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Agbogloshie's catalogue (pdf)
Yasmine's take on Sodom and Gomorrah... very high concept

the slum is popularly called Sodom and Gomorrah, the literal garbage bin of the world where all our electronics go to die
ghana  slum  waste  technology  environment  slums  architecture  africa  garbage  accra  electronics 
november 2013 by amaah
Samsung 226BW flickers for a few minutes when powering on
trying to decide whether to buy the 3 capacitors to fix this or do like the typical consumer: 1 click at amazon and replace the whole monitor
troubleshooting  hardware  repair  electronics 
april 2013 by amaah
Refactoring Consumer Electronics
Bob Frankston is lucid as ever but has to spend a lot of time throat clearing and discussing language and semantics rather than the actual technology
networks  technology  telecom  communications  electronics  design  architecture  language  lowendtheory 
january 2013 by amaah
Sensing the Future - Inaugural Address
My brother's inaugural address at Delft University of Technology as Professor of analog interfacing and sensor design. Would that I had continued to follow his path in electrical engineering. The example he gives of how research into wind sensors led to innovation in temperature sensors. Call it serendipity perhaps or rather manufactured serendipity. We are all proud.
technology  engineering  materials  electronics  design  systems  innovation  research  video  chip  hardware  science  family  fifi  KofiMakinwa 
april 2010 by amaah
On MicroSD Problems
a hardware whodunit... investigating the murky world of counterfeit manufacturing of memory chips...
hardware  technology  economics  memory  engineering  manufacturing  counterfeit  electronics  forensics  business  china  process  systems  cool 
february 2010 by amaah
Vinyl Record Albums and Turntables Are Gaining Sales
the hip-hop aesthetic is still influential... 2 turntables and a microphone...
music  technology  hardware  electronics  distribution  economics  hip-hop  aesthetic  sound  youth  culture 
december 2009 by amaah
Japan's technology champions: Invisible but indispensable
typical Economist survey of the smaller companies that have cornered certain parts of the electronics manufacturing world. Damning with faint praise.
technology  manufacturing  Japan  economics  process  strategy  business  electronics  lowendtheory 
november 2009 by amaah
Tech Trend: Shanzhai
low end theory fodder... mobile phone entrepreneurship in China... a brew from which hardware innovation proceeds
technology  development  culture  economics  china  innovation  hardware  opensource  entrepreneur  competition  design  mobile  phone  cell  electronics  lowendtheory 
september 2009 by amaah
The Bright Picture at Corning
Corning's biggest engine for sales is the display business, which grew out of the original "glass" orientation of the company. high-quality liquid-crystal-display, or LCD, panels. fiber-optic cables and filters and ceramic to curb industrial emissions
economics  profile  Corning  technology  fiber  manufacturing  business  telecom  electronics  glass  overview  strategy 
august 2007 by amaah
Cheap Electronics Dissection Project
is it possible to build a useful computer with a development toolchain, for a price most of the world can afford (under US$20, ideally under US$10), small enough to carry around, that can run off cheap batteries, powerful enough not only for a self-hosted
electronics  technology  economics  china  gadgets  engineering  adoption  marketing  tradeoffs  hardware  thinking  olpc 
august 2006 by amaah
Resisting urge to download with the devil
via Noel the BarelyLegalProgrammer... Hell is a place crowded with people thumbing their BlackBerries, chattering on their cell phones, shaking their earphones to an iPod beat and surfing the Internet on their Wi-Fi'd laptops. Hell is a round-the-clock or
technology  culture  adoption  gizmos  gadgets  electronics 
june 2005 by amaah

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