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...But The Melody Lingers On... by Elizabeth Ohene
Discussing the judges's murder and the PNDC junta's responsibility, The salient quote: "When is an action of a member of the PNDC an individual matter and when is it a matter for the Council?"
Rawlings  Tsikata  murder  violence  Amartey  Kwei  Kojo  Tsikata  blood  Talking  Drums  West  Africa  Ghana  news  history  culture  politics  journalism  media  dissent  toli  mum  talkingdrums 
january 2015 by amaah
All Available Indignities
He who tests the depth of a stream with both feet must be prepared to swim. - Ewe proverb, Ghana
tyrants  rogues  literature  quotes  history  dissent  anger  revolution  groups  organization  crowds  culture  observation  perception  zingers  tyranny  toli 
january 2011 by amaah
In Zimbabwe, dissent wears the mask of theater
They performed their political satire, "The Final Push," 12 times in two days at the station, while police and officers from the feared Central Intelligence Organization argued over what charges to press against the actors and fired questions about who ha
absurd  Zimbabwe  art  theatre  satire  repression  politics  Mugabe  rogues  dissent  Africa  culture 
november 2007 by amaah
Pushing the Boundaries of Political Satire in Japan
political satire flourished before Japan opened up to the West a century and a half ago. But as Japan caught up with the West and then went to war against it, the authorities equated political satire with antigovernment forces. As Japan began democratizin
satire  history  politics  Japan  mores  tradition  power  dissent  humour  authority 
august 2006 by amaah
Boycott and The Gospel of Toli
On Magdalene Propositions, the Prime Meridian, voice mail passwords, Big Blue, dark Satanic Mills, dissent, hatchets and cleavers, pleasant pastures, hymns, catacombs, Lotus, loyalty, balking and a boycott. Part 3 of the Boycott Day Trinity
password  absurd  security  people  process  bureaucracy  compliance  communities  Lotus  IBM  dissent  life  adoption  rejection  balking  comprehension  tradition  modernity  strategy  boycott  technology  geology  groups  organization  terraforming  evolution  DarkMatter  SmallThings  gospel  parable  voicemail  satire  toli 
june 2006 by amaah
Love it or leave it! (Exit, Voice or Loyalty)
"members of an organization have three broad choices about how to respond when the organization goes into decline. Exit - They can leave. Voice - They can argue for change. Loyality - They can remain silent and loyal." I say voice and view source
organization  communities  groups  strategy  dissent  groupthink  advocacy  politics  dynamics  insight  observation  tribes  usa  technology  demagogues  rogues  vietnam  iraq  nixon  neocons  decisions 
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