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Readers of the Lost Ark
Addressing the story of Noah's ark and its recent modern reinterpretation in Evan Almighty. via Nate B.
theology  religion  culture  christianity  bible  adaptation  commercialization  film 
june 2008 by amaah
Anatomy Lessons
Was someone somewhere considering reuniting Napoleon's tooth with Napoleon's toothbrush? Inquiring minds want to know. / I think to that incongruous image of a heavy bible dropping with vicious, but medical, intent onto my supine wrist.
body  soul  language  anatomy  teeth  Napoleon  medicine  science  bible  humour  funny  ganglion  polyp  Bush  life  literature  WillSelf  perception  observation  ephemera  culture  apophenia  serendipity  toli  ObserversAreWorried 
july 2007 by amaah

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