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An African in Guangzhou
The Africans and Chinese don't seem to be on particularly friendly terms. They keep their relations strictly business, with the Chinese staff selling to all comers, and the buyers haggling for better prices. Among the negotiations conducted in broken English, there is not any sound of laughter. The African buyers are incredibly diligent, single-mindedly doing the rounds of wholesalers from morning to night. As they size up goods, their eyes are the picture of intensity, and as soon as they complete a deal they stuff the goods into large vinyl bags with rapid movements. If they have too many purchases to carry, they call upon idle Chinese workers to deliver the packages, and then briskly continue to the next shop. Not once have I seen them killing time on the streets. Should they pass an acquaintance, the most they do by way of acknowledgement is to raise their hands, never interrupting their walking.
china  africa  markets  capitalism  trade  culture  observation  perception  language  competition  globalization  city  development 
january 2012 by amaah
Why is finance so complex?
on opacity in finance

A banking system is a superposition of fraud and genius that interposes itself between investors and entrepreneurs. It offers an alternative to risky direct investment and low return hoarding. Banks guarantee all investors a return better than hoarding, and they offer this return unconditionally, with certainty, without regard to whether other investors buy in or not.
finance  economics  banking  complexity  opacity  buyer'sremorse  depression  bubble  organization  markets  competition  transparency  networks  systems  design  capitalism 
january 2012 by amaah
Congolese wrestling
Colin Delfosse's photos of Congolese wrestling... compare to what we saw in Senegal in l'appel de l'arene
sports  wrestling  photography  culture  africa  congo  competition 
november 2011 by amaah
Chinese chicken farmers ruffle Zambian feathers
ohh. two of my favourite topics, chicken farmers and the Chinese in Africa..

"Simple," Mr Pan told me with a gentle smile, "because it is so much easier to make money here in Africa than back home in China."
china  africa  Zambia  economics  chicken  farming  entrepreneur  business  culture  competition  agriculture 
february 2011 by amaah
Jared Diamond - How To Get Rich
I bookmarked this in 1999 and have only finally gotten round to reading it... 11 years later... sigh
economics  culture  technology  money  history  adoption  retention  groups  knowledge  competition  communities  organization  innovation  invention  isolation 
january 2011 by amaah
Prospect Harbor Journal - In Maine, Last Sardine Cannery in the U.S. Is Clattering Out
ostensibly another piece about the decline and fall of American manufacturing, what got to me was the story of the woman who had been working for 54 years in this sardine cannery... 54 years!...In a sardine cannery! I can't get past this. Instead of seeing the triumph of the human spirit in this I am wondering about the soul deadening effects of most labour...
work  manufacturing  USA  life  decline  fall  industry  outsourcing  competition  capitalism  globalization  economics  food  production  via:nate 
april 2010 by amaah
Tattered French African empire looks toward China
"Why are we still here? By naïveté, by nostalgia, no doubt, out of solidarity with Africans. I think we're here because we've always been here. Nowadays it is the Chinese who are coming, and I guess we'll see," Barateau said with a sigh.
France  Chad  Africa  China  GreatGame  policy  politics  history  culture  strategy  investment  empire  power  competition  corruption  decline  fall 
december 2009 by amaah
Tech Trend: Shanzhai
low end theory fodder... mobile phone entrepreneurship in China... a brew from which hardware innovation proceeds
technology  development  culture  economics  china  innovation  hardware  opensource  entrepreneur  competition  design  mobile  phone  cell  electronics  lowendtheory 
september 2009 by amaah
Network Neutrality, Search Neutrality, and the Never-ending Conflict between Efficiency and Fairness in Markets (pdf)
Some more musings by Odlyzko... This pithy table of the Value of bits: Approximate price per megabyte of various services makes a great point about price discrimination. Also interesting anecdotes from the history of railways
Service / Revenue per MB
Wireless texting $1,000.00
Wireless voice 1.00
Wireline voice 0.10
Residential Internet 0.01
Backbone Internet 0.0001
networks  economics  systems  telecom  statistics  analysis  technology  coordination  policy  strategy  competition  pricediscrimination  pricing  optimization  business  lowendtheory  filetype:pdf  media:document 
august 2009 by amaah
China draws skilled Chinese back home
Much like the Indians... Many who migrated to the U.S. are returning to an economy that offers richer career opportunities.
