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Has Military Suppression of Political Islam ever Worked?
The only places where hard line repression of political Islam had medium-term success (Syria, Iraq, Algeria), very heavy losses of life were involved. And even that did not always work (Afghanistan) So the Egyptian generals are likely trying something that can’t be done in the long term, and can only be accomplished in the short term by genocidal techniques.
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august 2013 by amaah
When Wishful Thinking Replaces Resistance
A large part of the academic left long ago gave up informing the general public about the real world in order to debate whether Capital is a Signifier or a Signified, or worry about their Bodies and their Selves, while preachers tell their flocks to rejoi
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september 2007 by amaah
Shaping Public Opinion for Coming War on Iran
Michael Gordon (NYT co-writer of Judith Miller) has another hate-Iran piece in the NYT: Berger left the White House, became spokesman for the U.S. military in Iraq only three weeks ago Gordon dutiful stenographs bomb-Iran propaganda, the accusation of di
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july 2007 by amaah
U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan Discusses Darfur Crisis and Iran's Nuclear Threat
the most interesting part is when tears start to form in his eyes as he discusses Darfur "That's the painful part I mean, you can imagine my anguish as a human being and as an African, an African secretary general, to see us going through this after what
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may 2006 by amaah
Huhudious (or Silly Season)
huhudious adj. an outrageous statement or a point of view or behaviour that beggars belief. close synonym to hubristic, breathtaking and preposterous, with the same notion of brazen, yet insouciant, arrogance on the part of the interlocutor. hoo-hoo-dious
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may 2006 by amaah
Jon Swift: Let's Not Nuke Iran -Yet
" So before we move on to nuking Iran, there's one war we need to win once and for all: The Vietnam War. The specter of the Vietnam War is always going to hang over our country ... That's why I think the next country we should invade is Vietnam."
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april 2006 by amaah
Iran and the Irrationality Factor
We are on the path to madness, which also happens to be the path to $100 a barrel oil and possibly some kind of economic meltdown. Then again, dreams of riches have often gone hand-in-hand with madness. Why not now?
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march 2006 by amaah

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