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Black Sheep
Try this on your iPod Touch or iPhone... take your i-something, open the Contacts App, create a new contact and add a new address. Alternatively just try to edit an existing address. Now try to change the country field to Ghana. Note, if you will, the result: Ghana is not in the list of countries... Why are even these fleeting elements of identity, that pleasing sight of Ghana nestled in between Germany and Gibraltar, being denied me and my countrymen.
technology  software  web  glitches  Apple  iPhone  internet  creditcard  payment  systems  localization  Ghana  Africa  bug  identity  humour  observation  toli 
february 2010 by amaah
The Apple Product Cycle
hype cycles and reality distortion field... oldie but goodie
humour  Apple  marketing  technology  observation  strategy 
december 2007 by amaah
Why the Red Delicious No Longer Is
Who's to blame for the decline of Red Delicious? Everyone, it seems. Consumers were drawn to the eye candy of brilliantly red apples, so supermarket chains paid more for them. Thus, breeders and nurseries patented and propagated the most rubied mutations,
food  marketing  apple  taste 
august 2005 by amaah

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