China  immigration  economics  strategy  competition  development 
february 2009 by amaah
What Do You Think of Ted Williams Now?
a look at the life of a driven man, Ted Williams, competitor extraordinaire
profile  appreciation  sports  observation  biography  USA  baseball  competition  drive  rage  anger  motivation 
december 2008 by amaah
A Catfish by Any Other Name
On the ascendancy of Vietnamese catfish... ah capitalism
fish  agriculture  agribusiness  Vietnam  USA  China  history  food  economics  business  competition  taste 
october 2008 by amaah
Bus firm calls online car pool illegal service
great example of the kind of coordination afforded by the web - bring together people that could collaborate or pool resources (market making for car sharing) for a price. Competing bus firms cry foul about safety and insurance concerns.
transportation  disintermediation  coordination  economics  networks  internet  Canada  law  bus  competition  regulation  markets 
august 2008 by amaah
Susu collectors call for formal recognition
informal sector actors and their intersection with banking... Note that "they had put in place software to monitor members so that the public would continue to trust their operations" - also note competition with communication centres and barbers' saloon
susu  banking  economics  tradition  microfinance  marketing  organization  informal  competition  adjacencies  regulation  Ghana  Africa  adoption 
july 2008 by amaah
Japan Fights Crowds of Crows
the crows have proven clever at foiling human efforts to control them. In Kagoshima, they are even trying to outsmart the Crow Patrol. The birds have begun building dummy nests as decoys to draw patrol members away from their real nests.
adaptation  birds  wildlife  nature  intelligence  garbage  competition  Japan  environment  policy  strategy  disruption  infrastructure 
may 2008 by amaah
The Rise of Ghana’s Pineapple Industry
Little-known fact about Koranteng, I am a failed pineapple farmer, moreover I failed at a time when pineapple farming was taking off in Ghana! A nice working paper about the history of pineapple farming in Ghana
agriculture  agribusiness  Ghana  Africa  competition  development  research  adoption  adaptability  farming  strategy  BestPractices 
april 2008 by amaah
Telecoms in India | Full-spectrum dominance
The operators added more than 8m mobile-phone subscribers in October, bringing the total to over 217m. India has met its ambitious target, set two years ago, of 250m fixed and mobile-phone connections.
networks  telecom  technology  mobile  development  adoption  India  competition 
november 2007 by amaah
The hopeless blight on our strawberries
"Think of it as an hourglass on its side, You've got thousands of farmers on one side, and consumers on the other. In the middle, there's a bottleneck." The perilous economics of perishable goods, scale and standardization
agriculture  economics  farming  marketing  distribution  coordination  food  competition  via:bhyde 
october 2007 by amaah
How Malawi went from a nation of famine to a nation of feast
Malawi has broken with an orthodoxy long advocated by Western donor nations: The impoverished country has gone back to subsidizing poor farmers.The subsidies have been a raging success.
agriculture  economics  policy  Malawi  Africa  competition  subsidies 
october 2007 by amaah
The flooding of Ghana’s market with European tomatoes
More fodder for the chicken bone theory piece... this time it is tomatoes (subsidized in the EU) that are dumped in Ghana. Incidentally, Ghana is the 2nd largest importer of tinned tomatoes in the world (followed by Germany). the facts I remember, sigh...
agriculture  ghana  agribusiness  economics  strategy  competition  business  tomato 
october 2007 by amaah
Alfred Sloan was right
The thesis: the domestic auto industry’s corporate-centric structure stands in the way of its success. Only by looking to the past and giving its divisions a degree of autonomy can U.S. automakers hope to thrive. But what about pensions I ask?
cars  business  strategy  USA  GM  Ford  economics  decentralization  organization  disruption  competition 
september 2007 by amaah
Senegal: Finding Opportunities Through Cheap Chinese Goods
The organization is lobbying the Senegalese government to obtain "reciprocity" from China. In short,they want Senegalese traders to be able to open shops, settle and do business in China as easily as their Chinese counterparts do in Senegal.
