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We find that the arrival of Europeans in Uganda ignited a century-long transformation of Kampala involving a gender Kuznets curve. Men rapidly acquired literacy and quickly found their way into white-collar (high-status) employment in the wage economy built by the Europeans. Women took somewhat longer to obtain literacy and considerably longer to enter into white-collar and waged work. This led to increased gender inequality during the first half of the colonial period. But gender inequality gradually declined during the latter half of the colonial era, and after Uganda’s independence in 1962 its level was not significantly different from that of pre-colonial times. Our data also support Boserup’s view that gender inequality was rooted in indigenous social norms: daughters of African men who worked in the traditional, informal economy were less well educated, less frequently employed in formal work, and more often subjected to marital gender inequality than daughters of men employed in
africa  colonialism  gender  history  research  uganda  religion  social  norms  tradition  literacy  policy  strategy  culture 
february 2015 by amaah
Strange Fruit, by Monica Arac de Nyeko
still waiting for her novel... but this short story will work in the interim
uganda  literature  africa  culture 
october 2013 by amaah
St Lucifer of the Highrises: An East African parable
dirty money in the service of the African rising narrative... ironies are many
uganda  capitalism  Kenya  Tanzania  development  crime  corruption  Africa  irony  economics  fraud  rogues 
may 2013 by amaah
The White Savior Industrial Complex
keep your powder dry my friend... brevity is the sole of wit... treading close to the angry black man fault line isn't advisable, faint praise inevitably ensues
policy  uganda  usa  power  politics  Africa  race  observation  perception  culture 
march 2012 by amaah
LRA: in Central African Republic
the LRA continue to wreck everything in their stead... stories of abducted women...sickening
atrocity  war  lra  sudan  Uganda  africa  crime  rape  violence  heartofdarkness 
october 2010 by amaah
Between Two Streams: Ngilima
The LRA continues to brutalize in Congo, Uganda, Central African Republic and now Sudan just to keep things interesting... simply horrible
violence  blood  lra  Congo  Uganda  Africa  war  crime  heartofdarkness 
september 2010 by amaah
Uganda on high security alert, 6 arrested
amid details of how organizations are reacting comes this nugget: "Born-Again churches stop overnight prayers
Some Pentecostal churches have suspended overnight prayers and crusades.
Kiganda said the churches had also decided to stop housing stranded persons for a night."
Uganda  fear  security  theatre  Africa  terrorism  religion  somalia 
july 2010 by amaah
Get Kony
an adventurer in search of glory or redemption this time in pursuit of Joseph Kony and the Lord's Resistance Army... hubris or praiseworthy? And even if laudable, some might ask why Africa becomes the backdrop for someone's catharsis
Africa  Uganda  violence  religion  missionary  war  adventure  politics  LRA  blood  glory  vigilante  Sudan  Congo  weapons 
may 2010 by amaah
Lake slum caught in Africa's fish war
dig the end of this piece which is classic travel writing.. ignore the discursions on '30 million impoverished Africans' and head straight to the purple prose: Men danced with women. Men danced with men. The rocky footpaths snaking up the island were littered with biscuit wrappers, bottle caps and other distinctive leftovers crumpled up on the ground from long, steamy nights.

"Ah, Migingo," said Yasinbogere Kataike, a shore-bound Ugandan fisherman, with a twinkle in his rheumy eye. "Everything is there. It's a good place to be a young man."
writing  perception  economics  Uganda  Kenya  fish  fishing  agriculture  culture  observation  Africa 
august 2009 by amaah
For immigrant Ugandans, Waltham becomes ‘Little Kampala’
colour piece on immigrant life... The Western Union on Moody Street, where Ugandans line up to send money home, posts the exchange rate between the dollar and the Ugandan shilling
immigration  Uganda  Boston  USA  Africa  culture 
august 2009 by amaah
Migingo: Big trouble on small island
a bunch of rocks in the middle of Lake Victoria almost caused Kenya and Uganda to go to war... much like those rocks that Korea and Japan threaten to fight about...
