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Donald Trump Truly Has No Idea What He's Even Talking About
Donald Trump is one of the worst people his generation produced, a vain and vicious and relentlessly exploitive nullity. But there is something pitiable in watching him try to defend himself with the weapons he’s been given by the culture that created him. He opens his mouth to answer for what he’s done and finds that these silly, sordid questions are all he has.
Rogues  Language  comprehension  huhudious  Culture  USA  Politics 
22 days ago by amaah
Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir arrives in Khartoum
"The participation could have been normal and without a fuss, but Africa's enemies, Sudan's enemies and the enemies of peace-loving countries wanted to try and turn it into a drama, to prevent the president from important participations"
language  rogues  dictator  Sudan  Africa  huhudious 
april 2019 by amaah
Sudan says 'Africa's enemies' were behind Bashir arrest order
"The participation could have been normal and without a fuss, but Africa's enemies, Sudan's enemies and the enemies of peace-loving countries wanted to try and turn it into a drama, to prevent the president from important participations"
quotes  rogues  language  Sudan  dictator  huhudious  Africa 
april 2019 by amaah
Cast of grotesques grind out another day in Westminster’s Truman Show
The prime minister mumbled something almost unintelligible – English is her second language, bollocks being her first – at being proud of the expansion in the use of food banks. And that was pretty much that. Five more times the leader of the opposition asked an almost identical question and five times he got the same non-answer.
satire  England  Politics  humour  hatchetjob  rogues  culture  observation  perception  Europe  EU  democracy  hubris  huhudious 
march 2019 by amaah
Trend-surfing Alacrity
"He was impregnably armoured by his good intentions and his ignorance"
observersareworried  rogues  opportunists  Liberia  Sierra  Leone  huhudious  culture  observation  USA  celebrity  hatchet  job  useful  idiots  toli 
october 2014 by amaah
Twentysomething thoughts on opportunism
Consider a taxonomy of useful idiots: the ignorant, those who should know better, the reflexively-tribal, and the professional opportunists
rogues  opportunists  Liberia  SierraLeone  huhudious  culture  observation  toli  usa  celebrity  hatchetjob  observersareworried  usefulidiots 
october 2014 by amaah
Flat N All That
a lovely hatchet job on the mustache of understanding, Thomas Chutzpah Friedman
rogues  dubya  bush  literature  review  chutzpah  politics  power  usa  culture  hubris  buyer'sremorse  huhudious  hatchetjob 
june 2012 by amaah
The Case Against David Brooks, Man of the Privileged Few
We do have an oppressive privileged class. (Brooks should look around his dinner table some time.) For three decades, as the Congressional Budget Office reported last week, most of the wealth of this country flowed upwards into it. Over the past decade, that privileged class, without a peep from people like David Brooks, turned the American economy into a dog track, and it didn't matter a damn whether you went to college or didn't go to college, or whether you were having babies "out of wedlock" (Jesus, what a priss) or not. That privileged class enriched itself and to hell with the rest of us. "Disorganized social fabric"? Holy hell, people are just trying to keep from getting tossed out into the street and all he's got by way of an explanation is that too many people are getting knocked up and too few are going to college, even though we all woke up sometime in the autumn of 2008 and discovered that nobody had any fking money anymore.

Your Honor, the prosecution rests.
politics  hatchetjob  rant  huhudious  ObserversAreWorried  culture  usa 
november 2011 by amaah
The Story of Laurent Gbagbo
‘Gbagbo was born before shame,’ ordinary people in Abidjan used to say.
rogues  gbagbo  history  politics  ivorycoast  coted'ivoire  africa  huhudious  hubris 
may 2011 by amaah
Tearing up election results in Ivory Coast
the video is priceless... money quote: "The elections have been cancelled six times in the past five years."
rogues  election  ivorycoast  coted'ivoire  politics  africa  theatre  huhudious  humour 
december 2010 by amaah
Janet Orlando wins $1.4million for getting spanked at work
As I pointed out 4 years ago: "Her employer claimed it was just a camaraderie-building exercise."
huhudious  sillyseason  absurd  law  USA 
november 2010 by amaah
Due Compensation at Exxon?
