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Heaven or High Water
She was very earnest, standing very close. I felt her beauty soak into me. “It’s Miami,” she said. “We are surrounded by water! There’s not a solution. But nothing is going to happen!”
environment  climate  city  decline  hubris  realestate  bubble  capitalism  ShellGame  culture  observation  USA 
april 2019 by amaah
Cast of grotesques grind out another day in Westminster’s Truman Show
The prime minister mumbled something almost unintelligible – English is her second language, bollocks being her first – at being proud of the expansion in the use of food banks. And that was pretty much that. Five more times the leader of the opposition asked an almost identical question and five times he got the same non-answer.
satire  England  Politics  humour  hatchetjob  rogues  culture  observation  perception  Europe  EU  democracy  hubris  huhudious 
march 2019 by amaah
When the smartest guys in the room go bankrupt?
The oddest was Younghoon Park, a Cornell professor who is on the list of Monitor’s top 30 creditors. Bankruptcy documents say Park is owed $44,949. But Park insists he has never done business with Monitor. He can’t figure out why they keep sending him letters.

“I would love to get some money for sure,” Park told me on the phone. “But I’m not part of this story. It’s very strange.”

OK, I thought. I get it. This is a story about brilliant people who think big thoughts but failed to master the little details that matter most, like who they actually owe money.
hubris  bankruptcy  economics  business 
january 2013 by amaah
Flat N All That
a lovely hatchet job on the mustache of understanding, Thomas Chutzpah Friedman
rogues  dubya  bush  literature  review  chutzpah  politics  power  usa  culture  hubris  buyer'sremorse  huhudious  hatchetjob 
june 2012 by amaah
The Mother Load
"I am a master of fiction. I am also the greatest crime writer who ever lived. I am to the crime novel in specific what Tolstoy is to the Russian novel and what Beethoven is to music. "

James Ellroy at his most modest
quotes  JamesEllroy  writing  crime  literature  promotion  hyperbole  hubris 
june 2012 by amaah
The Story of Laurent Gbagbo
‘Gbagbo was born before shame,’ ordinary people in Abidjan used to say.
rogues  gbagbo  history  politics  ivorycoast  coted'ivoire  africa  huhudious  hubris 
may 2011 by amaah
I think you’ll find that’s my line, Seamus
with a paragraph that could well describe the Nigerians during their oil boom or say the Russian oligarchs after the Soviet collapse... the poor Irish... For another, though, there was never any real threat to us from the Vikings. Broadly speaking, the financial community knew what they were up to. They were a bunch of foreigners with seemingly no clue what they were doing, more or less unlimited amounts of money borrowed from their local banks, a burning ambition to pick up iconic and prestigious business assets, and seemingly no concept at all of a fair or even reasonable valuation. People like that, one finds, are generally well liked in Throgmorton Street; you might have to put up with the odd economics lecture, but usually they’ll make it worth your while to hang on. Generations of such ambitious foreigners have breezed through the City, usually leaving with armfuls of previously unshiftable dogs and sans wallet. Come one come all, as long as you pay cash etc.
Ireland  bubble  shellgame  economics  finance  housing  debt  hubris  culture  England  observation  money  risk  crisis  decline 
may 2010 by amaah
African Union row over Muammar Gaddafi's role
mum predicted last year that He of the Little Green Book would not want to step down... Why would you if you are King of Kings... funny to see this play out
gaddafi  hubris  libya  Africa  politics  huhudious 
january 2010 by amaah
The Tower of Dubai
with the inflamatory subtitle: Peak of Megalomania.
dubai  architecture  construction  hubris 
december 2009 by amaah
The Mother Load
I am a master of fiction. I am also the greatest crime writer who ever lived. I am to the crime novel in specific what Tolstoy is to the Russian novel and what Beethoven is to music.
quotes  zingers  literature  hubris  JamesEllroy 
december 2009 by amaah
Capital Gains
On the moneyed elite of Dehli... all aristocrats are the same
culture  India  delhi  economics  observation  perception  money  class  aristocracy  hubris 
august 2009 by amaah
It’s Finished
There’s a problem: your liabilities now exceed your assets, by a cool £60,000. In plain English, you’re broke. In the language of accountancy, you are insolvent. You have met one of the two criteria for insolvency: your liabilities are greater than your assets. The other criterion is inability to meet your debts as they fall due. In British law, meeting either criterion makes you insolvent. It is a criminal offence to trade while insolvent.
banking  finance  hubris  bubble  depression  economics  debt  strategy  risk  crisis  England  USA  shellgame 
may 2009 by amaah
The Dark Knight
On Allen Stanford's $8 billion Ponzi scheme
rogues  crime  fraud  grifters  economics  ponzi  bubble  finance  USA  Antigua  hubris  observation 
april 2009 by amaah
The Spiral
Going Private's mashup of downfall (the film about the last days of the Third Reich) and the credit crunch...
