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Theresa May is reduced to begging someone - anyone - to take back control from her, but nobody will | The Independent
I have written many times that Theresa May has ascended to the superhero level. She is immortal. She cannot be defeated. She always finds a way to survive. But rare, perhaps non-existent are the comic book characters invincible even to their own powers. Here was Theresa the Terminator, descending into the open flames and still not melting.
hatchetjob  england  culture  satire  Politics  Europe  rogues 
march 2019 by amaah
Cast of grotesques grind out another day in Westminster’s Truman Show
The prime minister mumbled something almost unintelligible – English is her second language, bollocks being her first – at being proud of the expansion in the use of food banks. And that was pretty much that. Five more times the leader of the opposition asked an almost identical question and five times he got the same non-answer.
satire  England  Politics  humour  hatchetjob  rogues  culture  observation  perception  Europe  EU  democracy  hubris  huhudious 
march 2019 by amaah
At Least a Million Sub-Saharan Africans Moved to Europe Since 2010
1.7 million Ghanaians (or 6% of Ghana’s population) applied for the U.S. diversity lottery in 2015
migration  immigration  Africa  Europe  usa  poverty  Development  statistics  research 
march 2018 by amaah
Anton Wilhelm Amo
An African in Germany... subject of Appiah's Reith lecture
ghana  europe  race  history  culture  philosophy  Germany 
november 2016 by amaah
Why are you still here?
what happens when an industry enters terminal decline
england  decline  politics  history  fishing  policy  class  culture  europe  capitalism 
april 2015 by amaah
Will we be all right in the end?: Europe’s Crisis
The conventional explanation for the superiority of democracy to the alternatives is that democracies hold regular elections. Democracies can get rid of their bad leaders whereas autocracies get stuck with theirs, since autocrats are notoriously bad at knowing when their time is up. They have to be dragged out kicking and screaming, and this past year has provided plenty of evidence of what a laborious and unpredictable business that can be. In democracies we don’t get the satisfaction of tracking our failed leaders down and executing them in a ditch. Instead we have to watch them making a small fortune peddling their memoirs. But that’s a small price to pay for avoiding the misery of being governed by people who can only be prised from office by force.
Europe  EU  economics  policy  strategy  bubble  crisis  depression  recession  finance  banking 
january 2012 by amaah
Worldfocus on Immigration
from Turks and other Muslims seeking to build a mosque in Cologne, to a piece on African street vendors in Barcelona to the dangers in South Africa... storytelling about modern travelers and exiled souls
immigration  Europe  Spain  Germany  Turkey  SouthAfrica  Africa  nationalism  migration  economics  refugee  ModernTravellers 
march 2010 by amaah
A History of the Past:'Life Reeked With Joy'
bloopers on European history... Possibly as an act of vengeance, a history professor--compiling, verbatim, several decades' worth of freshman papers--offers some of his students’ more striking insights into European history from the Middle Ages to the present.
hatchetjob  humour  language  history  Europe  education  thinking  writing  funny  knowledge  ignorance  bloopers  culture  observation  perception 
september 2009 by amaah
Hope, Fear, and Youth Academies: African Players and the Changing Demographics of European Soccer
a great export success story since 1989 or is it sinister exploitation? Uses Michael Essien's journey as exemplar of the phenomenon.
football  sports  Africa  migration  immigration  trade  Europe  economics  development  Ghana 
september 2009 by amaah
Arrest of 2 ‘Pink Panthers’ May Shed Light on Jewel Heists
the Serbian heist crews seem to be slipping up - the nickname seems to have gone to their head
crime  heist  strategy  police  Serbia  Europe 
may 2009 by amaah
A Tribute to European Trains Twenty or Thirty Years Old
whimsy itself, a bit like saying California is a dream as I am wont to do these days
whimsy  trains  culture  Europe  observation  perception  nostalgia 
april 2009 by amaah
Nigerian gangsters get a foothold in a violent Italian landscape
"The Camorra worked well with the Nigerians at first," said Antonio Laudati, a top Justice Ministry official who led a major prosecution of the Nigerian mafia last year. "They were low-cost labor. They were well-received because they were cheap and very loyal. But then the Nigerians started to rise to a new level."
