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Skyscrapers and Everything
On Stevie Wonder’s “Living for the City” and the NYC Skyline
music  review  culture  city  newyork  StevieWonder  appreciation  virtuosity  storytelling  soul 
june 2015 by amaah
Preparing for College, and Kindergarten
Nana's concept takes shape. reaching out for farly childhood education
education  policy  nyc  newyork  strategy  childhood 
december 2011 by amaah
For African Immigrants, Bronx Culture Clash Turns Violent
“Many African-Americans feel that the influx of Africans coming in represents a kind of invasion,” he said. “Culturally, African-Americans have always imagined themselves as Africans, or at least of African descent, but they might have never encountered Africans from the continent. The actual encounter is shocking.”
race  immigration  culture  black  Africa  newyork  nyc  usa  perception  religion  observation  economics  language  via:ennis 
october 2009 by amaah
What comes after lofts and the suburbs?
David Galbraith expounds on the human press of New York city... food for thought... During weekdays, every horizontal surface takes a beating that compares to a continuous exodus from a stadium event. Road surfaces are a patchwork quilt of tarred repairs, near indestructible travertine slabs outside corporate HQs are cracked and worn and the Fulton St. subway looks like an abandoned ruin, on account of the fact that it is the exact opposite. Even the cookie-cut design of the Starbucks on the corner next to J & R shows signs of decay in the varnish that has worn from the floorboards, rendering it unlike the sanitized Starbucks elsewhere that are stamped from exactly the same mold.
observation  newyork  London  city  urban  culture  population  policy  life  flow  adaptation  change  decay  maintenance  fall  bubble  sustainability  resilience  design  architecture  development 
january 2009 by amaah
Here in the Great Unwinding
a walk in the neighbourhood in search of rogues, gremlins and parasites - Manhattan duly obliges
culture  observation  perception  city  NewYork  nyc  bubble  fraud  debt  economics  rogues  USA  crisis 
january 2009 by amaah
Hanging Out in Cornerville in the City
A New York City still life... observation of street corners and their transient denizens; it's all about urban flow
city  urban  life  street  streetlife  observation  NewYork  nyc  flow 
december 2008 by amaah
Adding to the City’s Coffers, One Ticket at a Time
The number of parking tickets issued citywide has surged 42 percent since Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg took office. Since raising taxes is the third rail, cities rely of parking fees - I've noticed the same in the past year in San Francisco and an acceleration since September
nyc  NewYork  parking  policy  traffic  regulation  city  urban  economics 
november 2008 by amaah
Free-Range Chickens on 125th Street
“We’re all struggling through these hard times, and the chickens are struggling to survive, too,” he said. “They find freedom on the city streets, and once they find freedom, they can eat and survive, rather than be put in a pen or slaughtered and eaten.
chicken  urban  city  NewYork  incongruous  modernity 
september 2008 by amaah
In Decade of Unlimited Rides, MetroCard Has Transformed How the City Travels
case study on price discrimination and the effects of predictable pricing on consumer behavior. Operators can deal with capacity planning and take the float from customers while users can plan accordingly
transportation  pricing  pricediscrimination  economics  technology  nyc  NewYork  systems  networks  prepaid  Optimization  transaction  costs  humanfactors 
july 2008 by amaah
The Boys and the Subway
I guess they hadn’t seen that many 3-year-olds sobbing, “Local…I want the local.”
writing  art  children  nyc  NewYork  subway  transportation  observation  urban  city 
july 2008 by amaah
Subways are for sleeping
nuanced portrait of a homeless New York man circa 1956 from Harper's magazine
poverty  urban  observation  culture  NewYork  city 
may 2008 by amaah
Tunnel Milestone, and More to Come
On the tunnels connection New Jersey to New York and plans to build another couple... engineering titillation for someone who deals with software
engineering  NewYork  NewJersey  construction  technology  infrastructure  policy  transportation 
april 2008 by amaah
I Write in Brooklyn. Get Over It.
As you may have heard, all the writers are in Brooklyn these days. It’s the place to be. You’re simply not a writer if you don’t live here. Google “brooklyn writer” and you’ll get, Did you mean: the future of literature as we know it?
culture  observation  writing  brooklyn  NewYork  humour  literature  communities 
march 2008 by amaah
The Cabby Takes Plastic, or at Least Is Supposed To
More on the imposition of credit cards and GPS on the taxi cab industry in New York. Drivers are in passive resistance mode about the transaction costs and discourage riders preferring cash to plastic.
