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In Congo, an Assassination’s Long Shadow
picking Mobutu and assassinating Lumumba will forever be a black mark on the US, rather like the misdeeds in Latin America - need I say Pinochet
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january 2011 by amaah
Lawrence R. Devlin, 86, C.I.A. Officer
the obsequious obituary.. the ostensible word is that he "Balked on a plot to kill Lumumba in Congo". The reality is that he balked on the obvious plot but winked at the actual assassination. So he could always claim that he "threw the poison away in the Congo river" and no one would follow up on the fact that he then later delivered the man to his killers who hacked him to death. I suppose death by poison was a bit much so we'll eulogize the cold warrior for his forebearance. They don't call it plausible deniability for nothing. The fact that it wasn't a direct kill and that hired minions actually did the deed is no consolation to Lumumba's widow.
rogues  CIA  history  murder  Congo  Africa  Mobutu  USA  misdirection 
december 2008 by amaah
Gaddafi Plotted to Bomb Kenya
Nice little episode featuring a cold war rogues gallery: Gaddafi, Bush, Mobutu, Arap Moi of Kenya. Cross-border intrigues, CIA pawns, He of the little Green Book fought all over the continent... Fodder for the book on Fallen Angels. via benin mwangi
Libya  gaddafi  Kenya  Mobutu  rogues  Africa  USA  politics  coldwar  Bush  FallenAngels 
may 2008 by amaah
Political Cloths
cloth as metaphor... Mobutu cloths and more... dictator chic and cult of personality. The Leader's cloths
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august 2007 by amaah
"Oh they had themselves a field day of collateral damage... Angola is a state of mind"... and a B-movie starring Jonas Savimbi and Ronald Reagan.
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april 2006 by amaah
King Leopold Haunts Congo Again
Pity the poor Congolese, first King Leopold's ghost returns to haunt them; his statue is re-erected after 40 years
Africa  Congo  irony  murder  colonialism  history  memory  toli  Leopold  Mobutu  rogues 
february 2005 by amaah

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