crime  mafia  Nigeria  Italy  Africa  rogues  drugs  violence  immigration  Europe  globalization 
january 2009 by amaah
Mob Muscles Its Way Into Politics in Bulgaria
hand-wringing about corruption in Bulgaria - as if people like the Italians can complain about the mafia... and what about bailouts for civilized bankers? talk about glass houses
crime  corruption  politics  Bulgaria  Europe  culture  ShellGame 
october 2008 by amaah
The TARP has been passed; what more to do, and what not to do now
Willem Buiter sounds almost as grim as Nouriel Roubini... I believe that the collapse of confidence in the banks and in the rest of the highly leveraged system of financial intermediation that has developed without any effective regulation and supervision has now become so widespread and so deep that it will take the socialisation of much of the banking sector broadly defined to restored confidence, order and functioning financial intermediation. This is true in the US, the UK and for most of the rest of Europe, including the euro area, the rest of the EU and the EU-fringe states.
economics  europe  bubble  policy  banking  finance  business  crisis  regulation  politics  usa 
october 2008 by amaah
The End of Arrogance
Der Spiegel report on "America Loses Its Dominant Economic Role"... Weakness tends to bring out something akin to contempt at the previous slights and overbearing lecturing.. Sample headings: "Bush's Failed Leadership" and "Wall Street's Central Values: Avarice and Greed"
economics  politics  USA  finance  bubble  subprime  bush  decline  fall  perception  europe 
september 2008 by amaah
Europe's Weird Ways
feature on some of the more outlandish yet centuries-old traditions in Europe e.g. the annual cheese rolling chase in Gloucestershire
culture  europe  tradition  strange 
june 2008 by amaah
Europe Takes Africa’s Fish, and Boatloads of Migrants Follow
Simplistic. Correlation is not causation. Depleted fishing grounds vrs teeming masses swarming European beaches.
fishing  agriculture  economics  migration  immigration  Africa  Europe  policy 
january 2008 by amaah
Following Ghana's phone thieves
old story... Mobile phones stolen in Europe are turning up in Ghana in what is proving to be a massively lucrative criminal business - and then being stolen again by local thieves once they are purchased.
mobile  phone  telecom  crime  technology  Europe  Ghana  Africa  trade 
october 2007 by amaah
As the Poles Get Richer, Fewer Seek British Jobs
Racism is not a problem he often hears about. Rather, many Poles are struggling to warm to British cuisine, “Food is very important for us Poles, I only buy Polish sausages. I don’t like the British ones.”
immigration  Poland  England  europe  economics  culture  taste  development  policy  integration 
october 2007 by amaah
Mosquito virus arrives in Europe
The mosquito vectors (carriers) of this disease (Chikungunya ) have been in Italy for several years. All we know is that increased temperatures and humidity make the climate more tropical and favour the proliferation of mosquitoes," The virologist said th
mosquitos  virus  disease  distribution  propagation  publichealth  health  science  Italy  Europe 
september 2007 by amaah
Ireland Learns to Adapt to a Population Growth Spurt
The largest increases in immigration since 2002 have been from Poland, Lithuania and Nigeria.
europe  Ireland  immigration  culture  Africa  infrastructure  Nigeria  population 
august 2007 by amaah
Subprimal Urges
There's nothing more delightful than lending borrowed money, especially if you imagine that faster-moving financial markets reduce risk. Borrow a billion here and lend a billion there, package and sell the loans, pay off the billion borrowed, get out scot
panic  debt  bubble  subprime  mortgage  housing  finance  markets  risk  psychology  leverage  ShellGame  banking  USA  europe  economics  business  GreatGame  realestate  credit 
august 2007 by amaah
It's The End Of The World As We Know It BNP Paribas Suspends Redemptions And Sets Off Panic
"Remember those pictures from the Great Depression? The ones where the banks had to lock their doors because depositors were rioting to withdraw their savings. That's what we've got right now," Another described this morning as a "Rumsfeld moment." Panic!