Kenya  Uganda  conflict  nationalism  mythology  politics  Africa 
march 2009 by amaah
The rebirth of Africa's rogue army
Joseph Kony's Lords Resistance Army is rampaging again, this time in Congo and near South Sudan... Grim reading
atrocity  crime  rogues  war  hell  Africa  Uganda  Congo  HeartOfDarkness 
november 2008 by amaah
Uganda rebels in surprise attack
It's an open wound... depressing... that damned Lords Resistance Army
Uganda  war  rogues  atrocity  Africa  Congo  crime 
september 2008 by amaah
In Africa, a New Middle-Income Consumerism
on the Ugandan middle-class as exemplars of newfound upward mobility and pressure groups for social change... true, things are moving but more evidence is required, we're not over the hump yet... via Sean Jacobs
Uganda  Africa  development  economics  trends  politics  via:leoafricanus 
september 2008 by amaah
For Abducted Ugandans, An Elusive Reintegration
life after the Lord's Resistance Army... sadly not a unique situation in Africa
reconciliation  resilience  social  war  civilwar  Uganda  waste  trauma  violence  Africa 
july 2008 by amaah
Uganda | A dreaded killer, quickly dealt with
ON JULY 7th a 29-year-old miner at the Kitaka gold mine in the Kamwenge district of western Uganda was admitted to hospital. He died on July 14th. Two weeks later Marburg virus was confirmed as the cause of his death.
Marburg  virus  publichealth  health  mining  Uganda  Africa  science  WHO 
august 2007 by amaah
The Price Of Peace In Uganda
Garamba Park may sound like a destination for adventure tourism. It is actually a haven for some of the worst killers on Earth -- first the Hutu authors of the Rwandan genocide and now the LRA.There are rumors that they may be rearming, with supplies comi
Uganda  Africa  civilwar  LRA  rogues  mediation  war  weapons  arms  diplomacy  law  crime  HeartOfDarkness 
july 2007 by amaah
A meeting with Joseph Kony - Dispatches from Northern Uganda
the Sudanese government has been holding peace talks with the Lords Resistance Army. Erin Brines travelled with a small delegation into the Congo to meet Joseph Kony war criminal, and spent days with him hashing out a peace deal.
Uganda  LRA  rogues  peace  conflict  negotiation  reporting  journalism  war  Africa  politics  Sudan  Congo 
august 2006 by amaah
Uganda rebel leader breaks silence (Joseph Kony Lords Resistance Army)
Staring at the Heart of Darkness: an interview with Joseph Kony of the Lord's Resistance Army blamed for thousands of deaths and abductions many of children and for maiming civilians in his twenty year campaign of terror. As haunting as Pol Pot
crime  atrocity  war  murder  LRA  Uganda  rogues  abduction  death  violence  civilwar  guerilla  Sudan  Congo  negotiation  journalism  strangebedfellows  HeartOfDarkness  terror  strategy 
june 2006 by amaah
Our stories aren't all tragedies
Who then is to correct this imbalance, and tell the other stories? They do exist. Why not the African writer, preferably of fiction? If we have any duties at all, I contend that one of them is to try to skew, or at least complicate, this negative narrativ
Africa  writing  perception  observation  Uganda  literature  culture  experience 
august 2005 by amaah
Slideshow - Angola Battles Deadly Marburg Virus
A slideshow of photos from the trenches of those trying ot battle the current outbreak of the Marburg virus
Marburg  Ebola  Angola  health  publichealth  policy  disaster  virus  outbreak  Africa  loss  waste  photos  Uganda  sad  medicine 
april 2005 by amaah
Shortlist for Caine Prize 2005 - Cross-continental shortlist for 'African Booker'
More great African writing via Ambiguous Adventure Doreen Baingana, Uganda, "Tropical Fish" Jamal Mahjoub, Sudan, "The Obituary Tango" SA Afolabi, Nigeria, "Monday Morning" Mutal Naidoo, South Africa, "Jailbirds" Ike Okonta, Nigeria, "Tindi in the Land of
Africa  writing  fiction  stories  Caine  prize  Nigeria  Uganda  SouthAfrica  Sudan  literature  youth  cool 
april 2005 by amaah
Dr. Matthew's Passion - When Ebola came to St Mary's
That same day, several hundred Acholi traditionalists took matters into their own hands in Gulu town. They tried to chase out the virus by shouting, running around with spears and beating on saucepans. They told Ugandan journalists they intended to exorci
Ebola  virus  Marburg  Congo  Uganda  war  poverty  development  health  doctors  tradition  modernity  culture  inspirational  religion  values  medicine 
april 2005 by amaah
Malaria wedding net dress decline
the ingenuity and adaptability of the poor never ceases to amaze even if it has been counter-productive as far as public health goes in this case in Uganda where malaria nets were used for wedding dresses instead of their intended use
Africa  publichealth  culture  economics  humour  Uganda  fashion  medicine 
april 2005 by amaah

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