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Spreading it thin
I discovered in 2003 that if the entire budget of the republic were allocated to only the Ministry of Education, we would still not have enough money to build and equip schools from kindergarten to universities, train and pay our teachers adequately and modernise education to make us competitive in the world.
Economics  Development  poverty  ghana  Africa  mum  policy  Politics 
11 weeks ago by amaah
We can’t disgrace yams
Why are we all not eating every day, fried yams, roasted yams, baked yams, yam mpotompoto, yam ampesi, yam fufu and all the other yam recipes my grandmother had?
farming  agriculture  Development  ghana  Africa  culture  Economics  mum  observation 
11 weeks ago by amaah
Watching Nigeria from afar
I once sat in on Nigeria Senate Budget hearings. Don’t now remember how and why the matter came up, but I certainly remember a Senator dismiss Ghana as having a national budget which was “less, much less than the budget of Lagos State”.
Nigeria  Ghana  Economics  politics  culture  history  Africa  mum  observation 
11 weeks ago by amaah
Markets Are Eating The World
Stretching to make blockchain a crucial technology
economics  Technology  History  adoption  coordination 
april 2019 by amaah
Too big to ignore
monopoly capitalism... more coinage capitalism
monopoly  capitalism  Economics  policy  history  observation 
march 2019 by amaah
America’s Signature Mode of Transportation Is High-Cost Rail – Hmm Daily
American infrastructure is this costly because of immense, endemic, universal public-private corruption—systems of both direct and financialized graft at every stage of infrastructure development, from the planning to the ribbon-cutting to the use of deferred maintenance to ransack public transportation budgets for cash, year after year, after which the responsible authorities
infrastructure  corruption  France  USA  transportation  ShellGame  Economics  Development 
february 2019 by amaah
GM white-collar job cuts: How layoff process is happening
spending a anxious part of the day monitoring Skype, knowing which of her colleagues weren't so lucky when she read, "Presence unknown" next to their name.
jobs  work  life  unemployment  Economics  GM  Business 
february 2019 by amaah
KFC drops bones, Colonel in upmarket restaurant 'eleven' move
rebranding apparently... but what about the Chicken bone theory
chicken  food  fastfood  bone  strategy  economics  taste 
january 2019 by amaah
Agricultural Dumping in the Chicken Sector: The Case of Western and Central Africa (pdf)
fodder for the chicken bone theory...

"Since the beginning of the 90s, chicken exports from the EU to coastal countries of Western and Central Africa have increased significantly. Those exports are usually made of frozen cut pieces, such as neck, back, legs, and wings. EU consumers trend to eat breast rather than whole chicken, and there is no market in the EU for others cut pieces, except for pet food. European poultry processing industry has the choice between pet food and export to poor countries at low costs, to sell those residues."
Ghana  politics  policy  economics  trade  Africa  Germany  agriculture  agribusiness  food  chicken 
january 2019 by amaah
Letter from Africa: How to get Ghanaians to pay their taxes
A modest proposal:
"So, instead of saying you can't have a drivers' licence, passport, free secondary school education for your children, or even go on dates unless you have a TIN number, the new rule should be, you can't get an undertaker, buy a coffin, dig a grave, keep a body in the morgue, have chief mourners and hold a funeral of any kind unless and until you can produce a TIN."
taxes  Ghana  Africa  Development  Regulation  culture  humour  observation  perception  Economics  informal  policy  strategy  satire  funerals  mum 
december 2018 by amaah
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