economics  finance  humour  satire  bubble  collapse  debt  hubris  shellgame  funny  adaptation  movies  film  hitler 
february 2009 by amaah
The "Best Men" Fall
How Popular Anger Grew, 1929 and 2009... Steve Fraser, Locked into the Bailout State
anger  bubble  economics  crisis  USA  culture  history  depression  debt  excess  opulence  greed  finance  hubris  fraud  con  shellgame 
february 2009 by amaah
A call to account: In search of a Dickens or Trollope for our times
Now, above all, is the time for alert and ambitious novelists to make a killing in the City; to clean up at Canary Wharf. Stripped of its mysteries, the story-arc of the past decade – of expansion and explosion – stands revealed along straightforward, almost classical lines. Nemesis has duly caught up with hubris. Pride came before the fall. And, as the binge ends in crash, the hangover will last for years – for everyone.
observation  culture  crash  bubble  literature  decline  fall  writing  ShellGame  economics  hubris 
october 2008 by amaah
Alan (Not Atlas) Shrugged
Nobody wants to simply admit they made a mistake and disappear for awhile. Nobody even wants to use the weasel words: “Mistakes were made.” No, far better to pop right back up and get in the face of those who were savoring your absence. We should thin
observation  culture  USA  hubris  huhudious  buyer'sremorse  hatchetjob  ObserversAreWorried  politics  rogues  neocons 
september 2007 by amaah
The Flop Heard Round the World
"The word 'Edsel' became synonymous with failure," Look up Edsel in Webster's dictionary. "a product, project, etc. that fails to gain public acceptance despite high expectations, costly promotional efforts, etc." a tale of human folly, corporate arrogan
marketing  business  cars  USA  hubris  Design 
september 2007 by amaah
Jenna Bush, Engaged in A Tricky Role
Like a lot of celebrities, 25-year-old Jenna likes to have her fame when it's convenient and advantageous. the role of "celebrity" is easy to play. Selflessness and hard work are not requirements. The rules are simple. Dress well, smile for the cameras, a
celebrity  culture  USA  aristocracy  hubris  bush 
august 2007 by amaah
The Richest of the Rich, Proud of a New Gilded Age
The great fortunes today are largely a result of the long bull market in stocks, The market did not go up because businessmen got so much smarter, the 1950s and 1960s, which the new tycoons denigrate as bureaucratic and uninspiring, “were very good eco
Business  Culture  capitalism  USA  power  empire  charity  greed  aristocracy  rich  inequality  contempt  hubris  huhudious  policy  politics 
july 2007 by amaah
A really bad case of 'reality'
Welcome to the neocons' reality. Suskind's senior Bush aide was right all along. When an empire acts, it creates new realities — for better or for worse — and all the rest us are left to study those new realities. And, unfortunately, to live with them
empire  perception  neocons  rogues  observation  hubris  history  politics  USA  bush  CollateralDamage  decline  FallenAngels  ObserversAreWorried 
july 2007 by amaah
The talented Ms Shin (or how one woman conned her way into South Korea's cultural aristocracy)
Imagine an attractive and talented young woman who said she had an art history doctorate from Oxford. Vivacious and persuasive, she becomes the director of the Tate Gallery. She is exposed as a fake who failed to get a single A-level.
con  gremlins  grifters  fake  confidence  Korea  art  trickster  plagiarism  hubris  huhudious  FallenAngels  fraud 
july 2007 by amaah
Shaping Public Opinion for Coming War on Iran
Michael Gordon (NYT co-writer of Judith Miller) has another hate-Iran piece in the NYT: Berger left the White House, became spokesman for the U.S. military in Iraq only three weeks ago Gordon dutiful stenographs bomb-Iran propaganda, the accusation of di
hubris  USA  Iran  journalism  huhudious  Bush  Dubya  war  propaganda  policy  politics  strategy  hype  NewYorkTimes  neocons  rogues  inbreeding  bottomfeeding  groupthink  aristocracy  GreatGame  insight  observation  media  stenography  disinformation  misdirection 
july 2007 by amaah
How can Blair possibly be given this job?