Jon Swift is sorely missed... "Last year Exxon made the biggest profit of any company in history, due almost entirely to record gas prices. Do people think those gas prices just raised themselves on their own? Of course not. Raymond deserves the credit for coming up with the idea to raise gas prices and blame it on global supply and demand."
satire  humour  capitalism  greed  rogues  hatchetjob  huhudious  jonswift 
september 2010 by amaah
African Union row over Muammar Gaddafi's role
mum predicted last year that He of the Little Green Book would not want to step down... Why would you if you are King of Kings... funny to see this play out
gaddafi  hubris  libya  Africa  politics  huhudious 
january 2010 by amaah
Chantal Biya: the first lady of Cameroon
The hair does it... La banane is what they call it... Sean Jacobs called it the aesthetics of vulgarity... Does the rogue aspect of her husband and its attendant corruption increase the fascination with this force of nature? Imelda Marcos revisited
hair  huhudious  Cameroon  aesthetic  photography  celebrity  Africa 
april 2009 by amaah
Flat N All That
Just when you begin to lose faith in America’s ability to fall for absolutely anything—just when you begin to think we Americans as a race might finally outgrow the lovable credulousness that leads us to fork over our credit card numbers to every half-baked TV pitchman hawking a magic dick-enlarging pill, or a way to make millions on the Internet while sitting at home and pounding doughnuts— along comes Thomas Friedman, porn-stached resident of a positively obscene 114,000 square foot suburban Maryland mega-monstro-mansion and husband to the heir of one of the largest shopping-mall chains in the world, reinventing himself as an oracle of anti-consumerist conservationism.
hatchetjob  literature  takedown  review  globalization  USA  culture  huhudious  ObserversAreWorried  humour 
january 2009 by amaah
Lap dancing 'not sexual act' claims head of club organisation
said with tongue firmly in cheek I expect... a foot massage is not sexual either pace Tarantino... controversies ensue... Warr replied by asking: "How do you measure sexual stimulation. What is the definition of sexual stimulation?"
humour  sex  mores  huhudious  England  regulation  semantics  epistomology  ObserversAreWorried 
november 2008 by amaah
Alan (Not Atlas) Shrugged
Nobody wants to simply admit they made a mistake and disappear for awhile. Nobody even wants to use the weasel words: “Mistakes were made.” No, far better to pop right back up and get in the face of those who were savoring your absence. We should thin
observation  culture  USA  hubris  huhudious  buyer'sremorse  hatchetjob  ObserversAreWorried  politics  rogues  neocons 
september 2007 by amaah
Stiletto Race in Berlin: High Heels of Fire
The distance was 100 meters. The field was 100 women. The prize was €10,000. The setting was Berlin. And the shoes were stilettos. Compare to the downhill cheese race in England... traditions invented for silly season, the glamourous life
life  humour  silly  absurd  tradition  glamour  fashion  foolish  huhudious  Germany  sports  sillyseason  funny  social 
august 2007 by amaah
With Senate and Gonzales, Familiarity Breeds Contempt
"The department is dysfunctional... Every week a new issue arises... That is just decimating, Mr. Attorney General... The list goes on and on... Is your department functioning? What credibility is left for you? Do you expect us to believe that? Your cred
rogues  neocons  observation  USA  bush  politics  contempt  huhudious 
july 2007 by amaah
The Richest of the Rich, Proud of a New Gilded Age
The great fortunes today are largely a result of the long bull market in stocks, The market did not go up because businessmen got so much smarter, the 1950s and 1960s, which the new tycoons denigrate as bureaucratic and uninspiring, “were very good eco
Business  Culture  capitalism  USA  power  empire  charity  greed  aristocracy  rich  inequality  contempt  hubris  huhudious  policy  politics 
july 2007 by amaah
The talented Ms Shin (or how one woman conned her way into South Korea's cultural aristocracy)
Imagine an attractive and talented young woman who said she had an art history doctorate from Oxford. Vivacious and persuasive, she becomes the director of the Tate Gallery. She is exposed as a fake who failed to get a single A-level.
con  gremlins  grifters  fake  confidence  Korea  art  trickster  plagiarism  hubris  huhudious  FallenAngels  fraud 
july 2007 by amaah
Shaping Public Opinion for Coming War on Iran
Michael Gordon (NYT co-writer of Judith Miller) has another hate-Iran piece in the NYT: Berger left the White House, became spokesman for the U.S. military in Iraq only three weeks ago Gordon dutiful stenographs bomb-Iran propaganda, the accusation of di
hubris  USA  Iran  journalism  huhudious  Bush  Dubya  war  propaganda  policy  politics  strategy  hype  NewYorkTimes  neocons  rogues  inbreeding  bottomfeeding  groupthink  aristocracy  GreatGame  insight  observation  media  stenography  disinformation  misdirection 
july 2007 by amaah
How can Blair possibly be given this job?
