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Victims of Hiroshima - an exchange
psychic numbing (and its more acute form, psychic closing-off) as a cessation of feeling undergone by survivors at the time of the bomb (and in some cases later on as well): the need for such a defense against otherwise overwhelming anxiety and guilt in r
nuclear  war  atom  bomb  Hiroshima  survival  defence  psychology  resilience  trauma  guilt  alienation  numbing  anomie  USA  Japan  WWII  Lifton 
august 2007 by amaah
Of No Fixed Abode
It is the mask of a man of no name, of indeterminate age, of unclear nationality and of no fixed abode. "Devious schemers. Lost nerves - Enemy combatants. Collateral damage - Modern travellers Prison shelters"
London  Ghana  bombing  21/7  7/7  2007  terrorism  loss  waste  crime  anomie  identity  theft  reflection  globalization  Africa  culture  observation  perception  poetry  FallenAngels  immigration  diaspora  ThingsFallApart  toli 
july 2007 by amaah
Identity Theft
"Sleep. Finally. Sleep / Medicine, Try To Get Better / Wake Up One Day / They Say You're A Bomber"
Part 2 of the Things Fall Apart series
Ghana  London  bombing  identity  reflection  drama  globalization  Africa  culture  terrorism  immigrant  life  Schadenfreude  journalism  branding  perception  anomie  story  ThingsFallApart  toli 
march 2006 by amaah
The Five-Bedroom, Six-Figure Rootless Life
Today's relos are the successors of itinerant white-collar pioneers of the 1960's, like the computer salesmen for whom I.B.M. meant I've Been Moved. They are employees of multinational industry: pharmaceutical salespeople, electronic engineers, informatio
usa  america  culture  economics  class  anomie  roots  suburbia  life  segregation  observation  perception 
june 2005 by amaah

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