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An Economy of Regard
a review of SOMEDAY ALL THIS WILL BE YOURS: A History of Inheritance and Old Age. By Hendrik Hartog. How do the elderly ensure that family members will care for them when senescence approaches.
law  family  gender  history  tradition  aging 
november 2013 by amaah
Some like it hot
posits that the increase in sales of hot sauces and spicy items is due to the effects of aging population and the decline of olfactory nerves and taste buds. Evidence? What about the effects of immigration and exposure to other foods?
food  taste  trends  marketing  aging 
october 2007 by amaah
Merlene Ottey - ageless wonder
I had a crush on Merlene Ottey back during the 1984 Olympics at Los Angeles - memorable because our circle of three families were stuck with an outbreak of chicken pox and nothing to do but itch, scratch and take in the Olympics...Her 7th Olympics
athletics  sports  trackandfield  Jamaica  MerleneOttey  track  goddess  Olympics  Athens  Ghana  football  soccer  improbable  drama  fan  aging  age  irony  memoir  toli 
april 2005 by amaah
Lights Out
So last night, right around 11:30pm, a big power surge rippled through your mid-Cambridge neighbourhood. Your first thought as the lights went out and computer sessions abruptly ended was that Acts of God, the tsunamis of this world are reminders about th
Cambridge  toli  life  writing  whimsy  Lotus  IBM  aging  electricity  development  Ghana  Africa  fun  drama  Frances  SmallThings 
april 2005 by amaah
Frank and Frances (or 500 Steps)
You turn and then you see her: it's that old lady from your building, leaning back on a parked car, walking stick in hand. She'd probably been trying to call out to you when you passed her but her wizened voice was barely a whisper and, truth be told, you
Cambridge  aging  writing  life  observation  Frances  SmallThings  toli 
december 2004 by amaah

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