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A "Palaver" of Flatheads?
What's good plural for the neologism, flathead aka those very serious neocons? A bungle of flatheads? a phalanx of phlatheads. a "pride" of flatheads. A "swarm" of flatheads. A pablum of flatheads. A 'frenzy' of flatheads
language  coinage  neologism  neocons  USA  zingers  rogues  politics 
september 2007 by amaah
Stroller entitlement [stroh-ler en-tahy-tl-muhnt]
- noun 1. Aggressive handling of a four-wheeled, chair-like carriage in public places, regardless of other people on the sidewalk, browsing in stores or lined up for coffee. 2. Refusal to leave carriage outside even when entering narrow, crowded spaces fu
observation  language  culture  neologism  behaviour  NoblesseOblige  privilege  rich  satire  humour  hatchetjob 
july 2007 by amaah
lamppost: verb. To lamppost someone is to sneak up in the middle of the night to the foot of their bed (typically along with willing co-conspirators), grip its frame and lift the bed up in a swift motion until it is fully vertical.
language  memory  neologism  tradition  behaviour  ritual  England  absurd  communities  lamppost  ObserversAreWorried  toli 
march 2007 by amaah
Huhudious (or Silly Season)
huhudious adj. an outrageous statement or a point of view or behaviour that beggars belief. close synonym to hubristic, breathtaking and preposterous, with the same notion of brazen, yet insouciant, arrogance on the part of the interlocutor. hoo-hoo-dious
huhudious  B-movie  life  humour  language  neologism  observation  satire  essay  rant  politics  economics  perception  culture  media  journalism  England  USA  America  Africa  hypocrisy  irony  Congo  Kabila  GreatGame  CoteD'Ivoire  Liberia  Ghana  Iraq  Iran  AbuGhraib  Guantanamo  StephenCambone  Gabon  EquatorialGuinea  China  Microsoft  Bongo  Putin  Kristof  Bolton  ThingsFallApart  toli 
may 2006 by amaah
Erustication and The Italian Job
erustication n: 1 Extraordinary Rendition to Uzbekistan, Syria or similar by the US government for the purposes of torture and intelligence "extraction". A program instituted by the CIA and pursued with increased vigour after 9/11. 2. The Full Bolton
erustication  extraordinaryrendition  CIA  neocons  rogues  torture  policy  usa  politics  excess  waste  bolton  ItalianJob  neologism  humanrights  Italy  B-movie  Berlusconi  Pinochet  grim  Chile  strangebedfellows  nixon  kissinger  iraq  war  terrorism  toli 
july 2005 by amaah

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