China  Africa  development  economics  business  entrepreneur  Senegal  adaptation  competition  markets  trade 
august 2007 by amaah
Will generics pillage profit?
cognitive dissonance alert: the print title,"will generics pillage profit?" is directly opposed to the current web title, "As biotech patents run out, innovation and competition may thrive". how the biotech industry lobbies for further patent "protection"
biotech  genetics  economics  business  lobby  patents  USA  technology  law  regulation  governance  capitalism  health  commoditization  competition  ShellGame  BlackGold 
august 2007 by amaah
At Nail Salons, Beauty Treatments Can Have a Distinctly Unglamorous Side
low wage Chinese immigrant manicurists taking on the Koreans in the nail alon business... as they move upmarket, we also see drives for unionization... interestingly the older immigrants seek to use regulation to inhibit the newcomers...
globalization  competition  business  economics  immigration  capitalism  USA  China  Korea  regulation  integration 
august 2007 by amaah
Latin America’s Response to the growth of China and India: overview of research findings and policy implications
bottom line: Latin America (like Africa) is benefiting from the growth in China and India - likely doing better competing and trading with them than with the USA and the other western countries. Unspoken of course, the Chinese don't whine as much ;-)
economics  research  politics  policy  strategy  trade  latinamerica  China  India  competition  globalization  integration 
august 2007 by amaah
West African women, Dutch Wax and the global market in textiles
The elite and particularly the powerful women textile traders, the so-called "Nana-Benz", react violently to this transformation. there's even nostalgia for colonial trade partners. But the Chinese, "they're not honest; they'll sell to everyone."
Africa  textiles  history  culture  trade  China  Togo  Benin  cloth  DutchWax  competition  economics  power  gender  England  Holland  Europe  WestAfrica  networks  globalization  via:rosapomar 
august 2007 by amaah
Prêt-à-porter : les marques européennes à l'assaut de la Chine
Après Hongkong, les enseignes européennes de prêt-à-porter de moyenne gamme s'implantent résolument en Chine continentale. Le but est clairement avoué : séduire la classe moyenne chinoise Elle attire et attise les appétits des professionnels.
economics  Europe  China  fashion  competition  business  strategy  investment  marketing  globalization  taste  trends 
august 2007 by amaah
How the Far Right Targets Africa
For the 21st century it's no longer God, Gold and Glory rather it's "Guns, Foundations and Free Trade". Takes a look at how The Heritage Foundation's 2003 recommendations are now US government policy to Africa, pace Africom, the new Africa Command
USA  policy  power  projection  politics  Africa  Africom  military  weapons  economics  strategy  interplay  neocons  China  competition  ShellGame  oil  energy  BlackGold  GreatGame 
august 2007 by amaah
German Hard-Coal Production to Cease by 2018
Germany's 500-year-old tradition of hard-coal mining is dying out. With domestic coal long unprofitable because of cheap imports from Africa and Asia, the German government decided to gradually withdraw expensive subsidies that have kept its mines open fo
economics  coal  energy  industry  Germany  tradition  labour  change  policy  politics  competition  globalization  strategy 
july 2007 by amaah
The EC’s startling vindication of AMD’s claims against Intel
On the pricing games people play - "loyalty programs" indeed... Of course they'll chalk it down to a few bad apples at Intel marketing... Very surprising though that the Europeans are pushing Intel. This might level the playing field a little.
