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Valuing Consumer Products By The Time Spent Using Them: An Application To The Internet
Based on expenditure and time use data and our elasticity estimate, we calculate that consumer surplus from the Internet may be around 2% of full-income, or several thousand dollars per user. This is an order of magnitude larger than what one obtains from
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march 2006 by amaah
The Impact and Implications of the Growth in Residential User-to-User Traffic (pdf)
Study of network usage patterns in Japan - takeaway: traffic is symmetric (read 2-way web); the distribution of heavy-hitters follows power law without a clear boundary between heavy-hitters and normal users
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february 2006 by amaah
On Recommendation Systems
From Amazon, through Audioscrobbler, Netflix and Ultra Gleeper, how do these glue layer, machine-learning heuristic and algorithm-eating Artificial Intelligent folks do recommendation systems and what should one make of them.
Technology  design  Architecture  Software  web  systems  social-software  socialsoftware  complexity  AI  services  recommendation  music  soul  funk  jazz  ibm  life  corporation  glue  recommendations  algorithms  heuristics  machine-learning  toli  machinelearning  data  database  collaboration  navigation  aggregation  search  network  social  long-tail  thinking  LongTail  networks 
may 2005 by amaah

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