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Cybersecurity is not very important
Furthermore, in both the cyber and the physical realms, the main vulnerabilities reside in people. Those creatures are not amenable to reengineering, and are only slightly amenable to reasoning and education.
Technology  security  BestPractices  social  standards  risk  web  internet  networks  humanfactors 
7 weeks ago by amaah
Roy Fielding's protocol that influenced HTTP2 and now 3
Design  http  web  Networks  Technology  Architecture  adoption  BestPractices  REST 
8 weeks ago by amaah
SQL Is No Excuse to Avoid DevOps
The Five Phases of a Live Schema Change

The running code reads and writes the old schema, selecting just the fields that it needs from the table or view. This is the original state.
Expand: The schema is modified by adding any new fields but not removing any old ones. No code changes are made. If a rollback is needed, it's painless because the new fields are not being used.
Code is modified to use the new schema fields and pushed into production. If a rollback is needed, it just reverts to phase 2. At this time any data conversion can be done while the system is live.
Contract: Code that references the old, now unused, fields is removed and pushed into production. If a rollback is needed, it just reverts to phase 3.
Old, now unused, fields are removed from the schema. In the unlikely event that a rollback is needed at this point, the database would simply revert to phase 4.
data  Technology  database  BestPractices  Development  Software  evolution  Design  Architecture 
january 2019 by amaah
Ruby's postulate: The accuracy of metadata is inversely proportional to the square of the distance between the data and the metadata.
data  metadata  technology  standards  web  programming  bestpractices  software 
march 2016 by amaah
Lousy PowerPoint presentations: The fault of PP users?
Technology is not neutral. Technology has properties--affordances--that make it easier to do some activities, harder to do others: The easier ones get done, the harder ones neglected. Each has its constraints, preconditions, and side effects that impose requirements and changes on the things with which it interacts, be they other technology, people, or human society at large. Finally, each technology poses a mind-set, a way of thinking about it and the activities to which it is relevant, a mind-set that soon pervades those touched by it, often unwittingly, often unwillingly. The more successful and widespread the technology, the greater its impact upon the thought patterns of those who use it, and consequently, the greater its impact upon all of society. Technology is not neutral, it dominates. Norman, Donald A., Things that Make Us Smart
visualization  presentation  software  technology  bestpractices  neutrality 
may 2015 by amaah
To Wash It All Away (pdf)
the web is not for the faint (and yet it works) Anyways, my point is that browsers are too complex to be trusted. Unfortunately, youth is always wasted on the young, and the current generation of software developers is convinced that browsers need more features, not fewer. So, we are encouraged to celebrate the fact that browsers turn our computers into little Star Wars cantinas where every - one is welcome and you can drink a blue drink if you want to drink a blue drink and if something bad happens, then maybe a Jedi will save you, and if not, HEY IT’S A STAR WARS CANTINA YESSSSS. Space cantinas are fun, but they’re just a fantasy; they’re just a series of outlandish details stitched together to amuse and entertain. You have to open your eyes and see that in the real, non-hyperbolic world that you actually inhabit, your browser will frequently stop playing a video and then display flashing epilepsy pixels while making the sound that TVs make in Japanese horror movies before a pasty
technology  humour  web  software  complexity  standards  culture  observation  bestpractices  perception  internet  html  javascript  css 
april 2015 by amaah
A New Software Engineering
what separates a craft from an engineering discipline?
software  design  architecture  craft  technology  culture  bestpractices  engineering 
december 2014 by amaah
Threading is not a model
Joe on Python's language support for built-in design patterns
software  technology  programming  design  language  bestpractices  patterns  python  threads  multithreading  concurrency 
october 2014 by amaah
Internet Multicast: It’s still a thing (pdf)
interesting that multicast still lingers in the face of the heavy adoption of cdns (Akamai, Limelight)... some pragmatic decisions seem to have been made for deployment - use of anycast and automatic tunneling
networks  technology  routing  internet  distribution  design  architecture  systems  adoption  scalability  bestpractices  middleboxes  topology 
october 2014 by amaah
What is the Atomic Unit of Computing?
the puzzle of what drives adoption... this time a take on Docker
cloud  computing  technology  systems  packaging  software  bestpractices  development  adoption 
august 2014 by amaah
RFC 7230 - Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP/1.1)
finally revised.. kudos to Roy Fielding, Mark Nottingham and others... the basis of the web
http  web  design  protocol  architecture  rest  technology  software  networks  internet  bestpractices 
june 2014 by amaah
A Bridge Built to Sway When the Earth Shakes
To Survive a Quake, New Bay Bridge Span Will Offer Least Resistance
constraints  earthquake  BestPractices  engineering  architecture  design  bridge 
february 2012 by amaah
NeoVictorian Computing
Mark Bernstein expounds... hmmm I thought I'd saved this earlier
programming  technology  software  design  culture  BestPractices  systems  architecture  craft 
january 2011 by amaah
Notes on Postmodern Programming (pdf)
don't quite know what to make of this... I guess this means that the postmodern label is apt
programming  semiotics  technology  essay  postmodern  computing  software  BestPractices  computerscience  engineering  filetype:pdf  media:document 
january 2011 by amaah
REST wins, noone goes home
hard to believe that this was written in 2006 but I think Bill was the epitome of prescience
rest  web  architecture  http  design  software  BestPractices  technology  systems 
january 2011 by amaah
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