity  systems  glue  standards  html  blog  atom  rss  simplicity  wire  format  REST  bosworth  kiss  data  database  resource  modeling  resourcemodeling 
april 2005 by amaah
Bosworth's Web of Data
Slides from Adam Bosworth's Web of Data talk. The web happened because it was simple, sloppy, had standards and could scale. Great articulation of the REST proposition but he wants that for data now.
web  technology  history  adoption  programming  complexity  systems  standards  html  blog  atom  rss  data  simplicity  wire  format  REST  resource  modeling  resourcemodeling 
april 2005 by amaah
The Semantic Knight - Monty Python REST joke
Semantic Knight: None shall pass without formally defining the ontological meta-semantic thingies of their domain something-or-others!
rest  web  humour  adoption  funny  soap 
april 2005 by amaah
The Dead Spec Sketch - REST parrots
The Dead Spec Sketch erstwhile of Monty Python gets new life in the SOAP-REST debate
rest  web  humour  adoption  funny  soap 
april 2005 by amaah
Monty Python REST joke
Nobody expects the RESTifarian Inquisition!
rest  web  humour  adoption  funny  soap  xml 
april 2005 by amaah
Adam Rifkin's state of the web address from last Xmas
technology  design  web  architecture  dhtml  dom  scripting  javascript  rich  BUDS  interaction  http  rest 
april 2005 by amaah
Radical Simplification
Sam Ruby expounds on shedding layers of complexity
technology  design  architecture  REST 
april 2005 by amaah
Constructing or Traversing URIs?
Joe Gregario continues his REST exploration with his bookmark service
web  technology  REST  design  architecture  resource  modeling  resourcemodeling  uri  http 
april 2005 by amaah
A REST Intervention
A dissent in 4 parts to "activity-oriented" Web Services and a contribution to the ongoing (never-ending?) debate on REST, web services and SOAP
REST  web  design  software  programming  architecture  Lotus  IBM  WebSphere  SOAP  technology  uri  identification  addressability  url  networks  standards  toli  resource  modeling  resourcemodeling 
march 2005 by amaah
Resource-oriented vs. activity-oriented Web services
Completely missing the point about REST and what it means to "be on the web"
REST  web  design  software  programming  architecture 
march 2005 by amaah
Reality is Corrosive
On Leaky Abstractions from SOAP all down the way to TCP/IP by way of HTTP, XML and DNS
web  http  REST  SOAP  xml  design  programming 
february 2005 by amaah
On rich web applications, AlphaBlox and Oddpost
In which we lay out the history of rich web applications at Lotus, IBM and beyond, present design patterns and articulate the theory of the rich web application and the Great Game of BUDS (Bleached Unobtrusive Dom Scripting) in the tangled web
DHTML  IBM  software  technology  toli  web  javascript  design  architecture  history  oddpost  REST  DOM  scripting  BUDS  interaction  BestPractices 
october 2004 by amaah

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