I suppose that astonishment is not the word for it. Stupefaction comes to mind. I simply could not believe my ears in Beirut when a phone call told me that Lord Blair of Kut al-Amara was going to create "Palestine". I checked the date - no, it was not 1 A
hubris  huhudious  USA  Bush  Dubya  Blair  England  policy  politics  strategy  hype  ego  neocons  rogues  establishment  inbreeding  bottomfeeding  groupthink  aristocracy  decline  fall  Israel  Palestine  MiddleEast  FallenAngels  strangebedfellows  rant  hatchetjob 
june 2007 by amaah
Hubris 101: A Case Study
Ah Silly season. A case study for Hubris 101. Everyone in this story, from the individuals listed or quoted who floated the baloon, to the journalist that repeated the talking points, to the newspaper editors that printed it are huhudious, no more no less
hubris  huhudious  USA  journalism  Bush  Dubya  Blair  England  policy  politics  strategy  hype  NewYorkTimes  ego  neocons  rogues  establishment  incestuous  FallenAngels  strangebedfellows 
june 2007 by amaah
Analysis or stenography?
I noticed that In the 957 words that made up Helene Cooper's June 21 2007 article "U.S. Is Urging Blair to Be Lead Mideast Envoy", there was no mention of the phrase "Gordon Brown" nor indeed "next Prime Minister of Britain". Analysis or hubristic blather
hubris  USA  journalism  huhudious  Bush  Dubya  Blair  England  policy  politics  strategy  hype  rant  NewYorkTimes  ego  neocons  rogues  inbreeding  bottomfeeding  groupthink  aristocracy  decline  fall  FallenAngels  hatchetjob  toli 
june 2007 by amaah
Liz Hunt - Plagiarism Exchange
Thank you for your letter which was forwarded to me by the Letters Editor. I have waited until this evening after deadline - when I had a clear desk and clearer head - to reply to your email which I take very serioulsy and which has caused me some distres
plagiarism  influence  ideas  DailyTelegraph  Telegraph  journalism  blogging  theft  hubris  culture  attribution  appropriation  observation  rogues 
june 2007 by amaah
Bags and Stamps: a plagriarism in plaid
Perhaps these articles were separated at birth, comparing Liz Hunt's article in the Daily Telegraph to my original article... Judge for yourself. The Reporter and her ambition / Plaid bags and plagiarism
influence  ideas  fame  plagiarism  DailyTelegraph  Telegraph  journalism  blogging  theft  hubris  culture  attribution  observation  appropriation  rogues  toli 
june 2007 by amaah
A Plagiarism in Plaid
To the Editors (Daily Telegraph) I noted with interest that Liz Hunt's recent opinion piece — Immigrants have bags of ambition (June 2, 2007) — was a nice reworking of my April 13, 2007 essay, Bags and Stamps, published on my blog, Koranteng's Toli.
influence  ideas  fame  plagiarism  DailyTelegraph  Telegraph  journalism  blogging  theft  hubris  culture  attribution  appropriation  observation  rogues  FallenAngels  ThingsFallApart  bags  plaid  GhanaMustGo  Guyana  Trinidad  Mozambique  toli 
june 2007 by amaah
Daily Telegraph writer plagiarizes Koranteng's Toli
Well, well, well... We'll just say that she omitted to link and give credit for my toli. Glad to know that I have readers in high places... And on a piece about a high level plagiarism by Louis Vuitton. Not a bad remix for what it's worth. Fame! Profit?
influence  ideas  fame  plagiarism  Telegraph  DailyTelegraph  journalism  blogging  rogues  to_blog  theft  hubris  culture  attribution  appropriation  LizHunt  GhanaMustGo  plaid  bags 
june 2007 by amaah
On IBM WebSphere Portal Version 6.0
only notable for the hagiography on how portal came about and Big Lou's supposed prescience... goodness gracious someone needs to write an alternate history... this notion of top down mandates is so divorced from the reality of technology adoption.
ibm  history  software  technology  portal  Lotus  hubris 
april 2006 by amaah
Bullet From A Gun
The Toli Remix of Derek B's Bullet From a Gun, a hip-hop photo essay in the vein of South London's vibe. Part II of the London's Got Soul Trilogy.
London  DerekB  travel  journalism  life  photo  essay  culture  music  fun  whimsy  hip-hop  observation  perception  SouthLondon  art  collage  hubris  soul  hustle  flow  remix  toli 
july 2005 by amaah
Manifest Destiny
A savaging is in order... I read the rest of the article half expecting some Social Darwinist claptrap to emerge and it's quite close: Ignatieff's essay is simply Manifest Destiny revisited as farce.
ObserversAreWorried  buyer'sremorse  hubris  solipsism  cheek  chutzpah  blowhards  intellectuals  politics  academy  socialdarwinism  usa  Ignatieff  Friedman  america  exceptionalism  perception  narcissism  observation  rant  b-movie  toli 
june 2005 by amaah
Dabblers and Blowhards
This is about as great a takedown and deflating of Paul Graham that I've seen. How to savage someone in 100 words or less
technology  humour  writing  hatchetjob  hubris 
april 2005 by amaah

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