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Lunchtime Heist
Something didn't look right. There he was on his hands and knees in the corner next to the ATM ten feet inside the burger joint.
life  crime  heist  theft  brazen  apathy  SanFrancisco  toli 
december 2008 by amaah
Failures of Imagination
Americans appear to be ambivalent about the occasional need for torture. And with ambivalence, perhaps, comes a preference for not wanting to know.
torture  policy  rogues  war  crime  erustication  neocons  usa  journalism  values  media  Iraq  AbuGhraib  guantanamo  TheRoughBeast  observation  attention  apathy  inertia 
september 2006 by amaah
The Unpolitical Animal
An oldie but goodie: how political science understands voters or rather that nagging human factor. Human beings are a tough nut to crack with the emphasis on the word nut
politics  culture  election  sociology  apathy  decisions  strategy  framing  branding  attention  belief  psychology  humanfactors 
july 2006 by amaah
The Invisible State
Hundreds of millions of people live in destitution. And yet the most important imperative for the vast majority of people is to avoid petty discomfort, including the petty discomfort caused by looking across the seas and counting the dead. Some of the peo
apathy  DarkMatter  values  morality  agency  impedance  politics  inertia  engagement  consequences  control  participation 
june 2006 by amaah

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