I suppose that astonishment is not the word for it. Stupefaction comes to mind. I simply could not believe my ears in Beirut when a phone call told me that Lord Blair of Kut al-Amara was going to create "Palestine". I checked the date - no, it was not 1 A
hubris  huhudious  USA  Bush  Dubya  Blair  England  policy  politics  strategy  hype  ego  neocons  rogues  establishment  inbreeding  bottomfeeding  groupthink  aristocracy  decline  fall  Israel  Palestine  MiddleEast  FallenAngels  strangebedfellows  rant  hatchetjob 
june 2007 by amaah
Hubris 101: A Case Study
Ah Silly season. A case study for Hubris 101. Everyone in this story, from the individuals listed or quoted who floated the baloon, to the journalist that repeated the talking points, to the newspaper editors that printed it are huhudious, no more no less
hubris  huhudious  USA  journalism  Bush  Dubya  Blair  England  policy  politics  strategy  hype  NewYorkTimes  ego  neocons  rogues  establishment  incestuous  FallenAngels  strangebedfellows 
june 2007 by amaah
Analysis or stenography?
I noticed that In the 957 words that made up Helene Cooper's June 21 2007 article "U.S. Is Urging Blair to Be Lead Mideast Envoy", there was no mention of the phrase "Gordon Brown" nor indeed "next Prime Minister of Britain". Analysis or hubristic blather
hubris  USA  journalism  huhudious  Bush  Dubya  Blair  England  policy  politics  strategy  hype  rant  NewYorkTimes  ego  neocons  rogues  inbreeding  bottomfeeding  groupthink  aristocracy  decline  fall  FallenAngels  hatchetjob  toli 
june 2007 by amaah
Bubbly Boycott? Oh Please, Jay-Z, Just Chill
The rapper Jay-Z, who is now the president and CEO of Def Jam Recordings, has called for a boycott of Cristal champagne, which sells in the neighborhood of $300 a bottle, because his feelings have been hurt. Robin Givhan's great hatchet job as usual
hatchetjob  music  media  image  culture  sillyseason  huhudious  hip-hop  money  funny  boycott  usa  america 
july 2006 by amaah
Fed Raises Rates, but Scales Back Talk of Inflation
as predicted the first steps of huhudious loosening of the economic coffers. New policy directions indeed. Could it be that an election is coming in 5 months? can't claim surprise. I'm still singing the inflation calyspso "Prices rising higher & higher"
economics  politics  policy  strategy  rogues  huhudious  usa  inflation  election 
june 2006 by amaah
Pourquoi La Majorite De Congolais Ne Veulent Pas De Joseph Kabila
On the strange case of the so-called Joseph Kabila, a grifter of extraordinary ability. La réalité en RDCongo dépasse la fiction. Pour sortir le pays de cette fiction ou de cette réalité cauchemardesque.. le flou artistique qui entoure la vraie iden
Africa  Congo  analysis  politics  Kabila  rogues  GreatGame  Rwanda  con  grifters  hatchetjob  huhudious  history 
june 2006 by amaah
Abject Mendacity of New York Times Editors
Words fail me. Replace the opening paragraph with the conveniently-buried fourth paragraph. Would you have used the same strong title for the story? What kind of injustice is this? I give up on this world. Huhudious or silly season. Abject mendacity.
lies  mendacity  deception  outrage  editorial  decisions  NewYorkTimes  framing  israel  war  crime  Palestine  conflict  journalism  media  nyt  huhudious  HeartOfDarkness  TheRoughBeast 
june 2006 by amaah
Huhudious (or Silly Season)
huhudious adj. an outrageous statement or a point of view or behaviour that beggars belief. close synonym to hubristic, breathtaking and preposterous, with the same notion of brazen, yet insouciant, arrogance on the part of the interlocutor. hoo-hoo-dious
huhudious  B-movie  life  humour  language  neologism  observation  satire  essay  rant  politics  economics  perception  culture  media  journalism  England  USA  America  Africa  hypocrisy  irony  Congo  Kabila  GreatGame  CoteD'Ivoire  Liberia  Ghana  Iraq  Iran  AbuGhraib  Guantanamo  StephenCambone  Gabon  EquatorialGuinea  China  Microsoft  Bongo  Putin  Kristof  Bolton  ThingsFallApart  toli 
may 2006 by amaah
West Africa Road Trip (photo essay)
Geoffrey Hiller's wonderful multimedia photo essay on ghana Togo and Benin
ghana  togo  benin  photo  essay  photography  cool  Africa  culture  urban  life  poverty  spirit  music  great  art  documentary  city  huhudious 
may 2005 by amaah

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