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Arms dealer 'expelled' from Sierra Leone
Ibrahim Bah is one of the more interesting rogues in Africa of the past 30 years and has blood to prove it. He also has more lives than most of his fellow gremlins
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august 2013 by amaah
Charles Taylor, Gaddafi, Ex-CIA Agent Organized Arms, Diamonds Smuggling Company.
in the weeds of a grand criminal enterprise According to the transcribed testimony of Mr. D'ONOFRIO Ruggiero in 1995 before an Italian prosecutor presented Thursday to Liberia's Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) by Mr. Immants Liepins, an investigative journalist of the Latvian Public Investigation Bureau, D'ONOFRIO, Taylor and others had shares in the company and the entity was also used to smuggle Liberian and Sierra Leonean diamonds in exchange for weapons. The document revealed that the company entered into deals with a Bulgarian Company, Kintex, which supplied weapons and bullets to IBC and sold diamonds in return, camouflaged as oranges and olives with the aid of some Bulgarian companies in Zurich, Switzerland represented by a Swiss lawyer, Rudolf Meroni. According to Mr. D'ONOFRIO's transcript, in 1993 alone the company earned more the US$3 million dollars. "The company IBC is a Liberian Company de iure that was founded by me, Mr. Charles Taylor and Michele Papa
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january 2013 by amaah
Charles Taylor Trial Judgement Summary (pdf)
duly convicted although only of the crimes in Sierra Leone and not of the joint criminal enterprise he and Gaddafi directed
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april 2012 by amaah
The Gangster Prince of Liberia (pdf)
on the awful spawn of Charles Taylor, the relentlessly malevolent Chuckie Taylor
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september 2010 by amaah
Televangelist denies 'quid pro quo' with ex-Liberian president
Pat Robertson as Charles Taylor's cheerleader... I wonder if Jesse Jackson's name will surface during the trial... they don't call them blood diamonds for nothing
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february 2010 by amaah
Africa 1989
Oh the memories... The Reign of Locusts, Structural Adjustments, The Great Awakening, A South African Detour, Decentralization... Quote of the year: "The Angolan people, to their infinite sorrow, accept that the war has restarted."
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december 2009 by amaah
African view: Memories of Taylor
Robin White: "Mr Taylor, some people think you are not much better than a murderer."

Charles Taylor: (guffaws) "Robin, Jesus Christ was accused of being a murderer in his time."
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september 2009 by amaah
The Ruin of Nations
This pattern of supporting dictators and despots for strategic or other interests is not a new phenomenon. Realpolitik has been the policy of Western nations for Africa in the global spheres of political, ideological, and economical influence. Thus, the i
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august 2007 by amaah
S.Leone court jails militiamen for heinous crimes
Sierra Leone's war crimes court sentenced three militia leaders to long jail terms for "some of the most heinous, brutal and atrocious crimes ever recorded in human history. mutilated, killed, burned in their houses abducting children, slavery, soldiers
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july 2007 by amaah
Life Shrinks for a Former Liberian Leader Now on Trial
Charles Taylor has only one fellow inmate: a Congolese militia commander, Thomas Lubanga. “They eat together, they share the common sitting room” both men have used child soldiers. Officials did not know if the two inmates discussed such topics.
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july 2007 by amaah
The Trial of Charles Taylor
This site will provide news and expert analysis throughout the trial of Charles Taylor. It is intended as the primary resource for all those interested in the trial, with a particular emphasis on reaching West African audiences.
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