monopoly  business  technology  pricing  strategy  Intel  AMD  competition  economics  law  incentives  analysis  history  hardware  chips  GreatGame 
july 2007 by amaah
Dubai boasts world's tallest building
A new tower in the booming Gulf emirate of Dubai has become the tallest building in the world. Developers say Burj Dubai is 512.1 metres tall, surpassing Taiwan's Taipei 101, which is 508 metres tall. cost $1.14 billion
architecture  testosterone  assertiveness  opulence  display  design  competition  building  construction  GreatGame  Dubai  Samsung  money  power  finance  Oil  Energy  production  culture  politics  Korea 
july 2007 by amaah
China Makes, The World Takes
From the Hong Kong and Shenzhen harbors, cargo ships left last year carrying the equivalent of more than 40 million of the standard 20-foot-long metal containers that end up on trucks or railroad cars. That’s one per second, round the clock and year-rou
economics  china  business  politics  globalization  competition  strategy  policy  containers  networks  manufacturing  design  architecture  integration  scale  GreatGame  LowEndTheory  ObserversAreWorried 
july 2007 by amaah
Ghana Set For Nationwide Mobile WiMAX
maneuvering continues in the internet access front in Ghana... will the wimax chimera be more than always 6 months away... Compare with the Nigerian deployments... memo: talk to Nam
Ghana  networks  technology  communication  infrastructure  competition  wireless  internet  web  wimax  broadband  adoption  Africa  mobile  via:imbeah 
july 2007 by amaah
Tattered French African empire looks toward China
"Why are we still here? By naïveté, by nostalgia, no doubt, out of solidarity with Africans. I think we're here because we've always been here. Nowadays it is the Chinese who are coming, and I guess we'll see," Barateau said with a sigh.
France  Chad  Africa  China  GreatGame  policy  politics  history  culture  strategy  investment  empire  power  competition  corruption  decline  fall 
july 2007 by amaah
Content Management
The future of content management is Wikis: web pages, photos, vector diagrams and videos. It'll be based in the browser, using standard web technology like HTML, CSS, javascript and SVG. more emphasis on collaboration, syndication, and search. Google lead
office  web  productivity  collaboration  technology  software  insight  analysis  standards  competition  wiki  Google  Microsoft  IBM  Lotus  syndication  jotspot  content  data  design  architecture  strategy  modeling  atom  GreatGame 
june 2007 by amaah
Speculation rife that SW19 may not have seen the last of Sampras
“the 1990s the toughest time to win Wimbledon. The grass was fast, the balls were fast, guys who could turn it into a crap-shoot: Stefan [Edberg], Boris [Becker], Goran [Ivanisevic], those guys really made you uncomfortable. “By contrast, I always lo
tennis  insight  analysis  Sampras  sports  Wimbledon  change  evolution  strategy  competition 
june 2007 by amaah
America's tech moment of truth
ominous signs: Asia became the center for industrial manufacturing several years ago and is now making inroads into high-technology, cutting-edge manufacturing for things like chips "We're falling behind rather rapidly," Scalise said.
USA  decline  fall  technology  competition  economics  business  investment  trends  observation  globalization 
june 2007 by amaah
Merck Loses Protection for Patent on Zocor
Today, Merck's cholesterol-lowering drug Zocor loses its United States patent protection, becoming the largest-selling drug yet to be opened to cheap generic competition. That change will cost Merck billions of dollars a year. But it could be nearly as da
patent  innovation  business  economics  pharmaceutical  industry  competition  incentives  scale  capitalism  drugs  BlackGold 
july 2006 by amaah
Ghana vrs USA
some artistic commentary on the issue of the day: Ghana vrs USA at Nuremburg, The African Nation and The American Dream, The Color of Memory, Allegiance and Identity and Hearts of Oak
Ghana  USA  Africa  America  worldcup  collage  art  serendipity  humour  sculpture  juxtaposition  competition  StrangeBedfellows  ThingsFallApart  football  soccer  sports  fever  obsession  ingenuity  fun  funny  tradition  modernity  innovation  joy  celebration  allegiance  loyalty  tribes  history  toli  immigrant  diaspora  life  Holland  Cambridge  identity 
june 2006 by amaah
Italy's Once-Plucky Little Factories Now Complicate Its Battle With 'Made in China'
On the Italian economy (mostly artisan based) and how it coping with the rise of Chinese manufacturing capacity... will a flight to quality occur or will it be the rush for bargains... the jury is out...
Italy  China  competition  trade  globalization  economics  strategy 
june 2006 by amaah

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