panic  debt  bubble  subprime  mortgage  housing  finance  markets  risk  psychology  leverage  ShellGame  banking  USA  europe  economics  business  language  zingers  sarkozy  GreatGame  realestate  credit 
august 2007 by amaah
BNP Paribas Investment Partners temporaly suspends the calculation of the net asset value of 3 funds
The complete evaporation of liquidity in certain market segments of the US securitisation market has made it impossible to value certain assets fairly regardless of their quality or credit rating. The situation is such that it is no longer possible to val
banking  language  sarkozy  GreatGame  economics  panic  mortgage  subprime  bubble  realestate  finance  debt  credit  housing  markets  risk  psychology  leverage  ShellGame  USA  europe  business  zingers 
august 2007 by amaah
In lands of the euro, a growing number of local currencies
a small but growing number of people use a proliferating species of currencies with names like chiemgauer, urstromtaler, landmark, kirschblüte and kann was. These currencies are probably better understood as vouchers — pieces of paper that can be redee
economics  money  currencies  decentralization  banking  finance  incentives  disintermediation  Europe  Germany  trends  voucher  transactions  trade  commerce  billing 
august 2007 by amaah
BNP Paribas freezes security funds
Panic! Earlier than Dubya would like. A major French bank, BNP Paribas, announced that it was suspending three of its asset-backed securities funds, saying it could no longer value them accurately because of problems in the U.S. subprime mortgage market.
panic  debt  bubble  subprime  mortgage  housing  finance  markets  risk  psychology  leverage  ShellGame  banking  USA  europe  economics  business  language  zingers  sarkozy  GreatGame  realestate  credit 
august 2007 by amaah
EU threatens tit-for-tat visa limits on Americans after US tightens law
The European Union is threatening to impose tit-for-tat entry restrictions on all US citizens travelling to Europe in response to new American laws designed to strengthen security at airports and prevent would-be terrorists entering the country. US touris
security  theatre  bureaucracy  fear  USA  policy  politics  Europe  EU  visa  passport  regulation  law  blowback  terrorism  inconvenience  friction  constraints  control  participation 
august 2007 by amaah
Masterpieces Nabbed in French Art Heist
Five armed, masked thieves sprinted into an art museum on the French Riviera during opening hours Sunday afternoon and snatched a Monet and three other masterpieces off the walls in the latest brazen heist of high-profile art from the rich collections of
heist  art  France  crime  europe 
august 2007 by amaah
West African women, Dutch Wax and the global market in textiles
The elite and particularly the powerful women textile traders, the so-called "Nana-Benz", react violently to this transformation. there's even nostalgia for colonial trade partners. But the Chinese, "they're not honest; they'll sell to everyone."
Africa  textiles  history  culture  trade  China  Togo  Benin  cloth  DutchWax  competition  economics  power  gender  England  Holland  Europe  WestAfrica  networks  globalization  via:rosapomar 
august 2007 by amaah
Prêt-à-porter : les marques européennes à l'assaut de la Chine
Après Hongkong, les enseignes européennes de prêt-à-porter de moyenne gamme s'implantent résolument en Chine continentale. Le but est clairement avoué : séduire la classe moyenne chinoise Elle attire et attise les appétits des professionnels.
economics  Europe  China  fashion  competition  business  strategy  investment  marketing  globalization  taste  trends 
august 2007 by amaah
Key facts: Africa to Europe migration
The majority of African migrants living overseas are in Europe - about 4.6m compared with 890,000 in the US. there are between seven and eight million irregular African immigrants living in the EU two-thirdsfrom north Africa (Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia
immigration  europe  Africa  migration  networks  politics  economics  statistics 
july 2007 by amaah
"Secondhand" doc film by Shell & Bertozzi - a slideshow
Slideshow from Hanna Rose Shell and Vanessa Bertozzi's wonderful documentary Secondhand (Pepe). The intertwined stories of Jewish immigrant rag pickers with the present-day story of "pepe" secondhand used clothing in Haiti and the USA.
textiles  commerce  clothing  globalization  economics  Haiti  documentary  film  development  recycling  observation  storytelling  visualization  urban  city  modernity  USA  Europe  Caribbean  photography  travel  video  movies  virtuosity  collage  markets  ModernTravellers 
july 2007 by amaah
The Streets of Haiti (Video)
brilliant visual montage from Hanna Rose Shell and Vanessa Bertozzi's wonderful documentary Secondhand (Pepe). The intertwined stories of Jewish immigrant rag pickers with the present-day story of "pepe" secondhand used clothing in Haiti and the USA.