taxi  NewYork  economics  resistance  transportation  transaction  costs  gps  technology 
december 2007 by amaah
Follow Me Now: The Zigzagging Zunguzung Meme
I guess you'd call this musical anthropology charting as it does the history of a riff from Jamaican roots reggae to hip-hop braggadocio through party anthems from New York to Puerto Rico back to dancehall used in Jamaican politics
music  anthropology  reggae  culture  hip-hop  history  Jamaica  NewYork  sociology 
november 2007 by amaah
As Strike Looms, Mayor Vows to Install Taxi Devices
Taxi Workers oppose high-tech touch-screen video systems allow passengers to watch television, make credit-card payments using a global-positioning device that tracks the cab follow their ride on an electronic map. diminish drivers’ incomes, given the c
taxi  cab  technology  billing  payment  transaction  costs  regulation  NewYork  privacy  maps  automation  humanfactors 
september 2007 by amaah
4 Accused of Cheating N.Y. Heating Oil Customers
the scheme has run smoothly for at least 17 years. Truck drivers in the fleet were under orders to keep back a portion of every delivery, which would then be resold for cash, at a discount, to oil retailers. $35,000 in cash per week, and a million gallons
fraud  crime  NewYork  oil  mafia  grifters 
august 2007 by amaah
One Mans Art (a Submarine?) Runs Into Trouble
"Aaah…! Social Frisson for the New Millenium! Guerilla Art Leverages Security Theatre!". More recent non-specific general threats, the makeshift replica submarine is characterized as marine mischief. Homeland security found no evidence of terrorism
NewYork  art  homeland  security  theatre  USA  culture  boundaries  fear  borderlands  city  urban 
august 2007 by amaah
New York versus London: Which comes out on top in the 24-hour culture crawl?
London's like a bad boyfriend. A debauched, swaggering, delicious boyfriend, perhaps, but one you know will break your heart, steal your phone and leave you with a series of painful legacies requiring the attentions of a doctor, a psychiatrist and priest
travel  tourism  culture  observation  perception  NewYork  London  city  urban  street  life  nightlife  soul 
july 2007 by amaah
An Architect Who Can Delight the Eye (if Not the Nose)
Mr. Friedlander is recognized for a body of work that includes a sanitation garage with a curved “wave wall” and a salt-storage shed with translucent tent fabric “He obviously does projects that are utilitarian, and the expectations could be low,
architecture  design  urban  NewYork  sanitation  utility 
july 2007 by amaah
From Some Cabbies, a New In-Taxi Video System Gets No Stars
Ms. Acey said she saw no benefits from the system for drivers. For one thing, she said, the system in her cab “beeps all day long.” “If you approach the Triborough Bridge, it beeps,” she said. “It wants to add the toll. It says you have to tell
technology  adoption  taxi  cab  NewYork  humanfactors  transaction  costs  usability 
july 2007 by amaah
Dispatches From a Mob Trial - Anatomy of a Mafia mole
Kaplan, who displayed near total recall on the stand, as well as a vast knowledge of gangsters and their affiliations, got into other deals as well. He bought diamonds from Upper Volta (now Burkina Faso) and had a plan to sell hair products in Africa. The
crime  culture  strangebedfellows  life  mafia  NewYork  fringe  capitalism  diamonds  BurkinaFaso  SierraLeone 
march 2006 by amaah
The Joy Of Small Things
"Someone started calling the furniture Weapons of Mass Destruction."
life  happiness  children  babies  cousins  aunts  family  scramble  conversation  airlines  buses  plans  SmallThings  NewYork  NewJersey  whimsy  funny  travel  journalism  storytelling  shopping  joy  food  jollof  Ghana  toli  airline 
july 2005 by amaah
The only one-legged bike messenger in New York
His one knee aches. And there was that subway tussle with a 300-pound transsexual a few years back. He was eventually acquitted of a hate crime in one of the more unusual trials of 2002, but he still owes thousands to his defense lawyer. The Hard Math of
improbable  funny  NewYork  life  harrowing  largerthanlife  spirit  againsttheodds  humour 
may 2005 by amaah
Is Mayor Bloomberg Ignoring All the Rules of New York Development?
Kurt Anderson lets loose on why the West Side of Manhattan doesn’t need a colossal stadium.
newyork  nyc  manhattan  real-estate  development  capitalism  folly  commerce  values  football  architecture  city  urban  planning  power 
april 2005 by amaah
Vibing with Abbey Lincoln
Now mind you there was a little trepidation: when you start calling someone 'living legend', you are subconsciously wondering just how much longer she'll be living.
jazz  music  concert  review  live  AbbeyLincoln  vocals  NewYork  singers  greats  cool  legend  obsession  toli 
october 2004 by amaah
Amel Larrieux Breaking Through
Last Thursday, Amel Larriux gave what Art Blakey used to call a "cooking session" at the Regattabar - the kind that gets your juices flowing or,to mix my metaphors, a shot across the bow, as it were.
music  soul  jazz  concert  live  review  cool  fun  enthusiasm  Philadelphia  NewYork  AmelLarrieux  Philly  theRoots  virtuosity  toli 
october 2004 by amaah

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