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That's Mine by Elizabeth Noftle
A book about people's prized possessions as evidenced by their photos on Flickr. I contributed my Abacha watch. It's interesting to see the owners contrasted with the possessions. A free download.
photography  memory  culture  pop  identity  flickr  art  history  storytelling  books 
may 2009 by amaah
Flickr's Godfather
The 3,000th photo I uploaded to Flickr is a howler... Flickr's Godfather or Flickr Goes Further
flickr  technology  web  dom  scripting  glitches  funny  whimsy  programming  development  javascript  dhtml  xmlhttp  errorhandling  design  photo  error  message  collage  godfather  sopranos  tv  toli 
july 2005 by amaah
Cultural Sensitivity in Technology
I wrote one of the sprs of which I am most proud titled something like: "Upper Volta should be Burkina Faso"
technology  history  culture  Africa  race  Ghana  web  programming  design  i18n  localization  toli  Lotus  Freelance  Yahoo  Flickr  Photoshop  Adobe  IBM  k-station 
april 2005 by amaah
Tag team
on flckr tags folksonomies
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february 2005 by amaah

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