textiles  commerce  clothing  globalization  economics  Haiti  documentary  film  development  recycling  observation  storytelling  visualization  urban  city  modernity  USA  Europe  Caribbean  photography  travel  video  movies  virtuosity  collage  markets  ModernTravellers  filetype:mov  media:video 
june 2007 by amaah
High, Low and in Between
Small, independent Asian manufacturers turned up offering components and products aimed at the lower end of the market. Europeans and Americans, meanwhile, maintained their longstanding focus on the high end, going to extreme lengths to please the high-in
strategy  marketing  distribution  economics  design  China  Europe  Asia  USA  business  manufacturing  appliances  innovation  LowEndTheory 
may 2007 by amaah
Manifesto of Mr. Antipyrine - Tristan Tzara
We are circus directors whistling amid the winds of carnivals convents bawdy houses theaters realities sentiments restaurants HoHiHoHo Bang - The dada manifesto circa 1918
Literature  Culture  Art  Theatre  dada  quotes  20thCentury  europe 
may 2007 by amaah
Bell tolls for Germany's churches
The village church is struggling for relevance in modern Europe. The continent is rooted in Christianity, but devotion is ebbing and church attendance has dropped steadily for years. In Germany and other nations, Protestant and Roman Catholic churches are
germany  religion  europe  faith  modernity  christianity 
april 2007 by amaah
Textiles: Social Fabric & Secondhand Media
Secondhand (Pepe) is a 30-minute experimental documentary about used clothing. The historical memoir of a Jewish immigrant rag picker intertwines with the present-day story of "pepe" — secondhand clothing that flows from North America to Haiti. the mate
textiles  commerce  clothing  globalization  economics  haiti  documentary  film  development  recycling  observation  storytelling  visualization  urban  city  modernity  USA  Europe  travel  markets  Caribbean  ModernTravellers  photography  video  movies  virtuosity  collage 
february 2007 by amaah
Congo Journey (John LeCarre channels Joseph Conrad)
Congo is just backcloth, an abstraction, a symbol of perpetual colonial exploitation, slaughter, famine and disorder. To meet it face to face would only violate the delicate illusion! John LeCarre heads to Congo. Heart of Darkness?
stereotypes  Congo  projection  literature  Africa  Europe  observation  travel  JosephConrad  writing  politics  rwanda  LeCarre 
september 2006 by amaah
Migrants, Bound for Spain, Set Off a Boom
More on the exodus from Senegal to Spain Industrial trawlers from France, Japan, China and South Korea came in such numbers that catches of tuna and shark grew rare. "The Japanese took all the big fish," said Moustafa Elhadj Sow, 26, a boat painter in thi
immigration  Africa  senegal  spain  development  poverty  waste  hope  economics  Japan  SouthKorea  China  fishing  depletion  jobs  incentives  europe 
june 2006 by amaah
Coming to Cambridge: Paris on the Charles
Further gentrification comes to Cambridge, more street life and cafes... It's already changing Central Square, I wonder how the locals will feel that the grunge is on the way out... still I'm going to miss the place
Cambridge  Boston  gentrification  europe  culture  street  life  urban  design  policy  usa  commercialization 
may 2006 by amaah
Migrating Birds Didn't Carry Flu
Defying the dire predictions of health officials, the flocks of migratory birds that flew south to Africa last fall, then back over Europe in recent weeks did not carry the deadly bird flu virus or spread it during their annual journey, scientists have co
disease  propagation  publichealth  europe  africa  trade  globalization  nigeria  turkey  china 
may 2006 by amaah
Musicians Still Hear Paris' Call
American jazz artists have long nurtured their skills in Europe. Johnny Griffin reflects on his heyday, while Rick Margitza is settling in.
jazz  music  France  Paris  exile  culture  europe  america 
march 2006 by amaah
Frankly, they don't all give a damn
My mum will vote yes because she likes Chirac. Me, I don't like Chirac at all.' Danielle shrugs: 'Les Français, ils sont un peu con. Ils sont jamais contents.' Roughly translated: 'They're awkward sods, the French. They're never happy.'
France  europe  EU  politics  culture  attitude  vote  Chirac 
june 2005 by amaah
Supremely Supine
Brand America is being flushed down the toilet along with those copies of the Koran and the journalists won't take up plungers
politics  usa  america  spineless  journalism  newsweek  media  neocons  rogues  Bush  iraq  war  economics  bagmen  Greenspan  France  UK  history  Chirac  JohnSmith  Blair  strategy  leadership  language  Europe  toli  b-movie 
june 2005 by amaah
Why we are rebelling against the old guard
A wonderful manifesto about the state of France, a J'accuse for the 21st century. It is taboo to claim the French elite has recklessly seized all the levers of power and is running the country in an inefficient, if not inept, way.
france  eu  europe  politics  insight  perception  observation  society  culture  economics  unemployment  media 
june 2005 by amaah

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